Final Fantasy X-2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Final Fantasy X-2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Final Fantasy X-2

Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game to unlock the “New Game+” bonus at the main menu. Select this option to start a new game with all characters keeping the items that were obtained during your first game.

Changing dress/job

During a battle, press L1 during your characters turn and a plate will appear. Choose your desired dress and press Action to activate it. For Yuna, once you get the Special Dress, you can use it during battle. During Yuna’s turn, press L1 then R1 to the change to the Special Dress.

Skip intermission sequences

Pause the game during an intermission sequence, then press Square to skip the current scene.

In-game reset

While playing the game, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select.

Secret scene

Get to the scene after Djose Temple where Yuna falls into the gaping hole and ends up on the farplane. First, she meets Shuin. Later, Shuin goes away and then the three main leaders of New Yevon, Youth Alliance, and Al Bhed appear. After they give Yuna a couple of Akagi Spheres, the scene will change. Suddenly Yuna will be in a black room with a spotlight on her. In this scene, you can walk around the dark room for a few seconds. If you continuously press Circle during that time, you will be presented with a secret scene. It is called “The Whistling Scene”, and you will see Yuna scream then hear a faint whistle. She looks over to see a shadow of Tidus. She will then run after Tidus and follow him along a path until he disappears and she returns to the airship. Remember, do not stop pressing Circle button until you are sure the scene has finished. Note: You need to do this secret scene to get the “perfect ending”.

Easy AP

Use this trick to easily master your Spheres. First, get the Key To Success accessory, which doubles everything (HP, MP, AP earned, experience earned, etc.), and the AP Egg accessory, which triples the amount of AP earned. Equipping both of these to one character turns one AP into six. Go out and buy 99 of any one item (Potions recommended). Enter battle against a fairly easy opponent, and each turn have the characters use a Potion on themselves. Since using items gives you AP, and you have the two accessories equipped, watch those Spheres get mastered in no time.

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This trick requires the Lure Bracer and the Treasure Hunt Garment Grid (obtained from Shinra in Chapter 3 or 5 by adding a coin in the Sphere Break game that says Item or Rare). Set your Cursor to “Memory”. Equip everyone with the desired Dress Sphere. Go to a place where the enemies are strong enough to withstand several hits from your party, but not strong enough to kill you easily (such as Zanarkand Ruins, Mt. Gagazet, Calm Lands). Get into a battle. Have everyone use Mug. Each Mug attack used gains 1 AP to your character. It is best if you have the Key To Success and AP Egg, but either way works well.

Easy experience

Go to a place where the enemies do very little damage, such as Besaid, Kilika, etc. Have someone in the White Mage Dress Sphere, and the other two characters in any other Dress Sphere. Set your configuration so that your Cursor is on Memory. Go into battle. Eliminate all but one enemy. Have the White Mage use Pray, and have the other two characters do a move that will not harm the enemy (for example, Sentinal, Steal, Pilfer Gil, etc.) Note: Do a move that does not require MP. Pause game play once they all have their orders. While paused, keep the X button held with a rubber band, tape, etc. End the battle once you are done. You will be able to master Dress Spheres easily.

Easy battles

To defeat enemies very easily, use the Alchemist Mix ability and combine a Holy Water with a Fire Gem, Water Gem, Ice Gem, etc. This will create a magic attack called White Hole which does about 10,000 damage to one enemy. To find gems easily, you need to rare steal from Flan Rojo, Flan Blanco, etc.

Easy healing

Once you get at least one Mage Dress Sphere (White Mage or Black Mage recommended), healing is much easier out of battle. Equip each girl with the Mage Sphere. This will drop their max HP drastically. Then, use Potions or Cure to heal them, then return their Dress Sphere to what it was before. Since the HP transitions go by percentage, and not a flat amount, having a Mage with 500 max HP fully healed transfers to a warrior with 1500 max HP, fully healed.

