Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Patriot (40 points): Defeated the Spider Queen and unlocked the Torpeagle Rifle.
    It Always Comes Back (40 points): Defeated Fett and unlocked the B-Uzi Boomerang Gun.
    Double Your Fun (40 points): Defeated Rhulke and unlocked the Dual Magnums.
    It's Fun To Say (40 points): Defeated Dennis and unlocked the Back-A-Pack-A-Pult.
    Break On Through (40 points): Defeated Scorchizard and unlocked the Drill Gun.
    The Final Stretch (34 points): Pass the Sacred Sands and follow President Eagle into the Temple of Guns.
    Botanist (100 points): Collected every GunSeed Expansion Pack.
    The Easy One (1 points): Started the game for the first time.
    This Thing Sucks (1 points): Seriously, I know it's huge and cool looking but don't use the knife. It's a gag weapon.
    You're A Jerk! (10 points): You left Scott behind! Oh well, she'll be fine.
    The Toughest GunMen (And GunWomen) (10 points): Dwayne and Rebecca Scott team up for a co-op mission. Bring a friend to brave GunWorld together!
    8-Bit Curious (150 points): That was no joke! Completed Old-School Mode.
    Child Of The 80's (200 points): You cut your teeth on retro games, didn't you? Mastered Old-School Mode with zero deaths.

Additionally, there are four secret achievements:

    Thy Will Be Gun (125 points): Defeat the Alien Priest, rescue President Eagle, and save GunWorld!
    What Do We Call The Planet Now? (125 points): Take the Alien Priest's advice and surrender the crops of GunWorld. Embrace peace for the ages.
    Get Used To This (10 points): Suffered your first Game Over.
    Just Give Up (34 points): Died at the hand of the final boss. You were so close!
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