Marble Blast Ultra

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get Gamerscore points:

    Adept's Badge: Successfully complete all Advanced levels.
    Apprentice's Badge: Successfully complete all Beginner levels.
    Egg Basket: Find all twenty Easter Eggs.
    Egg Seeker: Find an Easter Egg.
    First Place: Finish in first place in a Multiplayer match.
    Gem Collector: Score 75 points in a Multiplayer match.
    Journeyman's Badge: Successfully complete all Intermediate levels.
    Marble-fu Initiate: Successfully complete all Beginner levels under the target time.
    Marble-fu Master: Successfully complete all Intermediate levels under the target time.
    Marble-fu Transcendent: Successfully complete all Advanced levels under the target time.
    Timely Marble: Finish any level under the target time.
    Veteran Battler: Accumulate 2,000 total points in Multiplayer mode.
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