Fast Black Mage skill learning

The best place to do this is in Kilika Woods, near the save point. You will run into the Red Element and this is the monster that will “help” you. Being near a save point means you will not have to waste any Ethers or else. Usually you will run into two Red Elements and that flying bug. Kill the bug and one of the Red Elements. Then, switch the other two characters to the White Mage garment, and keep one still wearing the Black Mage garment. Make that person keep casting Fira. It will not affect the Red Element, so you will not kill it. Having the other two Praying will make the element unable to kill you. Keep on casting Fira until you run out of MP, then switch one of the White Mages into a warrior and kill the monster (Pain recommended). Repeat this several times until most of your skills have been learned.

Taking advantage of Garment Grid

Before the battle, make sure that transformations are on full mode. At the beginning of any battle, when all your characters are ready to act, simultaneously move them through the grid together. This will start a chain of constant wait mode. When the girl is done changing, she can automatically choose again. String all the transformations one after the other with all girls until you pass through all the gates on grid and get back to the job you want, resulting in having all the boosts from the Garment Grid before an enemy can even choose to attack (due to the constant string of wait mode). This is very useful with some Garment Grids, such as Tetra Guard to absorb Fire, Water, Ice, and Lightning before an enemy can attack you.

Using Special Dress Spheres

To use each character’s special Dress Spheres, you must activate all the Dress Spheres on your Result Plate (all lines in the plate should be glowing in blue). If activated, the “R1 Special Dress Change” message will flash. To change, press R1 and Action. The only difference is that the Special Dress Sphere will control the other character, and the character using the special Dress Sphere will be the only one who will receive the experience.

Good character strategy

Use Yuna and Paine as Warriors and Rikku as a Thief. Also get Yuna to use a hidden dress called Healer, which works better than White Mage. As you get further in the game, there will be more new dresses. Do not use any of them. Although some of them may seem strong, they are all all pretty much useless. Get Paine something with Pierce and keep hacking at your enemies while Yuna heals when needed. Have Rikku steal from whoever you see. You will be surprised at what you can get from just stealing from a Ghost or some sort of a strong monster.

To complete this game, you will need to be at around level 50 to 60. You should have mastered a few jobs along the way. Have Yuna master White Mage and Item Shooter if possible. Get Paine to master Black Mage and Dark Knight if possible. You should get Rikku to Master Berserker. Making Yuna master those two specific jobs will make her an ultimate healer. She will heal very well. If you are really into the game, you could have her master the Trainer job if you would like her as an attacker as well. Having Paine master Black Mage and Dark Knight will make her a major attacker. Also, after mastering Dark Knight she gets an ability that will allow her to use all learned Black Magic. Having Rikku master Berserker will use her speed to a major advantage. Berserker gains counter abilities. Once mastered, you will be able to counter attacks, missed attacks, and magic attacks. Berserker is also a very powerful attacker and is very fast. The ATB bar for that particular job is small, which will allow you to attack many times. All this combines for a very powerful team. The only downfall to this is Yuna’s lack of HP, because of the healing jobs. Use your more powerful characters to protect her whenever possible and keep a good amount of Phoenix Downs available.

Use the following information to create a good party at about level 25. It includes a level 25 Black Mage who can cast a Fira spell for around 500 to 925 damage. For Yuna , set as White Mage and learn Cura and White Mage level 2. Give Convertous Dress Sphere and when the battle starts, move her over the Osmosous Sphere and back to White Mage so that she can drain MP from enemies. It is also recommended that she be given the SOS Regan Bangle for a good plus. For Riku, set as Gunner and learn Trigger Happy level 3 and On The Level. Give Convertous Dress Sphere and when battle begins, also move her over the Osmosous Sphere and back to Gunner so that she can also drain MP from enemies. Give her the SOS Regan Bangle. For Pain, set as Black Mage and learn Focus, Fira, and Black Mage level 3. Give her Seeping Cauldron Dress Sphere. When the battle starts, move her over one of the +15 Magic Spheres and back to Black Mage so she can get the bonus. Then, have her use Focus six to seven times. This will really pump up her magic. Also, give her SOS Regan Bangle for a nice bonus.

Easy AP and experience in Chapter 1

Note: This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire feature. At the start of the game after the fight with “Yuna” and during the chase, you will fight two goons. In the next area, you will fight two goons and two fem goons. In that roomm run over to the dock and you will see a Mog bent over and shivering. When you try to talk to it, it will heal you fully. Set yourself directly against her, and use the auto-fire feature. A fem goon will run around the corner and attack you. Remain there for a few hours to get all of ability for the thief and warrior.

