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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Arthur Haste-ings (15 points): Take Phlash as Arthur.
    A Bit of The Old Ultraviolence (15 points): Kill 100 NPCs across all playthroughs.
    Our Prudent Friend (15 points): Listen to all the phone calls in the phoneboxes.
    Shocking Biology (15 points): Kill a guy named Ryan Andrews.
    That Kind Of Game (15 points): Retrieve the credentials from the club.
    The Slaughterer's Apprentice (15 points): Finish all of the butcher's apprentice quests.
    Mother of All Victories (15 points): Complete "Band of Brothers" encounter.
    The Great Lubricator (15 points): Deliver the cod liver oil.
    Not In Kansas Any More (15 points): Cross into the Village for the first time.
    Archipelagist (15 points): Set foot on every island.
    The Importance of Not Being Seen (15 points): Finish Mystery House without being spotted once.
    Cat Burglar (15 points): In Thomasina House - Collect all fake cats.
    Gimme Shelter (30 points): Unlock all of Arthur's shelters.
    I Got Better (15 points): Contract and cure the plague.
    The Saint (90 points): Complete the entire game without directly murdering anyone.
    Baby You're a Rich Man (15 points): Gain £1000 from looting/bartering across playthroughs.
    Don't You Have Somewhere Else To Be? (90 points): Survive 50 days.
    Now I Can Die Happy (15 points): Die while overdosing on Joy.
    Remember, Remember (90 points): Find all collectibles.
    You Do Know Jack (30 points): Collect all Uncle Jack Shows.
    Snug as a Bug on a Drug (15 points): Take the Joy at the very beginning of the game.
    Employee of the month (15 points): Read all newspaper articles as Arthur, and redact only the uncomfortable ones.
    Enjoy the View (15 points): Correctly sabotage Clive Birtwhistle's redactor work.
    Downer (15 points): Complete Arthur's intro.
    The Arthur Hastings (30 points): Finish Arthur's playthrough.
    Hot on her Heels (30 points): Find all notes related to Prudence.
    Resistance is Futile (100 points): Talk to Johnny Bolton from the Secret Radio Room.
    Breaking Blackberry (15 points): Complete Sally intro.
    I Love the Smell of Chloroform in the Mornin (15 points): Knock out 50 NPCs with the Atomizer.
    The Wyrd Sisters (15 points): Complete the Crones encounter.
    The Toxic Ex (15 points): Complete speaking with Verloc at the Joy Factory.
    The Sally Boyle (30 points): Finish Sally's playthrough.
    Gotta Catch Them All! (15 points): Catch 40 butterflies with Sally's butterfly net.
    Sugar Daddy (15 points): Inject yourself with glucose 10 times.
    Lighten Up (15 points): Use 25 lightning rods, playing as Ollie.
    Bon Voyage (15 points): Complete Ollie's intro.
    Miss Byng is Indisposed (15 points): Complete "No Place Like Home" encounter.
    Get the Float Out of Here (15 points): Complete "The Jack-o-Bean Club" encounter.
    A Heavy Burden (15 points): Spread the Message.
    The Ollie Starkey (30 points): Finish Ollie's playthrough.
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