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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    First Tour (25 points): Play mayhem and tournament.
    Explorer (25 points): Observe all orbitals.
    Gods playground (25 points): Play a map created in forge.
    Tech Boy (50 points): Max out all ability tech trees.
    Mad King (50 points): Play all mayhem modes.
    Space Waste Extreme (75 points): Destroy 1000 enemy ships.
    Total Annihilation (100 points): Annihilate a player in Annihilate after you have bee annihilated.
    I came, did nothing, won (125 points): Win a round of Conquer without firing a rocket or using an ability.
    Master of the Tourney (175 points): Play 50 tournaments.
    Distant Greeting (75 points): Kill a player through a wormhole.
    Perfect Orbit (150 points): Keep a rocket intact for more than one minute.
    Sole Survivor (125 points): Win a round of Survive without dying.
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