Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe

Corey Feldman Interview

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Play as New Goblin

While standing on the Helicarrier, press Left, Down, Right(2), Down, Left to unlock New Goblin.

Play as Sandman

While standing on the Helicarrier, press Right(3), Up, Down, Left to unlock Sandman.

Play as Venom

While standing on the Helicarrier, press Left(2), Right, Up, Down(2) to unlock Venom.

5,000 upgrade points

While standing on the Helicarrier, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right to get 5,000 extra upgrade points. Note: This code can only be enabled one time.

Hero Concepts

Successfully complete the game. Then, continue on the cleared saved game file, and successfully complete Tokyo: Area 1 to unlock the Hero Concepts.

Villain Concepts

Play a game in Memorable Battle mode to unlock the Villain Concepts.

Play as Carnage

Play through Co-op mode to unlock Carnage.

Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

    Black Cat: Successfully complete Toyko level 1.
    Blade: Successfully complete Transylvania level 2.
    Doc Ock: Defeat him in Tokyo level 2.
    Green goblin: Defeat him in Tokyo level 4.
    Iron Fist: Successfully complete Tangaroa island Level 3.
    Lizard: Successfully complete Cairo level 2.
    New Goblin: Successfully complete the game.
    Rhino: Defeat him in Tangaroa Island level 4.
    Sandman: Defeat him in Cairo level 4.
    Scorpion: Defeat him in Tangaroa island level 2.
    Venom: Defeat him in Transylvania level 4.

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