Editorial Guidelines

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Editorial Guidelines


Cheat Code Central was founded on the following guiding principles: 

  1. To create accurate game- and gaming-related content you can trust
  2. Spread knowledge about the topics we cover

Every day, we strive for accuracy through an editorial process that emphasizes primary research and keeping all information up-to-date and accurate.

Below, we’ve outlined more details on Cheat Code Central’s guiding principles and the values that drive us.

1.) Accuracy

Every page of a Flywheel Publishing website begins with a solid foundation of research, fact-checking, and vetted sources to create content that is both current and accurate.

Every Cheat Code Central page begins ONLY with vetted, encyclopedic resources. From there we layer on primary research and have developed an editorial process for reviewing content to ensure it is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. Our goal is that you can explore, enjoy, and trust the information discovered across Cheat Code Central.

2.) Education

Cheat Code Central seeks to both entertain and educate our readers. We understand the joy that comes with exploring a new topic or further understanding a familiar one. We strive to bring forward the most interesting aspects of the various topics we cover, and to do so, we use diverse sources – many of which are not available online – to deliver facts and research that are simply unavailable anywhere else.

3.) Regarding AI-generated Content

We believe in the value of authenticity in research and writing, and we don’t compromise. To bring our readers the most accurate and valuable content, we conduct identity verification of all authors who write for Flywheel Publishing and its websites. Additionally, all content created on behalf of Flywheel Publishing must pass rigorous AI detection testing and is only published when approved by each site’s editors. Flywheel Publishing has a zero-tolerance policy on using artificial intelligence in content creation unless used with human editorial oversight. If AI is used in any capacity in content creation, it will be clearly noted to the reader.

4.) Zero-Tolerance for Plagiarism

Flywheel Publishing does not publish work that is plagiarized. We implement tools to ensure our content is completely original and authentic so that we can provide the most useful information to our readers.

5.) Corrections Policy

When errors are discovered, we swiftly correct them and update the content accordingly. We welcome reader feedback to cite any errors discovered so that we can quickly fact-check and correct them accordingly. If you discover what you suspect is an error, please contact us.

6.) Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the pages on Cheat Code Central refer readers to products available for purchase on other websites, such as Amazon. If affiliate links are included in our content, it will be clearly noted to the reader. In some cases, Flywheel Publishing earns a small commission for those purchases. While it does not raise the price of the product(s) for you, these commissions help support our sites and allow us to continue researching and writing great content for you.

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