Easy money in Chapter 2

Clear off O’aka’s debts by buying 100,000 gil worth of items from him on the Airship. After you have cleared the debt, O’aka will start selling you items very cheap. Buy 99 of the items he sells, then fly to another location and sell them at over twice what you bought them for. For example, buy 99 High Potions from him for 50 gil each (total cost of 4950 gil). Then, fly to the Calm Lands and sell the High Potions for 125 gil each, for a total of 12375 gil. That is a quick profit of 7425 gil.

Instead of traveling to another place after you pay off O’aka’s debt to make a profit of a little over 7,000 gil, just buy 99 Hi-potions from O’aka for 50 gil apiece. Then, go over to the Barkeep (behind the counter on the Airship in Cabin, which is next to where O’aka is selling) and sell him the Hi-potions for 125 gil each. This makes it easier to make money much faster rather than to travel to another shop to keep selling Hi-Potions.

Note: Once O’aka’s debt is paid and you have enough money, buy 99 of everything from him, then sell all of that to the barkeep. You will make a profit of 16,830 gil.

To do this, you must be within Chapter 2 and talk to Tobil. He is at the MoonFlow. During Chapter 1, you must save the delivery trailer from the bandits, and upon doing so, Tobil will give you a Dress Sphere. Within Chapter 2, talk to Tobil yet again. He complains that no one is buying tickets and puts you up to the job in doing so. You can also make a huge profit. Use this to make 10,000 gil within five minutes. You only have ten tickets. The customers are as follows:

    Al Bhed Woman wearing pink near entrance (will pay 1,500 gil)
    Woman wearing red headband, before reaching Tobli (will pay 1,500 gil)
    Woman standing beside child, after Tobli (will pay 1,000 gi!)
    Woman wearing yellow and orange, standing across from Save Sphere (will pay 1,500 gil)
    Man wearing orange and green, sitting on bench (will pay up to 1,000 gil)
    Person wearing green, sitting on dock stairs (will pay 1,500 gil)
    Person wearing green, standing next to dock (will pay the highest price)
    Go on the other side of the Moonflow (ride the Showpuff); the child wearing white shirt, standing beside Hypello (will pay up to 2,000 gil)
    Person in yellow dress standing at the top of the ramp, same side of the Moonflow as the kid above (will pay 2,000 gil)
    Woman in green standing across from the bench in the direction of going to Guadosalam (will pay any amount of gil)
    Your reward should be 10,000 gil or higher. You also will receive Seething Cauldron Garment Grid, Muscle Belt.

During Chapter 2, visit Guadosalam. Visit the hotel owner and choose the “Got any data?” option. Note: Save the game first. The hotel owner will ask for 10,000 gil for a clue regarding somebody in Guadosalam who could buy the data from you. Pay the person. If the clue is “It’s the last person you’d expect, no question”, the buyer for some reason is the person who you bought the data from. If it is a different clue, restart the game and keep trying until you receive that clue. If you get the clue, return to the hotel and press Square to ask if the hotel owner wants to buy the data. He says “Yes”, and in return gives you 100,000 gil, giving your an easy 90,000 gil profit.

Easy AP in Chapter 2

Be on Chapter 2 with a Lure Ring, White Mage Dressphere, and the dresses you would like to master. Go to Besaid Islands and to the zone where there are the waterfalls and bridges. When heading frp, the Save Sphere towards the beach, you will reach the first of the two bridges. Behind the first one is a little passage to go down. Down there is a chest containing an item (varies depending on the chapter). Once there, set up one of your three characters as a White Mage and the other two as characters where the first command is to attack. Note: This does not work for Black Mages. Once you have the proper dress on, equip one with the Lure Ring. If you have time, leave the menu screen, and hold Left. A battle should happen quickly, and the enemies (if done before the end of the chapter) should be easy to defeat. Hold X and the two fighting classes will instantly attack, and the person as the White Mage will do Prayer, healing them back to full health. To do this automatically, tape the Analog-stick to the left, causing the character to run left. Since nothing needs to be pressed Left in battle screens, it will not effect the battle. Also, tape down X. Watch a few battles to make sure it is working correctly. In a little over an hour, you can master one Dress Sphere per person. Note: Change the dresses, keeping at least one a White Mage for an easy AP gain.

