Master of Magic Cheats & Cheat Codes for Windows

Master of Magic Cheats & Cheat Codes for Windows

In 1994 an MS-DOS game was released by American developer, MicroProse called Master of Magic. In 2022, this game was remade for Windows by developer MuHa Games. Master of Magic is a single-player fantasy turn-based strategy game. The game has been received favorably as fans and critics compare it to Civilization, another strategy game. The game is praised for its faithful recreation of the original while others cite this as criticism. When remaking an older game it is good to change outdated game design for a modern audience, your game will come off as unaccessible. Master of Magic currently sits at 75 on Metacritic.

The Premise Of Master of Magic

In Master of Magic, the player plays as a wizard attempting to dominate two linked worlds. A match starts with a small settlement where the player will manage resources, build cities and armies, and research spells to grow their empire and fight other wizards. This world is randomly generated every time a game is started and the player must adjust to changes every match. These matches can take a long time with each game being played over hundreds of turns. One side wins when the other is eliminated or forced to surrender.

The Main Characters of Master of Magic

The characters of Master of Magic are the wizards available for players to choose from.

  • Merlin – a great wizard engaged in a relentless personal quest for the Spell of Mastery. A devotee to his library and tomes, Merlin is the world’s most capable magical researcher.
  • Sss’ra – Sss’ra is a Draconian, a humanoid dragon-kin. He is covered in green scales from head to toe; has a long, thin tail; a reptilian head with horns and eerie yellow eyes; and purple wings that enable him to fly like the rest of his kind.
  • Raven – Raven is a wandering shaman of the earth and sky. “Raven” is so-named by his people for being a messenger of portents from the outer magical realms.
  • Tauron – Based on his summary in the game’s Manual, Tauron seems to be an invader or exile from the plane of Chaos.
  • Sharee – Sharee is a voodoo priestess with a paranormal talent, and an ability to commune with the spirits of lower planes of Chaos and Death.
  • Freya – Among the five wizards with Nature ranks, Freya is the specialist, drawing all of her magical might from the land and sea.
  • Lo Pan – Lo Pan is a mystic who cultivates the body’s core spiritual energy. His training has opened a path to a secret branch of planetary magic, the geomancy, Feng-Shui.
  • Horus – Horus is a young spellcasting prodigy.
  • Jafar – Jafar is a nomad sorcerer of the deep desert. Jafar made a study of Quork Crystals gleaned from the sands and embarked on the path of an Alchemist, a final authority on matter and energy conversions.
  • Ariel – Ariel is a high priestess in the High Men’s church, an eminent organized religion on Arcanus featuring (in addition to herself) some major fighting characters like Roland, Elana, the Order of Paladins, and the Chosen.
  • Oberic – Oberic is an Elementalist, a wizard who comprehensively studies Nature, Chaos, and the yin-yang relationship they exhibit in shaping the world.
  • Tlaloc – The priest Tlaloc presides over a warlike cult encircling his Fortress.
  • Rjak – Rjak is simply described in the Manual as an evil warlock, and it is never made clear what face lies beneath the black cowl.
  • Kali – The ageless witch Kali delves into Sorcery and Death’s mysteries such as they pertain to the creation of enchanted tools and armor.

Other Titles In The Series

Master of Magic is not a part of a series as its only two releases are the 1994 release and the 2022 remake.

Master of Magic Cheats

All Spells and Increased Mana

To learn all spells and increase your mana, go to the Magic screen, hold ALT, and type “pwr”. Note that the other wizards will gain this advantage as well.

Apply Spell Charges on Any Item for Free

When you cast the CREATE ARTIFACT spell, go to staff, select spell charges, then choose your spell of choice and its power. Afterward, click on the spell charge option again to delete the spell charge. Then make a weapon as you normally would, but don’t add another spell charge. When your item is created it will have whatever enchantments you gave it plus the spell charge.

With this trick, you can have up to FIVE enhancements on a weapon at a time! The only problem is that your hero will only use the spell charges when you hit the “AUTO” button in battle.

Gain Super Powerful Artifacts

When using the ENCHANT ITEM or CREATE ARTIFACT spell you can make a super powerful artifact by naming it, giving it the 4 enchants, and then before you click ok, click on a 5th enchant. It should say you may not have more than 4 enchants on an item. you will notice that the name of the artifact has changed to what the warning said. “no more than four enchantments on an artifact”. Don’t fix the name, and click ok. when the artifact is done you will have a super artifact. Note: you should only make one of these artifacts for each hero, or instead of giving maxed-out stats it will give 0 stats, taking away what they already had.

View Map

In the Magic screen, hold ALT and type “rvl” to see everything on the map. Be warned: the other wizards will see you as well.

Hex Editor codes

Before using these codes be sure to save your game. Find the save game location and open it with a hex editor program.

To receive the following ability set the following hex location to 01.

  • A4C Alchemy
  • A4D Warlord
  • A4E Chaos Master
  • A4F Nature Master
  • A50 Sorcery Master
  • A51 Infernal Power
  • A52 Divine Power
  • A53 Sage Master
  • A54 Channeller
  • A56 Archmage
  • A57 Mana Focusing
  • A58 Node Mastery
  • A59 Famous
  • A5A Runemaster
  • A5B Conjurer
  • A5C Charismatic
  • A5D Artificer

The following locations contain the value for the number of books one has. Setting the value to 0C will give you all the books there are for this type of magic.

