Aah Impossible Rescue


Change commentator

Enter one of the following codes to have the commentary spoken by the indicated character:

Anime-L22Press Y(4), X.
Carole ClarkPress X, Y(3), X.
Geoff-LiPress X, Y, X(3).
HoegoeshinsekiPress Y, X(3), Y.
LilfirebenderPress X(2), Y(2), X.
Lucas WilheimPress Y, X, Y, X, Y.
MeikaPress X(5).
Michelle RakarPress X(4), Y.
OfebrisoPress Y(2), X(3).
Pia LehtinenPress X(2), Y, X(2).
SanjikunsgirlPress X, Y, X, Y, X.
SkimlinesPress Y(2), X(2), Y.
TeiseiPress Y, X(4).

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