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Seraphic Gate

Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted. Then, load the cleared saved game file to unlock access to Seraphic Gate.

Hard mode

Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty to unlock the Hard difficulty.

Infinity mode

Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty to unlock the Infinity difficulty.

Item Creation

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item:

    Improve Alchemy: Go to Fayel, talk to the Alchimistier next to Savio in the castle, and give him a Dragon Eye.
    Improve Cooking: Go to Halgiti, talk to Rucha, and give her 1 Rare Salmon, 3 Sapran Green Peppers, 2 Prehistoric Meat, and 3 Piera Mushrooms.
    Improve Enchanting: Go to Sapran, talk to the elder by the chain, and answer his questions. The answers are 1. New moon, 2. Levan, 3. Bone comb, 4. Burgasstadt, and 5. Faina.
    Improve Forging: Go to Kolten, talk to Kristopher, and give him the third answer.
    Improve Writing: Go to Port Zala, and talk to Rico. Give him two Clerk Quills, one Genius Quill, 2 Lunatite, and 1 Amarlista.

Michelle Item Creation

The following are some important items Michelle makes at level 6 with improvements:

    Damask Cloth: 2 Gold Metal, 2 Silver Metal, 1 Metatite
    Empryean Cloth: 3 Dasmask Cloth, 4 Holy Water (buy at Halgiti)
    Halgatian Paper: 3 Kenaf Cloth, 2 Lenteso Wood
    Parchment: 2 Sheep Hide, 2 Buffalo Hide
    Rachnuvus Cloth: 2 Silk Cloth, 4 Rachnuvus Shells (from Rachnuvus spiders on first Seraphic Gate floor)
    Salamander Skin: 4 Snake Skin (from snake at Luce Plains), 1 Blaze Metal

Seraphina Item Creation

The following are some important items Seraphina makes at level 6 with improvements:

    Atlantis Metal: 2 Crystalite Metal, 2 Amarlista
    Blaze Metal: 2 Gold metal (buy at Halgiti), 3 Sunstone (buy at Fayel)
    Ceramic: 2 Marble
    Copper Metal: 2 Iron Metal, 1 Sandstone
    Crystalite Metal: 2 Mecruius Metal, 2 Blaze Metal
    Genius Quill: 1 Pius Wood (from Yellow Gigas in second forest area in Seraphic Gate), 1 Dragon Fang (from snakes on Wyvern Seraphic Gate)
    Granite: 2 Sandstone (buy at Nolaan)
    Iron Metal: 2 Bronze Metal (buy at Halgiti)
    Lunatite: 2 Hearthstone (buy at Halgiti), 2 Ceramic
    Marble: 2 Granite
    Mecurius Metal: 2 Prismatite Metal, 2 Blaze Metal
    Prismatite Metal: 2 Blaze Metal, 2 Gold Metal
    Silver Metal: 2 Steel Metal, 1 Marble
    Steel Metal: 2 Copper Metal, 1 Granite

Item Creation extra moves

The following Item Creation extra moves are available at level 6 with improved skills:


    Halgatian Paper: 3 Kenaf Cloth, 2 Lenteso Wood


    Ayas Simorgh Zal: 1 Memoir Of A Hunter, 2 Genius Quills
    Capells Alfheim: 1 Memoir Of A Knight, 2 Genius Quills
    Capells Levatine Slash: 1 Memoir Of A Warrior, 2 Genius Quills
    Edwards Tempest Clash: 1 Memoir Of A Warrior, 2 Genius Quills
    Komachis Nightshade: 1 Memoir Of A Thief, 2 Genius Quills
    Toumas Peerless Valor: 1 Memoir Of A Mercenary, 2 Genius Quills

Rico or Savio

    Memoir Of A Alchemist (MAX MP +20%): 3 Halgatian Paper, 1 Genius Quill
    Memoir Of A Hunter (MAX HIT +4): 3 Halgatian Paper, 1 Genius Quill
    Memoir Of A Knight (MAX DEF + 4): 3 Halgatian Paper, 1 Genius Quill
    Memoir Of A Mage (MAX INT +4): Halgatian Paper, 1 Genius Quill
    Memoir Of A Mercenary (MAX HP +20%): 3 Halgatian Paper, 1 Genius Quill
    Memoir Of A Thief (MAX AGL +4): 3 Halgatian Paper, 1 Genius Quill
    Memoir Of A Warrior (MAX ATK +4): 3 Halgatian Paper, 1 Genius Quill


