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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Worms Elite (Platinum): Easy, just unlock all the other trophies!
    Tara's in a Pinkle (Bronze): Complete "The Mission Before Time".
    Group Up (Bronze): Complete "Meat in the Middle".
    High and Dry (Bronze): Complete "Worm on Trap"
    Not Again... (Bronze): Complete "The Class Act".
    Temple Terror (Silver): Complete "Fugu Fountain".
    Mesmerised (Gold): Defeat the evil Lord Mesmer.
    Untouchable (Silver): Complete "No Zzz's in Escape" without taking any damage.
    Worm for the Job (Silver): Complete all Worm Ops missions.
    Sergeant Swift (Gold): Complete all Worm Ops missions in under 8 total minutes.
    Liking the Taste (Bronze): Kill a total of 10 enemy worms.
    Very Moreish (Silver): Kill a total of 100 enemy worms.
    Man Vs Worms (Gold): Kill a total of 300 enemy worms.
    Fore! (Bronze): Kill 4 worms in a single turn.
    Prod off (Silver): Kill 5 worms with the Prod weapon.
    Big Spender (Gold): Purchase a Concrete Donkey from the in-game shop.
    Long Winded (Silver): Parachute for 30 seconds and successfully land in a single turn.
    Juggernaut (Gold): Accumulate 300 or more health on a single worm.
    Behold! (Bronze): Deploy a legendary weapon that you received from a weapons crate or gravestone.
    Overkill (Silver): Deal 300 damage in a single turn.
    First of Many (Bronze): Win a multiplayer match.
    Make it Count (Bronze): Win a ranked multiplayer match.
    Steamroller (Silver): Achieve a win streak of 5 ranked online games.
    Best. Clan. Ever. (Bronze): Create your own clan, complete with emblem.
    Sitting Pretty (Bronze): Fully customise your worms.
    Confidence Boost (Silver): Win a Battlegrounds league Clan Match.
    Ding (Bronze): Level up with a clan.
    Show-off (Bronze): Complete a multiplayer match using your personally created landscape
    Remember Me? (Silver): Deal the winning blow with a resurrected worm.

Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

    Weapons Expert (Gold): Use every weapon and utility in the game.
    An honest mistake (Bronze): Kill an allied worm in an online match.
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