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Dev: Sidhe Interactive 1.0 - 1.9 = Avoid 4.0 - 4.4 = Great
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ESRB Rating: Mature 3.5 - 3.9 = Good
Jackass: The Game? That's insane!
By Jwan Jordan

Due to the arguable success of the cringe inducing TV series Jackass, Red Mile Entertainment is currently working on a game of the same name. The game's focus of gameplay is recreating all the mind numbingly unnecessary antics of the cast of Jackass. These include such antics as pushing Steve-O down a busy street while inside a trash can. As you slide down the heavily trafficked street you must steer the audacious Steve-O to and fro to avoid immediate dangers. Currently, the developer is planning to add more objectives to the 40 plus missions that are available so far. As you slide down the street in a trash can as Steve-O, you may have side objectives like knocking down as many mail boxes as possible or inflicting as much pain as achievable to your character.

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With over 40 insane stunts and antics to take part in, any fan of the show will be glad to know it's made in the very spirit of the TV series. Some of the various missions include Bumper madness, as you and a host of others use bumper cars to knock each other off the rooftop of a sky high building. Fox hunt consist of the Jackass cast dressed in fox costumes as another player attempts to run them over with a golfing cart. Let us not also forget the ever popular usage of shopping carts in the Jackass series! Yes, the shopping carts make a large guest appearance and one mission (if you can call it that) had the Jackass crew speeding down a busy, populated hill in shopping carts in a race to the finish. Even the popular Wee-man himself has his own set of mini-games like the ever so awkward "Whack-A-Wee-man." The game play thus far seems very simple and easy to pick up and play. Yet, I can't imagine how this game would have any true depth of play.

The entire game isn't just a set of mini-games. There will also be an MTV'S story mode. The story mode will put you in the shoes of the TV series director as you have to pull an assortment of wild pranks on the Jeff Tremaine. Those familiar to the show will known Jeff Tremaine as the actual show's director and the butt of many of Jackass' painful pranks. The game directly emulates the Jackass series especially in a cutscene where Johnny Knoxville puts a mouse trap next to Jeff Tremaine's cell phone as he sleeps; as Jeff slumbers, the phone rings, causing him to hastily and unwittingly reach for the phone which is replaced by the mousetrap. So fans of the show (all three of you) will be very at home with this game when it's released in March.

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Not only is the game made to harness the incivility of the show but to add insult to injury the cast and crew will lend their voices, including Johnny Knoxville himself and others. Stay tuned for the full review when this game releases in March.

Jackass: The Game screenshot

By Jwan Jordan
CCC Freelance Writer

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