Easy experience in Chapter 2

When you have completed the first level of Gunner’s Gauntlet on Chapter 2, (defeating the man with 500 points on Besaid Island), play it until you complete level 6 by obtaining 1300 points. After that, try the next level. However, instead of trying to obtain the minimum (1,400 points), try for 2800 points. With some practice, and if you are able to keep your chain bar full, it is an easy shot. If you do not reach 2800 points, do not finish the game. Instead, die or let the timer finish. Getting 2,800 points on max level is more difficult; there are too many enemies and you do not have time to kill them all without being hit. Also, on level 7 there are a lot of enemies, but just enough to give you time to kill them. Another trick to avoid being hit is to go behind the last big waterfall in the area just before the big machina, and stick to the ledge closest to the screen. This way, monsters will pass behind you without hitting you; the only thing you have to worry about is having enough ammunition.

Easy experience in Chapter 3

After you save the tourists in Chapter 3, go back into the Cave of the Stolen Fayth and equip a Lure Bracer on one of your characters. Battle here for a few hours for easy experience and AP. This is also a good location in Chapter 5 as well, but not as good as in the Farplane. After you defeat Shiva, spend some time running around the Save Sphere that she leaves behind. This is the best place to train in the entire game.

Easy AP in Chapter 5

Be on Chapter 5 with a Lure Ring, White Mage Dressphere, and the dresses you would like to master. Go to Bevelle and to the underground passage that the Kinder Guardians found. After talking to the old man, and getting Crimson Sphere 6, run straight and drop down the hole. You will be on level one. Make sure the level is like a circle, with a Ton Berry standing on a small platform by himself when you first enter. If it is not set up like this, restart the level repeatedly until it is. Once it is like that, go to the top left corner. Once there, set up one of your three characters as a White Mage and the other two as characters where the first command is to attack. Note: This does not work for Black Mages. Once you have the proper dress on, equip one with the Lure Ring. If you have time, leave the menu screen, and hold Left. A battle should happen quickly, and the enemies should be easy to defeat. Hold X and the two fighting classes will instantly attack, and the person as the White Mage will do Prayer, healing them back to full health. To do this automatically, tape the Analog-stick to the left, causing the character to run left. Since nothing needs to be pressed Left in battle screens, it will not effect the battle. Also, tape down X. Watch a few battles to make sure it is working correctly. In a little over an hour, you can master one Dress Sphere per person. Note: Change the dresses, keeping at least one a White Mage for an easy AP gain.

Black Lore in Besaid

In Chapter 3 and 4m go into the village of Besaid and run against the dog that is running around there. This is the same dog that gave you Valefor’s secret bonus Overdrive in Final Fantasy 10. If you run at him and press X enough, he will cough up the Black Lore, which is an accessory that allows you to use your Black Magic.

Rikku’s Special Dressphere in Bikanel Desert

Go to Bikanel Desert during chapter 2. Nhadala thinks something that strange is happening near the Oasis. Talk to the pilot twice and ask him to go to the Oasis. When you arrive, go to the waters edge and you will get Rikku’s Special Dressphere Machina Maw. Note: You can only get the sphere in chapter 2.

Besaid Key in Calm Lands

In Chapter 3 when you have to fight all the Aeons, go to the Calm Lands cave where you obtained Yojimbo. You will be assigned to a mission. Complete it, and the man that you rescue in the mission will give you the Besaid Key.

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Aurora’s Rain in Chamber of Fayth

In Chapter 3 where you must fight the Aeons, go to the cave northeast of the Calm Lands where you obtained Yojimbo. The cave is also called Fayth Scar. You will be assigned a mission to rescue the people from the cave. Rescue the people and they will give Spheres from which you can make the cave’s teleporter (the last one) work. After rescuing the people, go to the teleporter and go to the Chamber of Fayth. Defeat Yojimbo and you will be transported back to the Airship. Go to the Chamber of Fayth again to get Aurora’s Rain, which lets Floral Fallal exceed 9999 HP.

