Michael Jackson: The Experience HD
Emerald Glove

Draw 45 perfect shapes in a row in "Smooth Criminal" to unlock the Emerald Glove.

Golden Glove

Reach the top position on the leaderboard for "Leave Me Alone" to unlock the Golden Glove.

Easy "Remember The Sequence!" trophy

During "Remember The Time" in Freestyle mode, execute the Up/Left, Tap, Up/Right, Tap, Up/Left, Tap, Up/Right move to get the "Remember The Sequence!" trophy.

Easy "Zombie Dance" trophy

Rear Touchpad Tap in Freestyle mode to get the "Zombie Dance" trophy.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Unbreakable (Platinum): Obtain all the trophies in Michael Jackson: The Experience HD.
    Legendary (Gold): Become Legend (Level 20).
    A Glove for Any Occasion! (Gold): Unlock all the Gloves in the game.
    The Negiotiator (Gold): Score 145,000 Points on Beat It.
    Going Hollywood... (Gold): Perform 50 Perfect moves in a row on Hollywood Tonight (Expert difficulty).
    Perfect Expert (Gold): Perform 30 Perfect moves in a row on Thriller (Expert difficulty).
    Figure Collector (Gold): Unlock all the Michael Jackson Figures in the game.
    Remember the Sequence! (Silver): Perform the secret freestyle sequence on Remember The Time.
    Feelin' Good! (Silver): Complete 150 Perfect moves on The Way You Make Me Feel (Medium difficulty).
    Wardrobe! (Silver): Unlock, equip and dance with an alternate costume for the first time.
    The Tour Continues... (Silver): Become a Dance Fanatic (Level 10).
    Supernatural! (Silver): Perform 250 Perfect moves on Ghosts.
    Rock The Night Away! (Silver): Don't miss a single move on Rock With You (Medium difficulty).
    Who's Bad? (Silver): Get an A grade on Bad (Medium difficulty).
    Top of the World! (Silver): Get the highest score in the leaderboard on Black or White.
    A Smooth Criminal... (Silver): Hold a Max Combo Level for 90 seconds on Smooth Criminal (Medium difficulty).
    The Tour Begins... (Bronze): Become a Trainee (Level 2).
    Freeway Dancer! (Bronze): Complete Speed Demon 6 times.
    Out on the Dance floor (Bronze): Draw only lines and spins during Freestyle on Blood on The Dance Floor.
    Still Not Enough! (Bronze): Win 3 multiplayer Battles on Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough.
    Not Alone (Bronze): Unlock, equip and dance with the alternate costume on Leave Me Alone.
    Papparazzi! (Bronze): Score at least 80,000 on Billie Jean.
    Thriller Tonight! (Bronze): Get a B grade or better on Thriller (Medium difficulty).
    The Setlist (Bronze): Complete every song once.
    The Spectator (Bronze): Watch any song in the "On demand Performance" Mode.
    Zombie Dance (Bronze): Perform the special Thriller move during Freestyle.
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