Shred It!

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Second Stager (15 points): Reach the second stage.
    Third Stager (30 points): Reach the third stage.
    Fourth Stager (45 points): Reach the fourth stage.
    Fifth Stager (60 points): Reach the fifth stage.
    Trickster (30 points): Complete 5 tricks in a run.
    Super Trickster (90 points): Complete 10 tricks in a run.
    Nut Grabber (30 points): Snatch an acorn.
    Super Nut Grabber (90 points): Snatch 5 acorns in a run.
    Completionist (150 points): Platinum Player.
    Bronze Feather (30 points): Collect 3 Feathers in a run.
    Silver Feather (60 points): Collect 9 Feathers in a run.
    Gold Feather (90 points): Collect 15 Feathers in a run.
    Fashionista (15 points): Try on a new outfit.
    Boarder (15 points): Try out a new board.
    Timed Traveller (90 points): Complete the Checkpoint Challenge.
    Sticker Collector (60 points): Complete ANY row on the Sticker Board.
    Sticker Master (100 points): Totally fill your Sticker Board.
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