NCAA March Madness 06


Cheat mode

Select "My NCAA" and enter the lounge. Select the "Cheat Codes" icon, then enter one of the following codes to active the corresponding cheat function:

    All historical teams

    Enter "PSDF9078VT" as a code to unlock all historical teams. -From: boozemonk3y

    Air Jordan III shoes

    Enter "39N56BXC4S" as a code to unlock the Air Jordan III shoes.

    Air Jordan One shoes

    Enter "2J9UWAS44L" as a code to unlock the Air Jordan One shoes. -From: Jonathan Bialstock

More points in Dynasty mode

If you turn off violations in Dynasty mode you can budget more points to recruiting or game planning. Additionally, go to the create/edit player screen and choose "Edit Player". You will see a list of players from every team. Press L1 or R1 to scroll through the different teams. Keep doing this until you reach the team you want to use in Dynasty mode. You can then edit all of the team's players and their skills and make them a 99 overall. This should really help your team win the National Championship, no matter what team you are playing with.

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