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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Bronze Rumble (10 points): Gather at least eleven Bronze medals.
    Can't Pick This (10 points): Do not pick up any power ups for three laps in "Black Out".
    8-Ball (10 points): Win a pool game without pocketing the black ball.
    Real fun (10 points): Finish five challenges with friends on split screen.
    Treasure hunt (15 points): Find five golden flags in "Black Out".
    Loaded (15 points): Unlock all power ups.
    Chain racing (15 points): Finish "Toy Race" twenty times in a row.
    Alien Hunt (20 points): Find five golden Aliens in "Toy Race".
    Gold Struggle (20 points): Gather all fifteen Gold medals.
    Hero (20 points): Finish in first five times in a row against five hard NPC on "Speed Racer".
    Ultra Fast Food (40 points): Beat 1 minute 15 seconds on "Fast Food".
    Silver Fight (15 points): Gather at least twelve Silver medals.
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