    Eugenes Geoquake: 1 Memoir Of A Alchemist, 2 Genius Quills
    Eugenes Pyrdance: 1 Memoir Of A Mage, 2 Genius Quills
    Michelles Nekros: 1 Memoir Of A Mage, 2 Genius Quills
    Michelles Voltsweep: 1 Memoir Of A Mage, 2 Genius Quills
    Ricos Geocrush: 1 Memoir Of A Mage, 2 Genius Quills
    Ruchas Miasma: 1 Memoir Of A Alchemist, 2 Genius Quills
    Ruchas Pyrgeddon: 1 Memoir Of A Alchemist, 2 Genius Quills


    Genius Quill: 1 Pius Wood, 1 Dragon Fang

Armor item creation

The following armors are not all the best in the game, but they are the best ones you can make through Item Creation.

Armor for Balbagon, Capell, Edward, and Sigmund

Note: Edward makes all the armor at level 6 Item Creation with improved skills.


    Hydra Armor (DEF 450, Anti-magic): 3 Atlantis Metal, 2 Feeble Cloth, 1 Eclipse Armor
    Eclipse Armor (DEF 350, anti aliment 50%): 3 Amirlista, 1 Crescent Armor
    Crescent Armor: 3 Lunatite, 1 Prominence Armor
    Prominence Armor: 3 Blaze Metal, 1 Assault Suit


    Eclipse Helmet (DEF 120, Magic damage -50%): 2 Amarlista, 1 Crescent Helmet
    Crescent Helmet: 2 Luatite, 1 Prominence Helmet
    Prominence Helmet: 2 Blaze Metal, 1 Mercenary Helmet


    Eclipse Leggings (DEF 110, AGL 45, Anti-magic): 1 Amarlista, 1 Crescent Leggings
    Crescent Leggings: 1 Lunatite, 1 Prominence Leggings
    Prominence Leggings: 1 Blaze Metal, 1 Heavy Greaves

Armor for Eugene, Michelle, Rico, and Rucha

Note: Kristopher makes the shield and boots, and Eugene makes the Body parts at level 6 Item Creation with improvements.


    Blessed Garb (DEF 200, INT +50): 2 Empyrean Cloth (Michelle makes these), 1 Mage Robe (Eugene makes these)
    Mage Robe: 2 Rachnuvus Cloth (Michelle makes these), 1 Rachnuvus Sari (Eugene makes these)
    Rachnuvus Sari: 2 Rachnuvus Cloth (Michelle makes these), 1 Beast Fur Garb (buy at Halgiti after doing the Armorer sidequest)


    Vermillion Wing Piece (DEF 110, INT +30, MP consumption -20%): 1 Amarlista, 1 Eye of Avifir (Eugene makes these)


    Krathos sandals (DEF 95, AGL -20, INT +30): 1 Amarlista, 2 Empyrean Cloth (Michelle makes these)

Armor for Aya, Komachi, Touma, and Vic

Note: Eugene makes all the armor at level 6 Item Creation with improved skills.


    Fierce Leapord Garb (DEF 180, AGL +20): 3 Feeble cloth (Michelle can make these or can get them from purple dogs on the second forest area in Seraphic Gate), 1 Nighwhisper Uniform (buy at Halgiti after doing the Armorer sidequest)

    Note: You can also make a better body armor called Dragon Hide Vest (DEF 200), but it is a bit more difficult.


    Eye of Avifir (DEF 105, HIT +40): 2 Salamander Skin (Michelle makes these), 2 Garuda Skin (from Quetzalcotl "big birds" outside Port Zala), 1 Amarlista


    Kylin Sandals (DEF 110): 2 Atlantis Metal, 1 Kylin Boots
    Kyli Boots: 1 Empyrean cloth (Michelle makes these), 1 Amarlista

Helping the shop people

In Halgiti, talk to Owen the old Nightwhisper next to Michelle on the first floor directly opposite the entrance. He will tell you to help the shop people. Perform the following tasks to help the shop people:

    To help the item lady, give her 3 Lenteso Wood. You can get them from the Lumpers on the mine floor in Seraphic Gate.
    To help the Armorer, kill the lizards outside Halgiti next to the teleporter to Kolton.
    To help the Weaponsmithm, give him 150,000 FOL.

