Megaman X Collection Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Megaman X Collection Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Megaman X Collection

Rockman: Battle And Chase

Successfully complete Megaman X , Megaman X2 , and Megaman X3 to unlock Rockman: Battle And Chase.

Gallery items

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item in the gallery. To access the gallery, press L1 at the main menu.

    Hint 1: Successfully complete Megaman X .
    Hint 2: Successfully complete Megaman X2 .
    Hint 3: Successfully complete Megaman X3 .
    Images 1: Successfully complete Megaman X6 with Zero with all upgrades.
    Images 2: Successfully complete Megaman X6 with Zero normally; then with X without defeating Nightmare Zero.
    Images 3: Successfully complete Megaman X , Megaman X2 , and Megaman X3 .
    Images 4: Successfully complete Megaman X6 with Zero with all upgrades.
    Images 5: Successfully complete Megaman X6 with Zero with all upgrades.
    Images 6: Accumulate over one hour of game play time in Megaman X5 .
    Images 7: Successfully complete Megaman X2 with all upgrades.
    Images 8: Successfully complete Megaman X by defeating Sigma with all heart tanks, sub tanks, and armor parts collected.
    Music 1: Successfully complete Megaman X5 .
    Music 2: Successfully complete Megaman X4 with Zero with all upgrades.
    Music 3: Successfully complete Megaman X4 with Zero with all upgrades.
    Music 4: Successfully complete Megaman X3 .
    Music 5: Accumulate over one hour of game play time in Megaman X5 .
    Music 6: Successfully complete Megaman X5 .
    Music 7: Successfully complete Megaman X4 with Zero with all upgrades.
    Music 8: Successfully complete Megaman X5 .
    Staff: Successfully complete Megaman X .

Megaman X

Password warning

You cannot save the Hadouken (fire ball) in a password, nor can you save where you were in the Fortress using a password. You will have to always get the Hadouken again and redo the Fortress.


    All items and all opponents defeated

    Enter 7437 6482 1256 as a password.

    All Bosses defeated; no items, armor, energy tank

    Enter 4723 2486 1324 as a password.

    All items and weapons

    Enter 2653 3858 7584 as a password.

    All items including Hadouken, all Bosses defeated

    Enter 2653 3848 7587 as a password.

    All items, all turbo hearts, all Bosses defeated, all armor enhancements, and Hadouken

    Enter 8447 4626 6155 as a password.

    All weapons, no enemies defeated, full health

    Start the game and allow the demo to play until X uses the “homing missiles”, then go to the password screen and enter 7443 2241 1221 . It will sound as a “wrong” password, but the game will take you to the very beginning, with all weapons and full health (city level).

    All bosses defeated, all power-ups, all energy tanks, the Hadouken, all Hearts

    Enter 2653 3848 7587 as a password.

    All items except for the Hadouken

    Enter 8441 2136 4421 as a password.

    Armor, helmet, acceleration, several heart tanks, 3 sub-tanks (All Bosses are intact)

    Enter 1152 1176 2181 as a password.

    Almost all heart tanks, 3 extra energy tanks, armor, helmet, boots, blaster

    Enter 6544 8278 6228 as a password.

    All power-ups except for the fireball and four hearts

    Enter 1131 6718 8226 as a password.

    Super armor, helmet, boots, 4 extra energy tanks

    Enter 8447 2136 4426 as a password.

    All heart tanks, all sub-tanks, have the helmet, armor, dash boots, and arm cannon; Octopus, Penguin, Mammoth, and Kuwanger are defeated

    Enter 7438 3816 1421 as a password.

    Super helmet, super armor, super blaster, super acceleration

    Enter 7431 3842 8523 as a password.

    Helmet, leg, arm, armor, 3 energy tanks, 3 heart tanks to collect, all bosses intact

    Enter 6548 7728 4554 as a password.

    All levels completed, armor, super gun, helmet, boots, 4 energy tanks, all extra hears, at Sigma with Hadouken

    Enter 8441 2176 4423 as a password.

    At Sigma past Spider and alive wall, at tanker with all the items, armor, boots, helmet, super gun

    Enter 2653 3858 7584 as a password.

    All armor at eighth Boss

    Enter 1422 7422 3756 as a password.

    Ultimate armor

    Enter 5373 1284 3647 as a password.

    Five levels completed, last three levels unfinished

    Enter 3673 4627 3661 as a password.

