As Kenny Roger's once sang, "You've gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to change into a cardboard box..." by Vaughn Smith

March 22, 2006 - If you play your cards right - literally - Solid Snake just might come out of this one alive.

Kojima Productions, the development company fronted by Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, is hoping to stack the deck in their favor with Metal Gear Ac!d 2. The original Ac!d game, released last year for the launch of the PSP in North America, was an extreme departure from the stealth/action oriented gameplay the Metal Gear franchise is known for. Initial reactions were mixed when Konami revealed that the first appearance of Solid Snake on the PSP would involve turn-based card combat. Undaunted by the abrupt change in genre, many curious PSP owners took a chance on Metal Gear Ac!d and came away extremely impressed. I'm pleased to report Ac!d 2 addresses many of the slight imperfections of the original and ups the ante in terms of overall playability and functionality of the card-based mechanic. In short, if you even remotely enjoyed the first game, you're gonna love this one.

Give yourself 5 points if your gut instinct tells you that the plot of Ac!d 2 involves the threat of yet another 2-legged nuclear warhead-sporting mech known as, what else? Metal Gear. The somewhat predictable story unfolds primarily through static text-based conversations with the odd cutscene at important intervals. While the Ac!d series isn't restricted to the continuity of the Metal Gear canon of the consoles, Kojima Productions has crammed in hundreds of references (via cards) of previous adventures which will delight fans familiar with the MG universe.

Almost every action in Ac!d 2 requires a card from the deck to execute: movement, stealth maneuvers, defensive and offensive tactics, weapon usage and countless other actions are restricted to card-based turns. For this very reason, RPG and strategy game enthusiasts will instantly be more comfortable with Ac!d 2 than the average action-seeker, but don't expect that this new-fangled approach translates into a less entertaining adventure; quite to the contrary. The strategy of having to utilize the best possible card dealt randomly from your deck, makes for an engrossing gameplay experience with almost infinite replay value since the cards are shuffled and will change upon consequent replays. As mentioned, there are over 500 cards (watch for MGS4 cards) to locate throughout the game and experimentation is the ultimate key to unlocking everything Ac!d 2 has to offer.

It's obvious from the moment you start playing that Kojima Productions was diligent about tweaking the gameplay in response to gamers complaints with the first title. Improvements include: more hands on character movement, camera control, much less menu wading, more cards, faster gameplay, improved visuals (if you like cel-shading), ad hoc wireless play, excellent tutorial and a streamlined intuitive interface with everything available at the touch of a button. Kojima Productions even offers the ability to import a favorite card and 1/100 PTS from the original game if you have a save available. New and improved modes include the revamped ad hoc multiplayer, MGS3: Subsistence connectivity, ultra-challenging boss battle Arena and Solid Eye Theater- definitely the most innovative mode we've seen on the PSP thus far. Solid Eye Theater turns your PSP into a 3D house of action….and babes! Using the included Tobidacid cardboard 3D glasses/Viewmaster hybrid that you put together yourself and place your PSP into, you'll be able to view cutscenes from MGS3, the entire MGS4 trailer, videos of scantily clad Japanese women and even play the game entirely in 3D! It works surprisingly well for such a wacky gimmick.

While the turn-based card battlin' combat might sound like the antithesis of edge-of-your-seat gaming, give Ac!d 2 a couple of hours of your undivided attention and I guarantee you'll be up to your eyes and ears in white-knuckle action. While the game feels a little on the short side (15 hours + on the first run), you can always elongate your investment with the multiplayer and arena modes, and you'll definitely want to play through the story again in your quest to collect all of the cards. If you've been eagerly awaiting the next installment of Snake's PSP adventures, Metal Gear Ac!d 2 is a royal flush and that's no bluff.

By Vaughn Smith
CCC Site Director

Rating out of 5
Metal Gear Ac!d 2 (PSP)
Cel-shaded and stylish, bright and engaging.
You can't beat this control method since most of the action is static, but even still you can control the camera.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
Great tunes, but voicework would have went a long way.
Play Value
Boss mode and ad hoc is a great way to wring the most out of Ac!d 2.
Overall Rating - Must Buy
Not an average. See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.
Preview By Vaughn

The original Metal Gear Ac!d was met with a collective groan when it was announced last year that the title would rely on card-game mechanics rather than being a tried and true 3D action title, which gamers were expecting.

Adventurous games not frightened off by the weird and unknown, actually found a lot to love about the off-kilter direction of Solid Snake's PSP debut. We're definitely expecting more of the same once the sequel hits North America later this year.

While the game will retain the same mechanics of its predecessor, MGA2 will introduce new cards to the mix, just to shuffle things up a bit. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Gamers can also expect a slightly tweaked, more intuitive user interface to make playing the game more comfortable, while pro cel-shaders will jump for joy at the new artistic direction of the series.

Kojima Productions is overseeing development chores (while simultaneously hard at work on Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3 and MGS3: Subsistence for PS2) so you can expect attention to detail and continuity between previous titles in the franchise. Some old friends are also rumored to be returning....does the name Revolver Ocelot ring a bell? Remember that one handed dude who tortured poor Snake in the original Metal Gear Solid? Yeah, him. I wonder what ole' 5 digits has up his sleeve this time around for good old Dave?

That's currently all we know which was hopefully more than you know, otherwise I guess you should have wrote this preview, Mr. Smarty Pants. Stay tuned as we hope to drop some more Ac!d info in the next while. I think I just made a drug reference by accident.

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System: PSP
Dev: Konami
Pub: Konami
Released: Mar 2006
Players: 1 - multi
Review by Vaughn

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