After that, they will sell better items and weapons but will get rid of some of the old ones. Make sure you buy 99 Silver Metal from the item lady before giving her the Lenteso Wood, and any other items you may require. The item lady sells these once you have given her the Lenteso Wood:

    Cloths: Linen Cloth, Cotton Cloth, Bark Cloth, Ramie Cloth, Kenaf Cloth, Buffalo Hide, Silver Fox Fur, Rabbit Hide
    Metals: Gold Metal, Titanium Metal, Bronze Metal, Hearth Stone, Metatite, Metal Fragment
    Woods: Ebony Wood, Lux Wood, Lenteso Wood

Note: Make sure you save before making the higher ranked items. If they fail, you will lose the materials.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Surprise! (5 points): Attack the enemy without being detected.
    Blitzkrieg (10 points): Keep on surprising the enemy.
    Infinitely Unobservant (10 points): Keep on getting surprised by the enemy.
    Groundbreaking (20 points): Work on your ground combos.
    Aerial Acrobat (20 points): Work on your aerial combos.
    Down to Earth (20 points): Work on your down strikes.
    Stalwart (30 points): Learn every battle skill.
    Sagacious (30 points): Learn every spell.
    Artistic (30 points): Learn every tune.
    Compulsive (50 points): Obtain every item.
    Mister Chef (5 points): Improve your cooking skills.
    Claridian Chef (10 points): Keep improving your cooking skills.
    Aspiring Chemist (5 points): Improve your alchemy skills.
    Claridian Mind (10 points): Keep improving your alchemy skills.
    Goldsmith (5 points): Improve your forging skills.
    Claridian Hammer (10 points): Keep improving your forging skills.
    Bestselling Author (5 points): Improve your writing skills.
    Claridian Scribe (10 points): Keep improving your writing skills.
    High Enchanter (5 points): Improve your enchanting skills.
    Claridian Hand (10 points): Keep improving your enchanting skills.
    Social Butterfly (10 points): Take advantage of your party's skills.
    Filthy Rich (20 points): Gather as much Fol as you can.
    Hero of the Millennium (20 points): Defeat as many enemies as you can.
    Time for Glasses? (30 points): Keep on clocking hours.
    Barrel of Lulz (15 points): Detonate all the barrels in prison.
    On the Run (30 points): Deliver Aya to the village without getting hurt.
    Rock, Stock, and Barrel (30 points): Use machines of war to destroy your foes.
    Capell to the Rescue (30 points): Rescue the imprisoned.
    Guardian (30 points): Deliver the villagers without letting any of them perish.
    For the Children (30 points): Rescue the child before he gets hurt.
    Reckless Driver (30 points): Use the carts in the mine.
    The Tide of Battle (20 points): Watch out for the tsunami.
    Imperial Guard (20 points): Hurry to the empress.
    Marathon Man (20 points): Hurry to the village under attack.

Additionally, there are sixteen secret achievements:

    Hephaestus's Hammer (30 points): Forged an Azureal blade.
    Creme de la Creme (30 points): Cooked a Heaven and Earth Dish.
    Mad Scientist (30 points): Alchemized a Holy Grail.
    Summa Cum Laude (30 points): Wrote "Will of the Universe".
    Bad Influence (30 points): Allowed nine characters to vermify.
    Cherubic Gatekeeper (30 points): Defeated Ethereal Queen in Hard mode.
    Azure Avenger (10 points): Destroyed the Azure Chain.
    Crimson Crusader (10 points): Destroyed the Crimson Chain.
    Orange Officer (10 points): Destroyed the Orange Chain.
    Cerulean Savior (10 points): Destroyed the Cerulean Chain.
    Amber Ace (10 points): Destroyed the Amber Chain.
    Ashen Assailant (10 points): Destroyed the Ashen Chain.
    Vengeance at Last (30 points): Defeated the Dreadknight.
    Decide (45 points): Defeated Veros.
    Big Daddy's Back (49 points): Sigmund joined your party in the Seraphic Gate.
    Seraphic Gatekeeper (1 point): Defeated Ethereal Queen in Infinity mode.
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