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Football Fans Rejoice. Casual Gamers Beware!
by Pete Richards

With a World Cup only every four years, soccer fans that just can't wait to pit their national heroes against their rivals in a good game of football may be excited about this release. While the need for a new soccer title on the PSP may seem a bit unnecessary for EA (considering the recent releases of their 2006 World Cup and FIFA titles), it could be assumed that EA is trying to battle Konami and their Pro Evolution series for the PSP soccer market. Whether you are a fan of either the EA or Konami take on soccer, you pretty much know what to expect with UEFA Euro 2008. Moreover, with UEFA only offering subtle differences from its more popular FIFA counterpart, there may be little need to run out and purchase this title.

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The game opens with scenes of actual UEFA footage to get you in the spirit and help capture the live soccer broadcast feel. You then jump to the menu screens where, if you want to play a quick game, you have the option of facing off with two of the 53 countries to choose from. From there, you can go to Match Options, where you have the ability to customize your game by changing all the available game balls, stadiums, weather conditions, and other unlockable goodies.


European Campaign mode is where you will unlock most of said objects, as you choose a nation to represent on a full European tour. You will take your team on the road to go head to head with other countries in various mini-games and challenges. It's a pretty cool twist, offering a variety of match ups that don't require too much time to continue progressing through the tour. The challenges you'll face will depend on whether you choose Team Challenge or the more individual Be A Pro.

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Team matches that require you to simply beat your opponent will come with challenges such as playing a two-minute game and starting in the hole by two points. After winning, you are rewarded certain bonuses for things such as not missing penalty shots. Be A Pro assigns you a star player for various mini-games such as shootouts and will give you a list of objectives to gain more reward points. Captain Your Country mode puts one athlete's career in your hands, as you play as your favorite star or created character in a matches to eventually become team captain. It definitely works well for those who like to create their own likeness and become part of the game, as you begin with low stat points and work your way up the ladder to superstardom. Penalty Shoot-Out is just as its name suggests. The UEFA Euro 2008 mode allows you to recreate the entire tournament, and the game has other basics such as Practice Mode as well.

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