Table Ice Hockey



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Teachers Pet (Bronze): Complete all Tutorials in the game.
    Penalty (Bronze): Receive a Penalty.
    Name Changer (Bronze): Change a player's name.
    Victory! (Bronze): Win your first game of Table Ice Hockey.
    Rookie Hockey Player (Bronze): Win 5 Games.
    You can't win them all (Bronze): Lose a Game.
    Face to Face (Bronze): Win a Face-Off.
    You have the power! (Bronze): Score a goal when on a Power Play.
    Defeat the Human (Bronze): Beat an Ad-Hoc Network Opponent.
    Against The Odds (Silver): Score a goal when you are shorthanded.
    Intermediate Hockey Player (Silver): Win 25 Games.
    Cup Winner (Silver): Win the Tournament Cup.
    Champion Hockey Player (Gold): Win 50 Games.
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