Yuna’s Special Dressphere in Djose Temple

During chapter 2 when you look for three uniforms, at the Djose Temple head south to the Djose Highroad until the party sees some of Leblanc’s goons near a hover. In the intermission sequence, you will hear them saying that they lost a sphere. Continue south, battling enemies. Down the road, look for the sphere on the floor containing Yuna’s special dress.

Movie and Music Spheres in Luca

You can buy the Music and Movie Spheres at Luca. Go to the theater and talk to the women inside the counter. The Movie Sphere costs 2,000 gil and Music Sphere costs 1,000 gil.

Unerring Path Garment Grid in Macalania Woods

In Macalania Woods in Chapter 1, find Tromell in the woods. Talk to him four times to initiate four different scenes. On the fourth scene, he will give you Paine’s special Dressphere, Full Throttle, and the Unerring Path Garment Grid. This grid has only two slots; changing into special Dresspheres is extremely easy.

Paine’s Special Dressphere in Macalania Woods

Go to Macalania Woods in Chapter 1 Go to the area where Auron took you to get your first Jecht Sphere in Final Fantasy 10 . It located is near the exit (where you go to Rin’s Traveling Service) to the right. When you get there, talk to Tromell four times to get the special sphere. It is also possible to get Paine’s Special Dressphere in Chapter 2. Go to Macalania in Chapter 2 and follow the lightning path. When you reach the end of it, you will see four paths, Choose the top-right path and there should be a musician standing at the end. He will tell you to find his friends. Search the Macalania forest area (which is a small one) and stand between every set of butterflies you see. Once you find his friends, go back and talk to him. Then, get out of that area and re-enter. You will see Tromell there. Talk to him four times to get Paine’s Dress Sphere.

Helios Garnment Grid in Moonflow

In the Moonflow area in Chapter 1, when you enter the location, a Hypello begs for help. Help him and make sure none of the cargo is stolen by the bandits. When you get to the end of the area, Tobli will give you the Gun Mage Dressphere, a circlet, and the Helios Guard Garment Grid. If even one of the cargo is stolen you will receive only the Gun Mage Dressphere. This garment grid has four slots. When equipped, you can use Protect on the whole party and also gives you SOS Protect.

Defeating Aeons

When fighting the Aeons such as Shiva or Ifrit, use the Garment Grid Tetra Master. It makes it a lot easier if you are attacking with the four elements.

Defeating Anima

When facing Anima in chapter 5, all he does is attack and Pain. If you cannot defeat him by healing and hacking, level up and try again.

Defeating Black Elemental

Note: This is the Boss on the 40th floor of the Cloister Of Trials. Enter the fight with all three of your characters as Gunners that have mastered the Table Turner ability. Before the battle, equip all of your characters with an accessory that protects against Berserk. As soon as the battle starts, have all three use Table Turner. This should do massive amounts of damage to the Boss, since his defense is 255 with some luck you can kill him before he gets a chance to cast Ultima.

Defeating Chac

Note: This is the Boss on the 80th floor of the Cloister Of Trials. Chac is a unique Boss, since it has the ability to Stone your characters even if they are equipped with accessories that nullify Stone. Also, there is a good chance that he will Oversoul at the start of the battle. First, make sure that you have one character as a Gunner with the Trigger Happy level 3 ability learned. Make sure your Gunner is also equipped with the Cat Nip accessory and is using the Highroad Winds Garment Grid. This will let your Gunner attack as soon as the battle starts. After this is done, lower your gunner’s HP until it is in the yellow range. Try using the central lift, kill your Gunner, then bringing them back to life after you have killed the enemies. It is important that you do not save your game, as this will completely heal your gunner. As soon as the fight, starts have your Gunner use Trigger Happy level 3. This will cause 9,999 damage to the Boss on each hit made with Trigger Happy. While your Gunner is using Trigger Happy, have your other two characters use Softs and Phoenix Downs on anyone that needs it. Remember to give your Gunner first priority for healing. After hitting Chac with Trigger Happy three to five times, he should be defeated.

