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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Galactic explorer (Bronze): Discover your collection, and play on at least 3 different tables!
    The Force is strong with this one (Bronze): Advance a rank and become a Jedi Padawan on the Light side or Sith Adept on the Dark side.
    Fruitful alliance (Bronze): Get your friends together and earn 10000 Team Score!
    May the Force be with you (Bronze): Rise to prominence by becoming a Jedi Master on the Light side or Sith Master on the Dark side.
    Master of the Force (Gold): Have the highest Force Score among your friends and become the Master of the Force!
    Great Disturbance (Bronze): Keep playing hard, and earn a score of at least 150 million on any table!
    Tremor in the Force (Bronze): Feel the Force and show off your pinball skills by earning 2000 Force Score!
    Young Challenger (Bronze): Rise to the challenge and beat the score of a friend ahead of you on any table!
    Your powers are weak (Bronze): Dominate your friends and beat ten of them on any table.
    Unstoppable menace (Gold): Win an Online Multiplayer race against 3 other players.

The following trophies require the bonus downloadable content:

    It all ran better under Vader (Bronze): Complete all of the Empire's special assignments on the Boba Fett table!
    In the service of the Hutts (Bronze): Complete all of the Hutt Cartel's special assignments on the Boba Fett table!
    Triumph of the Mandalorian (Silver): Earn maximum respect, and escape from the Sarlacc on the Boba Fett table!
    Go for the legs (Bronze): Win a fight against an AT-AT walker on the Star Wars Episode V table.
    You seek Yoda (Bronze): Get an award from master Yoda on the Star Wars Episode V table.
    Bring balance to the Force (Silver): Start Jedi and Sith multiballs at the same time and score a Balance Jackpot on Star Wars Episode V table.
    Point Rain (Bronze): Transport at least 3 clone troopers to Point Rain on Geonosis on the Clone Wars table.
    The General (Bronze): Earn the highest rank by completing the clone training several times on the Clone Wars table.
    Purge the World (Silver): Purge the galaxy by defeating both Sith Lords on the Clone Wars table!
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