MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf

Strategy Guide

Nemesis body

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Nemesis body.

Evil Boss body

Successfully complete single player campaign mode to unlock the Evil Boss body.

Play as Ragnarok

Go to Team Last Man Standing (TLMS). Set the mission to Rush Hour, and before entering a Mech, look at the names. Find the Mech named Ragnarok. This mech has a cannon that will fire three very strong rockets that can cause massive destruction. This seems to be the only level where you can play as Ragnarok. Note: You must have two players to do this.

Use Staradder in Multiplayer mode

Go to Destruction and choose On The Rocks; it will be in the middle rock.

Play as Blood Asp, Nova Cat, Ragnarok, or Ymir in multi-player mode

Blood Asp

    Grinder, Level: Mountain High
    Grinder, Level: Troubled Waters

Nova Cat

    Grinder, Level: In Your Face


    Grinder, Level: In Your Face
    Grinder, Level: Troubled Waters

Star Adder

    Not possible


    Grinder, Level: New River City

Heavy Assault Mech specials

To do the special, you must have all upgrades for your Mech. When this is done, a message about maximum power will appear. This special can kill most Mechs in one hit. However, you can only use this special once before you lose all of your power-ups and overheat all the way. Note: You can use this special as many times as desired in the level, as long you get all of the power-ups.

Hidden chat and waiting room taunts

Enter a chat room or waiting room on Xbox Live. Click and hold the Left Analog-stick and press X, Y, L, or R.

Have thirteen people in a room at a time

Set the public and private numbers at 11 and 1, then invite someone. Once that person comes in, change the public number of people to 12. It will now show that you can have thirteen people in the room. Note: This may sometimes glitch the game.

Surfing Skullbot's eye beams

Jump jet and land on Skull Bot's eye lasers. After you have cracked his head open like an egg, you can manage to surf towards him. You will take damage, but this will get you into a good location to hack.

Defeating the Unfinished Skull Mech

First, keep hitting it in the head with your lasers. A VTOL will constantly drop supplies if you happen to be hit by the Skull Mech's weapons. When you get the top layer off, Nurohack the Mech, then fire mortar rounds into its head. Watch out for its pulse lasers from long range and Napalm Cannon from short range.

Defeating Spider Mech

Use your pulse lasers on the coverings on its legs when it gets close, and use your missiles when it jumps back. When it charges at you, just run backwards; if you run to the side it will knock you over with its front claws and hit you with the plasma cannon when you are down. Keep blasting at its legs and picking up Natalia's salvage and you should kill it without trouble.

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