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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Sharpshooter (15 points): Score a goal from a Free Kick.
    Perfection (15 points): Complete all Multiplayer Skill Games.
    Natural Talent (15 points): Win a penalty shoot-out without missing.
    Master Focus (15 points): Score a goal after Timing your Shot Perfectly.
    Squad Showdown (15 points): Win a game in FUT Squad Battles.
    Interior Decorator (15 points): Customize your Stadium by acquiring and equipping a TIFO or a Stadium Theme in FIFA Ultimate Team.
    Friendly Fun (15 points): Play a game using any House Rule in FUT Friendlies.
    Divisive Figure (80 points): Play a game in Division 4 or higher in FUT Division Rivals.
    Club Legend (80 points): Reach 200 club appearances with a player in FIFA Ultimate Team.
    Ranking Up (30 points): Achieve a Gold 3 Rank in FUT Squad Battles.
    Grand Strategist (15 points): Create your own custom tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team.
    Welcome to the League (30 points): Achieve your first qualification for FUT Champions Weekend League.
    Puzzle Master (15 points): Complete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team.
    Learning the Ropes (15 points): Claim an Objective Group Reward in FIFA Ultimate Team.
    Play of the Season (30 points): Claim a Seasonal Reward in FIFA Ultimate Team.
    Divide and Conquer (30 points): Achieve a Tier 3 or better in FUT Division Rivals.
    Getting into the Action (30 points): Play 3 VOLTA FOOTBALL Kick-Off Matches using Different Team Formations.
    Beginner's Luck (30 points): Win a "Mystery Ball" or "King of the Hill" match.
    Wise Choice (30 points): Unlock all traits in one skill-tree path.
    Unstoppable (15 points): Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match.
    At the Top (30 points): Play and Complete a Cup House Rules in Pro Clubs.
    Evolution (30 points): Unlock a Super Trait in Pro Clubs.
    Explorer (30 points): Attend both a Pre-Match and a Post-Match Press Conference.
    Comfort Zone (30 points): Select all types of responses available in a Press Conference.
    Trendsetter (30 points): Wear three different outfits to three different matches.
    Going Down in History (80 points): Win the UEFA Champions League Final.
    The Legends (30 points): Win the UEFA Europa League Final.
    In the Game (15 points): Play a women's football match.
    End of the Journey (80 points): Complete VOLTA Story.
    Only One (80 points): Max your Avatar's Overall rating in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
    The Collector (30 points): Collect 5 Legends in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
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