  • A42 Nature Book
  • A44 Sorcery Book
  • A46 Chaos Book
  • A48 Life Book
  • A4A Death Book
  • C44-C45 Change Mana (enter 3075)
  • C46-C48 Casting Skill(Personal)
  • D3E-D3F Change Money or Gold (enter 3075)
  • D40-D42 Casting Skill(Adjusted)

To edit in spells modify the following locations. The location is set to 00 if the spell is not known and cannot be learned. Set to 01 to be able to learn the spell. Set to 02 to already know the spell. 03 is that the spell is available in the spell book.

Spell list:

  • C4C Earth to Mud
  • C74 Resist Magic
  • C4D Resist Elements
  • C75 Dispel Magic True
  • C4E Wall Of Stone
  • C76 Floating Island
  • C4F Giant Strength
  • C77 Guardian Wind
  • C50 Web
  • C78 Phantom Warriors
  • C51 War Bears
  • C79 Confusion
  • C52 Stone Skin
  • C7A Word of Recall
  • C53 Water Walking
  • C7B Counter Magic
  • C54 Sprites
  • C7C Nagas
  • C55 Earth lore
  • C7D Psionic Blast
  • C56 Cracks Call
  • C7E Blur
  • C57 Natures eye
  • C7F Disenchant True
  • C58 Ice Bolt
  • C80 Vertigo
  • C59 Giant Spiders
  • C81 Spell Lock
  • C5A Change Terrain
  • C82 Enchant Road
  • C5B Pathfinding
  • C83 Flight
  • C5C Cockatrices
  • C84 Wind Mastery
  • c5D Transmute
  • C85 Spell Blast
  • c5E Natures Cures
  • C86 Aura of Mastery
  • c5F Basilisk
  • C87 Phantom Beast
  • C60 Elemental Armor
  • C88 Disjuntion True
  • C61 Petrify
  • C89 Invisibility
  • C62 Stone Giant
  • C8A Wind Walking
  • C63 Iron Skin
  • C8B Banish
  • C64 Ice Storm
  • C8C Storm Giant
  • C65 Earthquake
  • C8D Air Elemental
  • C66 Gorgons
  • C8E Mind Storm
  • C67 Move Fortress
  • C8F Stasis
  • C68 Gaia’s Blessing
  • C90 Magic Immunity
  • C69 Earth Elemental C91 Haste
  • C6A Regeneration C92 Djinn
  • C6B Behemoth
  • C93 Spell Ward
  • C6C Entangle
  • C94 Creature Binding
  • C6D Natures Awareness
  • C95 Mass Invisibility
  • C6E Call Lighting
  • C96 Great UnSummoning
  • C6F Colossus
  • C97 Spell Binding
  • C70 Earth Gate
  • C98 Flying Fortress
  • C71 Herb Mastery
  • C99 Sky Drake
  • C72 Great Wyrm
  • C9A Suppress Magic
  • C73 Nature’s Wrath
  • C9B Time Stop
  • C9C Warp Wood
  • CC4 Bless
  • C9D Disrupt
  • CCB Star Fires
  • C9E Fire Bolt
  • CC6 Endurance
  • C9F Hell Hounds
  • CC7 Holy Weapon
  • CA0 Corruption
  • CC8 Healing
  • CA1 Eldritch Weapon
  • CC9 Holy Armor
  • CA2 Wall of Fire
  • CCA Just Cause
  • CA3 Shatter
  • CCB True Light
  • CA4 Warp Creature
  • CCC Guardian Spirit
  • CA5 Fire Elemental
  • CCD Heroism
  • CA6 Lightning Bolt
  • CCE True Sight
  • CA7 Fire Giant
  • CCF Plane Shift
  • CA8 Chaos Channels
  • CD0 Resurrection
  • CA9 Flame Blade
  • CD1 Dispel Evil
  • CAA Gargoyles
  • CD2 Planar Seal
  • CAB Fireball
  • CD3 Unicorns
  • CAC Doombat
  • CD4 Raise Dead
  • CAD Raise Volcano
  • CD5 Planar Travel
  • CAE Immolation
  • CD6 Heavenly Light
  • CAF Chimeras
  • CD7 Prayer
  • CB0 Warp Lightning
  • CD8 Lionhearted
  • CB1 Metal Fires
  • CD9 Incarnation
  • CB2 Chaos Spawn
  • CDA Invulnerability
  • CB3 Doom Bolt
  • CDB Righteousness
  • CB4 Magic Vortex
  • CDC Prosperity
  • CB5 Efreet
  • CDD Alter of Battle
  • CB6 Fire Storm
  • CDE Angel
  • CB7 Warp Reality
  • CDF Stream of Life
  • CB8 Flame Strike
  • CE0 Mass Healing
  • CB9 Chaos Rift
  • CE1 Holy Word
  • CBA Hydra
  • CE2 High Prayer
  • CBB Disintegrate
  • CE3 Inspirations
  • CBC Meteor Storm
  • CE4 Astral Gate
  • CBD Great Wasting
  • CE5 Holy Arms
  • CBE Call Chaos
  • CE6 Consecration
  • CBF Chaos Surge
  • CE7 Life Force
  • CC0 Doom Mastery
  • CE8 Tranquility
  • CC1 Great Drake
  • CE9 Crusade
  • CC2 Call the Void
  • CEA Arch Angel
  • CC3 Armageddon
  • CEB Charm of Life
  • CEC Skeletons
  • D14 Magic Spirit
  • CED Weakness
  • D15 Dispel Magic
  • CEE Dark Rituals
  • D16 Summoning Circle
  • CEF Cloak of Fear
  • D17 Disenchant Area
  • CF0 Black Sleep
  • D18 Recall Hero
  • CF1 Ghouls
  • D19 Detect Magic
  • CF2 Life Drain
  • D1A Enchant Item
  • CF3 Terror
  • D1B Summon Hero
  • CF4 Darkness
  • D1C Awareness
  • CF5 Mana Leak
  • D1D Disjunction
  • CF6 Drain Power
  • D1E Create Artifact
  • CF7 Possession
  • D1F Summon Champion
  • CF8 Lycanthropy
  • D20 Spell of Mastery
  • CF9 Black Prayer
  • D21 Spell of Return
  • CFA Black Channels
  • CFB Night Stalker
  • CFC Subversion
  • CFD Wall of Darkness
  • CFE Berserk
  • CFF Shadow Demons
  • D00 Wraith Form
  • D01 Wrack
  • D02 Evil Presence
  • D03 Wraiths
  • D04 Cloud of Shadow
  • D05 Warp Node
  • D06 Black Wind
  • D07 Zombie Mastery
  • D08 Famine
  • D09 Cursed lands
  • D0A Cruel Unminding
  • D0B Word of Death
  • D0C Death Knights
  • D0D Death Spell
  • D0E Animate Dead
  • D0F Pestilence
  • D10 Eternal Night
  • D11 Evil Omens
  • D12 Death Wish
  • D13 Demon Lord

