Bass Strike

Corey Feldman Interview

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)EC83F308 1445D7BC
Infinite Time in Arcade Mode4CAE0142 145617A5
Instant Win in Arcade Mode4CAE0142 1456E7A5
4CAE018C 1456E79E
4CAE0174 14560950
0 Fish Caught P14CAE018C 1456E7A5
9 Fish Caught P14CAE018C 1456E79E
Max Total Weight P14CAE0174 14560950
0 Fish Caught Opponent4CAE0190 1456E7A5
9 Fish Caught Opponent4CAE0190 1456E79E
0 Total Weight Opponent4CAE0178 14560950

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