Wild Arms 2

Strategy Guide


Note: This game is also titled Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition.

Game Shark Codes

Japanese Version

Allows Game to Play in a Mod-Chip SystemD002A51A 1040
8002A51A 1000
Infinite Money8011AF5C 967F
8011AF5E 0098
One Fight For Max Money800FB68C FFFF
One Fight For Level-Up800FB690 FFFF
Main Character Codes
Infinite HP8011A79C 270F
Max HP8011A7A0 270F
Infinite FP8011A7AA 03F0
Max FP8011A7AC 03F0
Max Str8011A7AE 03E7
8011A7B0 03E7
Max Vit8011A7B6 03E7
8011A7B8 03E7
Max Sor8011A7BE 03E7
8011A7C0 03E7
Max Res8011A7C6 03E7
8011A7C8 03E7
Max Exp.8011A810 967F
8011A812 0098
Lck Always Best8011A7EE 0004
2nd Character Codes
Infinite HP8011A818 270F
Max HP8011A81C 270F
Infinite FP8011A826 03F0
Max FP8011A828 03F0
Max Str8011A82A 03E7
8011A82C 03E7
Max Vit8011A832 03E7
8011A834 03E7
Max Sor8011A83A 03E7
8011A83C 03E7
Max Res8011A842 03E7
8011A844 03E7
Max Exp.8011A88C 967F
8011A88E 0098
Lck Always Best8011A86A 0004
3rd Character Codes
Infinite HP8011A894 270F
Max HP8011A898 270F
Infinite FP8011A8A2 03F0
Max FP8011A8A4 03F0
Max Str8011A8A6 03E7
8011A8A8 03E7
Max Vit8011A8AE 03E7
8011A8B0 03E7
Max Sor8011A8B6 03E7
8011A8B8 03E7
Max Res8011A8BE 03E7
8011A8C0 03E7
Max Exp.8011A908 967F
8011A90A 0098
Lck Always Best8011A8E6 0004
Items Codes
All Items (Caetla Users Only)B0FF0002 00000001
3011AC58 0000
Infinite Items (Caetla Users Only)B0FF0002 00000000
3011AC59 00C6

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