The Evil Within 2


Collectible locations

Search the indicated location to find the corresponding collectible. There are a total of 115 collectibles in the game (40 Files, 32 Keys, 8 Mysterious Objects, 11 Photographic Slides, and 24 Residual Memories). You get the following achievements/trophies for finding all collectibles: "Diligent Reader", "Locksmith", "All In The Family", "Chatting With Kidman", and "Echoes Within STEM". The collectibles are missable. If you progress too far, you cannot go back any longer. Make sure you grab them in chronological order, as shown in the video guide. You can view how many collectibles of each type you have found under the statistics menu. It only shows the total across the entire game and not per chapter. You can also view the Files, Residual Memories, and Slides by their specific names under the "Files Menu". This allows you to see which ones you have and are missing. If you die, you have to grab them again, as they are not automatically saved. They are only saved when you trigger a checkpoint or manually save. Note: There are no collectibles in Chapter 1/Prologue and Chapter 15.

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