Blaster Master Zero


Area 9 and True Ending

To unlock Area 9 and view the True Ending, defeat the Mutant Lord at the end of Area 8 after defeating all other Bosses, collecting all area maps, and obtaining all upgrade items for SOPHIA, including Life Ups, Main/Sub Weapons, and Maneuvers.

Destroyer mode

After installing the Version 1.2 update or later, successfully complete Area 9 and get the True Ending to unlock Destroyer mode under the Extra menu. In Destroyer mode, Life Ups do not increase your maximum health and Energy Guard cannot be enabled. Enemies take more hits to destroy and their shots can go through walls. In top-down view, all enemies and bosses can only be damaged by specific main/sub weapons. In side view, when an enemy is destroyed, it fires a bullet straight towards you. All large refills for health, gun level, and Jason's sub weapon ammo are replaced by small ones, and some upgrades for Jason and Sophia III are found in a different order.

Ultimate mode

Successfully complete Area 9 and get the True Ending to unlock Ultimate mode under the Extra menu. This mode allows you to replay the game using SOPHIA Zero, with all area maps and upgrades already unlocked.

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