Defeating Concherer

Note: This is the Boss on the 60th floor of the Cloister Of Trials. Before entering this fight, there are a number of things you must do. First, make sure that you have one character as a Gunner with Trigger Happy level 3 ability learned and equip them with the Cat Nip accessory. After this is done, you need to lower your Gunner’s HP until it enters the yellow range. Try using the central lift and killing your Gunner off, then bring them back to life after killing the enemies. With these steps done, you are now ready to take on Concherer. It is very important that you do not save your game. Doing so will completely heal your Gunner. As soon as the fight starts, have your Gunner use Trigger Happy level 3. This will cause 9,999 damage to the Boss for every hit you make with Trigger Happy. While your Gunner is using Trigger Happy, have your other two characters use Phoenix Downs to bring back any downed allies. If there are none, then they should be using a Phoenix Down on your Gunner even if they are still alive. It should take your gunner two to three turns to take down this deadly Boss.

Defeating the Magus Sisters

When facing the Magus Sisters in chapter 5, focus all your attacks at the little one first, because she has the lowest HP. If you kill her first, then they will not be able to perform their Overdrive. Next, go after the tall one since she has a strong attack. Do not forget to cast Shell and protect on yourself. Just keep hitting them until they die.

To defeat them easily, level up and have a high HP. Then, focus your attacks on the fatter sister so they cannot use Delta Attack. As long as she is alive, they can use that attack. Then, attack the taller one. Heal if necessary. Finally, attack the smaller one. It may be difficult, but it is effective.

There are two ways to go about this. First, it is recommended that you defeat Cindy first. This will take away their chance of healing and Not-So-Mighty Guard. She has a lot of health, so this will not be easy. Start the battle with a White Mage and two strong attackers. Be sure you have about ten X-Potions and a few Mega Phoenix. Try using a Samurai with Fireworks and Fingersnap. Fireworks is extremely strong and is capable of over 900 damage to each character. At first, have both of your attackers take down Cindy quickly. Have your White Mage cast Protect first, then Shell, or use accessories that nullify elemental damage; Mindy can cast those very quickly. Chances are they will execute at least one Delta Attack. After this, have your attackers use an X-Potion and have your White Mage cast Curaga. It is likely that Mindy will use magic before you can heal, but if she uses Passado, it will do no damage all fourteen times. Use Dispel and Fingersnap on the other two after Cindy is dead. Then, focus on Sandy, then Mindy. If you use a Samurai, the Nonpearil skill will guarantee a hit every time. Keeping your party healed is crucial to this battle. Have your White Mage cast either Cura or Cure throughout the entire battle. Prayer will be too weak and if you leave them un-Shelled, Mindy’s magic and Passado will to tremendous damage. Sandy’s Razzia will also leave you in trouble, but Shell will decrease the damage about half, and Protect will also cut Passado’s damage considerably. Using Haste or Chocobo Feathers will also be beneficial, as you can score more hits on Cindy or whatever sister you choose to eliminate first.

Defeating Shiva

At the beginning of Chapter 5, talk to Rikku’s brother. He will ask you five things. Choose the first option twice and you will go to a hole inside Shiva’s temple. Keep going down and you will find Shiva. She is quite weak, but there is one thing she can do. She will use Heavenly Strike on you. When that happens, your character will be frozen and will not be able to move for about four turns. Try to level up a lot and use Haste because she is very fast. Have someone cast Shell and Protect so that the damage will be reduced. When that is done, keep hacking at her until she dies.

Defeating Shuyin

When you fight Shuyin, attack with all the party members as a Gunner. Use the level 3 Trigger Happy every round and use a Hi Potion when needed. If your Trigger Happy does 150 to 200 damage, you should defeat him in less than five rounds.

Defeating Vegnagun

Have all of your characters above level 45. Have two of your characters equip the Dark Knight Dress Sphere and the other with the Alchemist. Equip the Dark Knights with any accessories that boosts their health up to 9000. Equip the Alchemist with the anything that raises her defense. Defeating Vegnagun is easy. Use the Dark Knight’s Darkness attack every round and have the Alchemist use her stock of Mega Potions or Mix Potion with a Hi Potion every round. Repeat this until you defeat Vegnagun.

