Worlds Of Magic: Planar Conquest



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Trophy Hunter (Platinum): Obtain all the trophies.
    I am back (Gold): Return from banishment.
    A bolt from the blue (Bronze): Kill an enemy hero on the world map.
    Airbender (Bronze): Take control over every city on Air plane.
    Ashes to ashes (Bronze): Raze a city.
    Avatar (Bronze): Recruit a hero.
    Begone! (Bronze): Banish an enemy Sorcerer Lord.
    Behold (Bronze): Win as Eyegor.
    Best Friends Forever (Bronze): Make an alliance with another Sorcerer Lord.
    Big Boss (Bronze): Win as Orcs.
    Captain Element (Bronze): Have a unit deal fire, cold, electrical and acid damage with one attack.
    Cobbler Dratewka (Bronze): Kill a Drake with a Settler unit.
    Conqueror (Bronze): Capture a city.
    Created to win (Bronze): Win as custom Sorcerer Lord.
    Death from above (Bronze): Conquer a city with army commanded by Vendral.
    Devil will Cry (Bronze): Conquer Hell Gateway feature.
    Dominatrix (Bronze): Win by casting Spell of Domination.
    Dragonlance (Bronze): Win as Draconians.
    Drill Sergeant (Bronze): Recruit a unit.
    Dungeon Master (Bronze): Explore a world feature.
    Earth Wind & Fire (Bronze): Achieve tier 9 in all elemental circles.
    Exterminatus (Bronze): Win the game by defeating all Sorcerer Lords.
    Founding Father (Bronze): Found a new city.
    Ghost in the shell (Bronze): Win as R'jak.
    God Gog (Bronze): Win as Magog.
    Grey Eminence (Bronze): Win as Grey Elves.
    Grimoire (Bronze): Research all available spells.
    Guardian of the Treasures (Bronze): Defend your city with army commanded by Kjorgi.
    Hedge Wizard (Bronze): Cast a spell.
    High Lord (Bronze): Win as High Men.
    Hollow King (Bronze): Win as Unhallowed.
    Holy Water (Bronze): Bless a Water Elemental.
    I see darkness (Bronze): Win as Rastiss.
    In your Own Image (Bronze): Create a Custom Sorcerer Lord.
    Life is Good (Bronze): Win as Ariel.
    Manamillionaire (Bronze): Spend 50000 mana on spells.
    Matriarch (Bronze): Win as Dark Elves.
    Merchant (Bronze): Make a trade with another Sorcerer Lord.
    Metropolis (Bronze): Construct all buildings in a city.
    Mighty morphing power heroes (Bronze): Have six heroes with all of their equipment slots filled.
    Mr. Nuttcracker (Bronze): Win an encounter with army commanded by Bonebasher.
    Multiculturalism (Bronze): Have a city of three living races.
    Necronomicon (Bronze): Win as Alhasret.
    New girl (Bronze): Win as Neve.
    Pimp my soldier (Bronze): Enchant a unit with five unit enchantments.
    Plane Scape (Bronze): Travel to another plane.
    Populous (Bronze): Have at least 100k population in your empire.
    Princess Maker (Bronze): Win as Istimaeth.
    Scaly Suprise (Bronze): Win as Drakhis.
    Scribe (Bronze): Research a spell.
    Serve Me (Bronze): Summon a champion.
    Silence will fall (Bronze): Win the game without casting any spells.
    So long, and thanks for the spells (Bronze): Defeat a Sorcerer Lord.
    Sorcerer Gadget (Bronze): Spend 50000 mana on crafting.
    Sorcerer of Fortune (Bronze): Win as Markas.
    Sorcerer under the Mountain (Bronze): Win as Dwarves.
    Spellslinger (Bronze): Reach 100 spellcraft.
    Stargate (Bronze): Visit earth plane by going through Earth Portal.
    Superhero (Bronze): Have a hero reach maximum level.
    The emperor has no clothes (Bronze): Win a game having spent no points in Sorcerer Lord creation.
    The Old Man and the throne (Bronze): Win as Merlin.
    Tinker Tailor (Bronze): Forge an artifact.
    Victor (Bronze): Win a battle.
    Waterworld (Bronze): Build a city on water plane.
    You know my name (Bronze): Reach 100 fame.
    Zero to Hero (Bronze): Have a unit reach maximum level.
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