Velocity Ultra

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Show Thumb Respect (Platinum): Because this player earned it.
    Velocity (Bronze): Complete a zone without letting go of boost.
    Face Palm Napalm (Bronze): Get trapped and killed by the scroll.
    Kangaroo Fuel (Bronze): Hit boost 100 times in a zone.
    Deadly (Bronze): Destroy 500 Zetachron ships.
    Discoverer (Bronze): Discover at least one secret area.
    Explorer (Bronze): Discover all the secret areas.
    Double Whammy (Bronze): Disable two switches in quick succession.
    Manhattan (Bronze): Use pulse bombs to gain 50 multikills.
    Nakatomi (Bronze): Smash 500 pieces of glass.
    The Force (Bronze): Complete Zone 18 without upgrading weapons.
    Dark Side (Bronze): Complete zone 21 without rescuing any survivors.
    Triple Whammy (Bronze): Disable three switches in quick succession.
    Taking All The Credit (Bronze): Get 140,000 points in the credits minigame.
    Slacker (Bronze): Beat the minesweeper minigame.
    Quadruple Whammy (Silver): Disable four switches in quick succession.
    Very Deadly (Silver): Destroy 1000 Zetachron ships.
    Perseus (Silver): Complete the reaction test minigame.
    A Perfect 10 (Silver): Earn a PERFECT medal on Zone 10.
    Ahmad Dash (Silver): Earn a PERFECT medal on Zone 46.
    Unstoppable (Silver): Earn a PERFECT medal on Zone 48.
    Champion (Silver): Achieve above average XP on every zone.
    Mastered (Silver): Earn a PERFECT medal on Zone 50.
    Penultimate (Silver): Reach Zone 50.
    We Don't Need Roads... (Silver): Complete Zone 50.
    Navigator (Gold): Complete the Smith's Challenge minigame.
    Elite (Gold): Destroy 5000 Zetachron ships.
    Neutrino Speed Is Too Slow (Gold): Earn a PERFECT medal on all Critical Urgency zones.
    River (Gold): Rescue every survivor.
    Perfectionist (Gold): Earn a PERFECT medal for every zone.
    Ripley (Gold): Collect every in-game award in Velocity Ultra.
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