Black Bass With Blue Marlin


Game Shark Codes

Joker CommandD009A4DC ????
Infinite Lures8003C4C2 2400
Stop Time800141E6 2400
Max Amount of Lures
Crank Bait300FC280 003F
Loud Mouth300FC281 003F
Baby 1-Minus300FC282 003F
Jerk Bait300FC283 003F
Chug-N-Spit300FC284 003F
Manniac300FC285 003F
Little George300FC286 003F
Buzz Bait300FC287 003F
Spinner Bait300FC288 003F
Vampire300FC289 003F
Preacher Jig300FC28A 003F
Rat300FC28B 003F
Hanks Worm300FC28C 003F
Lizard300FC28D 003F
Swimmin Frog300FC28E 003F
Pro-Cut Frog300FC28F 003F

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