Mad Maestro!

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Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE8D8716 BCB978D2
Maxed MeterCEB4231E BCA99BB5
100% Bravo RatingCEB4238A BCA99BE7
100% Good RatingCEB42396 BCA99BE7
100% Bad RatingCEB42392 BCA99BE7
100% Baaad RatingCEB4239E BCA99BE7
75% Bravo RatingCEB4238A BCA99BCE
75% Good RatingCEB42396 BCA99BCE
75% Bad RatingCEB42392 BCA99BCE
75% Baaad RatingCEB4239E BCA99BCE
50% Bravo RatingCEB4238A BCA99BB5
50% Good RatingCEB42396 BCA99BB5
50% Bad RatingCEB42392 BCA99BB5
50% Baaad RatingCEB4239E BCA99BB5
25% Bravo RatingCEB4238A BCA99B9C
25% Good RatingCEB42396 BCA99B9C
25% Bad RatingCEB42392 BCA99B9C
25% Baaad RatingCEB4239E BCA99B9C
0% Bravo RatingCEB4238A BCA99B83
0% Good RatingCEB42396 BCA99B83
0% Bad RatingCEB42392 BCA99B83
0% Baaad RatingCEB4239E BCA99B83

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