FortressCraft: Chapter 1
Cheat mode

Connect a Chatpad to your controller, and press [Shift] to display the input screen. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: If the code does not work, remove the spaces.

Make boxes unless the Minecart block is placed on topset name factory
Make doors that will open or close by pressing Xset name doorswing
Make rails that Minecarts ride fast onset name conveyor fast
Make rails that Minecarts ride slowly onset name conveyor
Make sentry gun to kill zombiesset name auto turret base
Make spinning sawblade to kills zombiesset name sawblade
Make zombiesset name monsteremitter
Power the factory when placed down pointing its wayset name beamemitter
When put on top of the factory, make minecarts; press X to get in or outset name minecart

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