Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Hologram Rider (5 points): Land on top of a Hard Hologram after performing a triple jump.
    Sharp Shooter (10 points): Intercept 10 enemy projectiles out of mid air.
    Fly Kill (10 points): Kill an enemy while in mid jump.
    Scab Destroyer (20 points): Destroy 1000 Scab Plants.
    Multi Kill (15 points): Kill multiple enemies with 1 shot.
    Speed Kill (15 points): Kill 3 enemies in less than 10 seconds.
    Epic Champion (35 points): Earn a ranking of 5 stars on every level on the Hard difficulty level.
    Green Thumb (30 points): Destroy all Scab Plants in a level in a single chain on at least 15 different levels..
    Invincible (25 points): Complete a combat level in The Vanishing City without taking any damage.
    Aerial Artistry (5 points): Successfully perform an Aerial Combo.
    Cirque du Exod (20 points): Successfully perform 10 Aerial Combos in one level.
    Essence Hunter (10 points): Pick up all Orb Essence in a level that contains more than 50.
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