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Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted after the ending credits. Choose to continue from the save file to keep your characters intact in the next game session.

Seed bonuses

Trade the indicated number of Seeds to a Pipot to unlock the corresponding item. Note: Pipots are found in pots.

    Adamantis Sword, Adaman Ring: 20 Seeds
    Earth Charm: 40 Seeds
    Power Angle: 60 Seeds
    Gigan Brooch: 80 Seeds
    Pipot Charm: 99 Seeds

Refill health and SP

If you are low on health and/or mana and near a save spot, save and quit the game. When you load that saved game, you will have full health and SP.

Easy experience

Make sure your entire party is at least level 44. Have Kaim and Seth in the front row as power hitters, and have the three people you want to level in the back row. For example, start with the formation of Kaim and Seth in the front and Sed, Jansen, and Ming in the back. Rotate the mortals out as you learn their skills. Go to the Temple of Enlightenment. Make sure you have an abundance of Mana Rechargers, and run around the diamond-shaped track by the save point. If you stay in this area, you will fight only three types of easy monsters, giving you lots of SP and experience points, but not much gold, You will fight a black Kelolon (weak against Ground magic). In another battle, you will fight three exploding poison monsters. They repeat the same strategy every fight; try to stay one step ahead. The third fight is against four wind element bats and three fire element nymph-like creatures. If you keep Seth and Kaim in your group (take advantage of Sed's experience point and SP skills), you will level up quickly.

Use the following trick for quick experience below level 50. You can start from about level 33 at this area. To get there, get in your ship and land on Numara Atoll (the small area of land to the left). You should not have trouble finding it because it glows on your world map. You can gain one level per battle here when you fight the huge water monsters. There are also some Keleons, but they are extremely difficult to defeat at low levels. Make sure to save the game after every fight with a huge water monster. Use the following strategy to defeat the water monster. Make sure at least one of your front row hitters has the Day Dreaming Ring equipped. Make sure you have the Factual Analysis and Status Analysis skill on. This makes it easier to see how much HP the monster has remaining; it has over 9,000 HP. When the battle first begins, have Kaim and Seth attack. Three things will happen; either the monster will cast a very powerful water spell, use its skill attack, or execute its regular attack. If monster is casting, attack it with Kaim (or select Combo Skill if Jansen has Jamming) and Seth. This should increase his casting from one turn to about two or three turns. Have Jansen casts Grounda. Note: If you have Jamning, cast that instead. Have Sarah cast Grounda and Ming cast All Barricade. On the second turn, have Jansen and Sarah repeat, and Ming cast Cover on Jansen. If you see that the enemy is in its last turn, have everyone in defend mode before the magic attack is cast. If you have a third turn, repeat the same with Jansen and Sarah, and have Ming casts Grounda. You cannot delay any further than three turns. In the last one before the magic attack, place everyone into defend mode. After the magic attack, heal everyone quickly with either Zephyara or items. The monster will either cast again or use Ground Shake (skill). Repeat the magic with Sarah, Jansen, and Ming, but leave Ming open to heal if needed. The monster will be defeated, and your reward will be a level up. This slows once you reach level 39, but you will still get 70 to 85 of the 100 experience point bar. Note: If the monster does Ground Shake, you must heal everyone as quickly as possible. Only the front row will take most of the damage, leaving the back row with moderate damage. It is useful to put Cover on Kaim and Seth to minimize damage. The Absorb Damage skill works well. Once the monster starts casting, follow the previously described casting method. Remember to save the game after every fight. Once the immortals reach level 40, you should not have too much trouble switching out the mortals as long as you leave Kaim and Seth in the party at all times.

At the beginning of Disc 2, there is an island called Numara Atoll. The enemies on it are around level 50. You can actually defeat Hellshakers at level 22. You should put on any skills that recover HP, MP, and GC when you defend. For example, put Cast Support on Kaim and have him use it on Ming at the start of the battle. For Seth, have Black Magic 3 and have her cast Poison. Have Mack cast Dodger on Kaim. Have Jensen cast Seal on the monster. Have Ming cast Shine to blind the monster. At the end of the first turn, the monster should be sealed, poisoned, and blinded. Have Jensen focus on healing. Ming should go back and forth between healing and curse or just heal. Once you put Dodger on Kaim and Seth at least once, have Mack use Wall. Have Kaim and Seth defend to raise GC every turn. This method does not always work, but after you succeed a few times you will begin to kill him regularly. After you defeat him, return to the world map to heal, then repeat the process as many times as desired. Note: If you hit the Hellshaker with the Keolon spell, he does 1 point of damage no matter what. However, it will still require Poison, and Seal is definitely recommended. Also, if you hit him with Virus while poison is on, he will take over 2,000 damage per turn.

Easy money

Loan the bad gambler a total of 10,000 gold, and he will pay you back a total of 50,000 gold.