Music Spheres

The set costs 136,000 gil and special Music Spheres 176,000 gil. The individual cost is 2,000 gil. There are 71 Music Spheres altogether. There names are:

    Tidus’ Theme
    Battle Theme
    Enemy Attack
    Game Over
    Out of the frying pan
    Victory Fanfare
    Leap in the Dark
    Underwater Ruins
    The Blitzers
    Spira Unplugged
    The Trials
    The Summoning
    Braska’s Daughter
    Yuna’s Theme
    Good Night
    Decision on the Dock
    Movement in Green
    A Fleeting Dream
    Calm Before the Storm
    Face Off
    Grand Maester Mika
    The Splendid Performance
    Auron’s Theme
    Blitz Off!
    Mi’ihen Highroad
    Chocobo Jam
    The Travel Agency
    Seymour’s Theme
    Moment of Truth
    Djose Temple
    Ridess The Shoopuf?
    Rikku’s Theme
    Oui Are Al Bhed
    Thunder Plains
    Jecht’s Theme
    The Burning Sands
    The Wedding
    Servants of the Mountain
    Macalania Woods
    Via Purifico
    Bravely Forward
    The Unsent Laugh
    Seymour’s Ambition
    Yuna’s Decision
    Beyond The Darkness
    The Void
    The Truth Revealed
    The Temple Players
    Hum of the Fayth (special)
    Lulu’s Theme (special)
    Wakka’s Theme (special)

Finding the Cactuars

    Lobivia: In the Oasis section of Bikanel Desert.
    Toumeya Toumey: Sunbathing on the beach of Besaid Island beach past the port.
    Lobeira: Inside the treasure room where you found the second half of the Crimson Sphere in Leblanc hideout.
    Areq and Arroja: On the Calm Lands just before you enter Mt. Gagazet.
    Islaya: In the northern part of the Thunder Plains, should be the ninth one.
    Ciapa: On the highest point overlooking Kilika Port and Kilika Wood. Look for a place to climb onto a ledge along the eastern path through the woods.
    Erio: On the snowy mountain trail of Mt. Gagazet.
    Bartschella: With Dona on Kilika island.
    Frailea: Inside the Cactuar Hollow.

Finding the Experiments’ Manuals

During Chapter 5, the Machine Faction at Djose Temple reveal the secret project that they have been working on, the Experiment. It has been constructed from the parts you have been digging up at the excavation site at Bikanel Island. Defeat the Experiment once and you will be able to explore the upper floors of the temple at your leisure. If you defeated the Experiment before getting all of its levels up to 5, you will be enlisted to help repair it. There are five repair manuals that you can obtain to help the Al Bhed with their repairs, located as follows:

    First manual: Visit the upper floor of Djose Temple. An Al Bhed man will ask you for a password. That password is ” MARNELA “, named after the matriarch of the Cactuars at Bikanel Desert. Once the password is given, he will give you the manual.

    Second manual: Obtained from a man sitting in the room to the left of the stairs in Djose Temple.

    Third manual: Walk to the right of the temple entrance. You will find three monkeys in a circle. Stand between the monkeys and wait for all three of them to jump at the same time. Press X to receive the manual.

    Fourth manual: Examine the Machina to the left of the crowd of people at the northern part of Mi’ihen Highroad.

    Fifth manual: Found in a treasure chest at the Ruin Depths beneath the Chocobo Stables in the Calm Lands.

    You can fight and repair the Experiment repeatedly until you get all of its levels up to 5. Once that happens, the Machine Faction will lose control of it and it will be up to you to take it out for good. By defeating it you will receive Magical Dances, Vol. II, which will enable Songstresses to learn the Magical Masque ability.

Blue Bullets abilities

The following Blue Bullet’s abilities are required to master the Gun Mage’s DSP:

    Fire Breath (Bariivaruha)

    In Chapter 3, 4, and 5 at Thunder Plains, Calm Lands, and Mount Gagazet.