Cities Cheat

Look for the town name in the file, they’re stored in normal ASCII.
First data after name :
Race Byte

  • 00=Barbarian
  • 01=Beastman
  • 02=Dark Elf
  • 03=Draconian
  • 04=Dwarf
  • 05=Gnoll
  • 06=Halfling
  • 07=High Elf
  • 08=High Men
  • 09=Klackon
  • 0A=Lizardmen
  • 0B=Nomad
  • 0C=Orc
  • 0D=Troll

7 bytes after name :

Population byte
Describes thousands of people, a maximum of 25.

19 bytes after name :

Builerent bytes, one after the other.

FF = Not there

01 = There

  • 1,2= Unknown
  • 3=Barracks
  • 4=Armory
  • 5=Fighters Guild
  • 6=Armorer’s Guild
  • 7=War College
  • 8=Smithy
  • 9=Stable
  • 10=Animists Guild
  • 11=Fantastic Stable
  • 12=Shipwright Guild
  • 13=Ship Yard
  • 14=Maritime Guild
  • 15=Sawmill
  • 16=Library
  • 17=Sage’s Guild
  • 18=Oracle
  • 19=Alchemist Guild
  • 20=University
  • 21=Wizard’s Guild
  • 22=Shrine
  • 23=Temple
  • 24=Parthenon
  • 25=Cathedral
  • 26=Marketplace
  • 27=Bank
  • 28=Merchant’s Guild
  • 29=Granary
  • 30=Farmer’s Market
  • 31=Foresters Guild
  • 32=Builders Hall
  • 33=Mechanicians Guild
  • 34=Miner’s Guild
  • 35=City Walls


The following cheat codes require third-party software known as trainers. Warning! These are not supported by the developers and can potentially get you banned from the Master of Magic servers. Use these at your own risk.

Fearless Cheat Engine


The cheat happens trainer provides players with the following cheats:

  • Allow Large Number of Farmers
  • No Unrest or Rebels
  • Super Units
  • Game Speed
  • Edit: Mana
  • Edit: Gold
  • Edit: Spell Casting Skill Max
  • Edit: Spell Casting Skill Left
  • Edit: Fame
  • Edit: Cheat Mode Research Food Power (set to 1)
  • Edit: Population Total
  • Edit: Current Workers as Farmers
  • Edit: Current Health Points
  • Edit: Current Movement Points Left
  • Edit: Current XP


Plitch’s trainer is different from the other trainers because it locks some cheats behind a paywall. Here are the cheats available for free.

Activate FirstMoney/Resources
PrepareAdd Mana
Add Money
Add Fame
Decrease mana
Decrease money
Decrease fame

The following cheats require premium status which requires a monthly or yearly subscription.

No mana (Enemies)Fast research (player)Set population (Selected city)Infinite movementGodmode (Units)
No money (enemies)No research (player)Set unrest (Selected city)Add experience (Selected unit)
Fast research (Enemies)Fill build progress (Selected city)Decrease experience (Selected unit)
No research (Enemies)

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