Achievements (North American version)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Survived (125 points): Complete Disc 1.
    Out to Sea (125 points): Complete Disc 2.
    Surfacing (125 points): Complete Disc 3.
    The End (125 points): Complete Disc 4.
    Skill Linker (30 points): Make an immortal learn a skill from a mortal using Skill Link.
    Skill Master Kaim (20 points): Master all of Kaim's skills.
    The Dreamer Wakes (20 points): Unlock the first episode from A Thousand Years of Dreams.
    Big Dreamer (10 points): View all the episodes from A Thousand Years of Dreams.
    Treasure Trove (20 points): Obtain all Treasure Box items in the field. The items you missed may be available at auction houses.
    Perfect Three (30 points): Achieve Perfect three consecutive times in battle.
    No One's This Perfect (10 points): Achieve Perfect a total of 500 times in battle.
    Thanks a Million (10 points): Inflict a total of more than 1,000,000 damage points.
    True Warrior (10 points): Defeat 1000 enemies in battle.
    Well Travelled (10 points): Visit all the fields in the world.
    Light Class Master (10 points): Meet the secret requirement of the Backyard Light Class battle set and win.

Additionally, there are 21 secret achievements:

    Skill Master Seth (20 points): Seth mastered all skills.
    Skill Master Ming (20 points): Ming mastered all skills.
    Skill Master Sarah (20 points): Sarah mastered all skills.
    Skill Master Jansen (20 points): Jansen mastered all available skills.
    Skill Master Cooke (20 points): Cooke mastered all available skills.
    Skill Master Mack (20 points): Mack mastered all available skills.
    Skill Master Tolten (20 points): Tolten mastered all available skills.
    Skill Master Sed (20 points): Sed mastered all available skills.
    Spell Collector (20 points): All spells have been obtained.
    Defeated Cave Worm (10 points): You defeated Cave Worm at the Forgotten Cave.
    Defeated Persona (10 points): You defeated Persona at the Old Sorceress' Mansion.
    Defeated Holy Beast (10 points): You defeated Holy Beast at Numara Atoll.
    Defeated Blue Dragon (10 points): You defeated Blue Dragon at the Snowfields of the Northernmost Land.
    Defeated King Kelolon (10 points): You defeated King Kelolon at Kelolon Village
    Defeated Ghost of Eastern Ruins (10 points): You defeated the Ancient Spirit Magician Fu at the Temple of Enlightenment.
    Defeated Golden Knight (10 points): Deactivated all Royal Seals and defeated Golden Knight.
    Ring Assembler (30 points): Assembled a ring using Ring Assembly.
    Middle Class Master (10 points): Met the secret requirement of the Backyard Middle Class battle set and won.
    Heavy Class Master (10 points): Met the secret requirement of the Backyard Heavy Class battle set and won.
    Super Heavy Class Master (10 points): Met the secret requirement of the Backyard Super Heavy Class battle set and won.
    Champion (10 points): Met the secret requirement of the Backyard last challenger and won.

The following achievements require the bonus downloadable content:

    Reached Conference Area 5B (10 points): Go to Conference Area 5B in Professor K's Dungeon.
    Reached Conference Area 10B (10 points): Reached Conference Area 10B in Professor K's Dungeon.
    Reached Conference Area 15B (10 points): Reached Conference Area 15B in Professor K's Dungeon.
    Reached Conference Area 20B (10 points): Reached Conference Area 20B in Professor K's Dungeon.
    Reached Conference Area 25B (10 points): Reached Conference Area 25B in Professor K's Dungeon.
    Defeated Killalon (50 points): Defeated Killalon in Professor K's Dungeon.

Achievements (Japanese version)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    3 Perfects in a Row (30 points): In battle, perform 3 Perfect ring maneuvers in a row.
    500 Perfects (10 points): In battle, perform 500 Perfect ring maneuvers.
    Accumulate 1000000 damage (10 points): In battle, deal 1,000,000 damage to enemies.
    Around the World (10 points): Visit all the unexplored areas in all the fields of the world.
    Backyard - Light Class Master (10 points): In the Backyard, achieve the battle bonus by clearing all hidden objectives in the Light Class.
    Clear Disk 1 (125 points): Finish playing through the end of Disc 1.
    Clear Disk 2 (125 points): Finish playing through the end of Disc 2.
    Clear Disk 3 (125 points): Finish playing through the end of Disc 3.
    Clear Disk 4 (125 points): Finish playing through the end of Disc 4.
    Defeat 1000 Enemies (10 points): In battle, defeat 1,000 enemies.
    Dream of a Thousand Years (20 points): Gain access to all Dreams Of A Thousand Years.
    First Dream of a Thousand Years (20 points): Gain access to the first Dream Of A Thousand Years.
    Learned All Skills - Kaim (20 points): Learn all available skills with Kaim.
    Learned from a Skill Ring (30 points): Immortals can learn skills through accessories.
    Open All Treasure Chests (20 points): Open all treasure chests in the field.
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