Summoner 2


Easy gold

In Mas Ora's district of The Munari City, go to the House of Soleil. It is the first building on your left after entering Mas Ora's district. There will be a human standing directly in front of you, asking for a loan of 1000 gold. Give him the loan and he will give you a Bodril. Keep it and later in the game he will offer to pay you back. Instead, tell him that you want to buy the Bodril for 5,000 gold. After this he will ask if you actually want to buy it. Answer "No". You will gain a little bit of experience and 1200 gold. Do not leave. Continue talking to him. He will keep asking if you want to buy his Bodril. Keep answering "No" and he will give you 1200 gold each time. Repeat these steps to get as much gold as needed. However, once you leave the area, he disappears and you cannot do it again.

To increase your skill and get money at the same time, go to the arena in Munari city and play "Survival". You have to pay 1,000 gold, but you can get 5,000 back, depending on how far you get. You also get experience points for killing the monsters.

Hidden items

In Miridan's Pass, you may encounter some "pirates" that shout "Run away!". Follow them and they will lead you to a cave just behind the cute creature where some nice items are located.

Arrow heads

In an optional quest, you have to find arrow heads in Hopiris. As soon as you get off the talking boat, turn to your right. They are at the foot of the first pillar.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE8313C6 BCC51A3A
Max GoldDE91B3BE C19E7B82
Press R1 + R2=Full/Max Health For Maia0E0D16F8 BCA98E82
0E0D16F8 BCA98E82
Max AP For MaiaCEA6BD3E BCA9C293
Max Level For MaiaCEA6BDC4 BCA99BE7
Press R1 + R2=Full/Max Health For Sangaril0E0D16F8 BCA98E82
CEA64852 BCA9C293
0E0D16F8 BCA98E82
CEA6485A BCA9C293
Max AP For SangarilCEA64866 BCA9C293
CEA64862 BCA9C293
Max Level For SangarilCEA6486C BCA99BE7

Note: These codes will only work with new games and not on loaded games.

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