    Seed Cannon

    Leucophylla: In Chapter 3 and 5 at Besaid, Calm Lands, Mt.Gagazet and Bevelle Tower Floors 24-26
    Cephalotus: In Chapter 3 and 5 at Besaid, Mi’hen and Bevelle Tower Floors 30-32.

    Stone Breath

    Tomb: In Chapter 3 and 5 at Djose, Calm Lands and Bevelle Tower Floors 27-29.
    Tomb: In Chapter 5 at Farplane and Bevelle Palace Floors 61-64.
    Monolith: In Chapter 5 at Besaid, Kilika, Mushroom Rock, Djose and Farplane.
    Epitaph: In Chapter 5 at Fiend Colony and Bevelle Palace Flooors 75-79.


    Protochimera: In Chapter 1, 2, 3, and 5 at Kilika, Bikanel and Mt.Gagazet.
    Haizhe: In Chapter 1,2 and 5 at Macalania and Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19.
    Baralai: In Chapter 2.
    Flan Azabache: In Chapter 5 at Ruins Depths and Bevelle Tower Floors 65-69.
    Jahi: In Chapter 5 at Farplane and Bevelle Palace Floors 75-79.
    Cindy: In Chapter 5 at Farplane (Boss)
    Vegnagun: End of Chapter 5.

    White Wind

    Big Bully Cap: In Chapter 5 at Bikanel and Bevelle Tower Floors 50-59.
    Coeurl: In Chapter 1, 2, and 5 at Besaid, Calm Lands and Bevelle Tower Flors 7-9.
    Queen Coeurl: In Chapter 2, 3, and 5 at Besaid, Kilika, Mihen, Guadosalam and Calm Lands.
    Mycotoxin: In Chapter 3 and 5 at Mihen, Mt.Gagazet and Zanarkand.
    Ms. Goon: In Chapter 1 at Zanarkand.

    Bad Breath

    Malboro: In Chapter 3, 4, and 5 at Besaid, Thunder Plains and Bevelle Tower Floors 24-26.
    Great Malboro: In Chapter 5 at Farplane and Bevelle Tower Floors 70-74.

    Mighty Guard

    Haizhe: Chapter 1, 2, and 5 at Macalania and Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19.
    Garik: Chapter 3 at Mt.Gagazet (Boss)


    Ultima Weapon: Chapter 5 at Ruin Depths and Bevelle Palace Floors 47-49.
    Paragon: Chapter 5 at Bevelle Bottom Floor.

    Cry In The Night

    Mega Tonberry: Chapter 5 at Bevelle Palace Floor 41.

    Drill Shot

    Baralai: Chapter 5 at Mushrom Rock (Den of Woe)


    Gippal: Chapter 5 at Den of Woe.


    Experiment: Chapter 5 at Djise Temple.

    Heaven’s Cataract

    Kukulcan : Chapter 2 and 5 at Bevelle and Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19.
    Gucumatz: Chapter 3 and 5 at Mushroom Rock, Thunder Plains, Bikanel and Zanarkand.
    Chac: Chapter 5 at Bevelle Tower Floors 80-84.

    1000 Needles

    Cactuar: Chapter 5 in Cactuar Cave.

    Storm Cannon

    Ironside: Chapter 3, 4, and 5 at Kilika, Thunder Plains and Zanarkand.


    Coeurl and Queen Coeurl: See White Wind

Final Fantasy 10 weapon references

[lasso rel="amzn-meta-quest-3-128gb-breakthrough-mixed-reality-powerful-performance-asgards-wrath-2-bundle" id="175390"]

Previous weapons from Final Fantasy 10 can be seen used by the characters in certain Dresspheres:

    Brotherhood (Tidus): Yuna uses it when set to Warrior Dressphere.
    Rod (Yuna): Set Yuna to White Mage Dressphere.
    Long Sword (Auron): Set Yuna to Samurai Dressphere.
    Caladbolg (Tidus): Set Yuna to Dark Knight Dressphere.
    Masamune (Auron): Set Rikku to Dark Knight Dressphere.
    World Champion (Wakka): Used by Tidus when he uses the Terra Of Zanarkand ability at the final battle.
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