Battle Islands



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Warmonger II (100 points): Attain 100 offensive victories against the enemy.
    Bandit II (100 points): Loot 2500000 supplies from the enemy.
    Skipper II (25 points): Promote the warship in the command bunker.
    Treasurer III (100 points): Upgrade a supply depot to rank 10.
    TrailBlazer II (100 points): Attain 10 consecutive victories against the enemy.
    Terra Firma II (100 points): Expand your base to 4 islands.
    Aviator II (50 points): Promote the bomber in the command bunker.
    Home Guard II (50 points): Garrison 500 army units.
    No Man's Land II (50 points): Remove 8 obstacles from your islands.
    Greenhorn III (25 points): Complete the tutorial.
    Cannon Fodder II (50 points): Lose 500 riflemen in battle.
    Architect III (100 points): Upgrade command bunker to rank 8.
    Tag Collector III (100 points): Acquire 2500 dog tags from the enemy.
    Strategist III (50 points): Attain 45 stars in the campaign.
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