    All heart tanks, all sub-tanks, helmet, all armor, dash boots, and Launch Octopus, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Chill Penguin, and Boomer Kuwranger defeated

    Enter 3673 3168 5574 as a password.

    At last level, all sub-tanks, all energy hearts, 9 lives, all sub-tanks full, all items including Hadouken Fireball

    Enter 8447 4666 6156 as a password.

    All parts, helmet, armor, beam, shoes, all hearts, all energy tanks, all Bosses defeated except Sigma

    Enter 2656 6488 3248 as a password.

    All armor, subtanks, hearts, with no one defeated

    Enter 3475 5668 2581 as a password.

    All items, all armor, purple power-up shot, Hadouken fireball, all Bosses defeated

    Enter 2656 6418 3242 as a password.

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    All armor, weapons, and items; at final fight with Sigma

    Enter 7437 6482 1256 as a password.

    X starts with armor, cannon, a few heart tanks, and one energy tank; most difficult beginning Bosses defeated

    Enter 8888 8888 8877 as a password.

    Start powered-up

    Enter 4152 1345 3186 as a password.

    Full power

    Enter 1546 3168 4761 as a password.

    Stronger weapons

    Enter 4653 2342 7546 as a password to start with all the items, all weapons, three life packs, and all sub-Bosses defeated.

Level passwords

Level Password
After Vile 5385 7136 6321
Chill Penguin defeated 6385 5336 5364
Storm Eagle defeated 6483 7376 5124
Flame Mammoth defeated 1573 5232 7264
Spark Mandrill defeated 5131 7358 4181
Armored Armadillo defeated 5147 8437 4536
Launch Octopus defeated 1556 6642 7448
Boomer Kuwranger defeated 5151 3427 4261
Extra Life Tank 5447 4177 4536
Sting Chameleon defeated 4131 6712 1221

Ending bonus

Successfully complete the game and wait approximately one minute at the thank you screen.

Extra life

Enter 2656 6418 3242 as a password, then go to Armored Armadillo level. Before the Boss gate, climb over the top to find found a big life power-up. Collect it, then exit the level. Repeat this less than five times and you can find a hidden weapon next to the big life power-up. Note: Make sure the spare life is full.

Getting the Hadouken fireball

Get all items except for the Hadouken. Fill up all four energy tanks and enter the Armored Armadillo’s level. Get on the cart just before the end, then jump over to the wall. Shimmy up the wall, then quit the level. Repeat this approximately five or six times until a capsule appears. Enter the capsule to gain the Hadouken.

Get all items, then successfully complete the Armored Armadillo level four times. Your life meter must be full at the end of each time. On the fourth time, climb up the wall at the end of the level to find a capsule that contains Dr. Light. He will give you the fireball attack. Note: This status will not save and must be unlocked again with each new game session.

Get all the parts, sub-tanks, and heart tanks, then go to the Armored Armadillo level. When you get to the last cart ride, jump. You will see the capsule by the energy. Go inside. To do the Fireball, press Down, Down/Forward, Forward.

Get all items, then play through the Armored Armadillo level five times getting the health item, then quitting after you get it. The fifth time you get up the ledge, there should be a capsule containing the Hadouken Fireball.

Note: You must have Acceleration and Helmet. Go to the Flame Mammoth level. Get to the beginning part of the miners that throw picks at you. Notice on the left and up high are a few sections of wall that are darker then the rest. Perform a Dash Jump and break through that wall. Inside is a capsule that will pop up, and you get the Hadouken.

Get Upgraded X-Buster early

The Helmet, Boots, and some luck are required for this trick. You usually get the Upgraded X-Buster from Zero, but you can get it much earlier than that. In the Flaming Mammoth level, there is a part where mine workers throw picks at you, and where you get the heart and sub-tank. Before you enter there, there is a small location that you can break with your helmet just at the entrance of that room. With luck, you can reach the place with your boots and break the blocks with your helmet. Then, climb straight up to get it.

Better weapons

Hold Shoot until Megaman turns purple, use L1 + R1 to select the desired weapon, then release:


    The blades will turn into giant versions that make a loop before going off the screen.


    The fire will create a wall of fire that will go along on the ground until it reaches an edge. Note: It takes awhile to charge up so do not use it during Boss battles.


    The ice shotgun will create an ice sled that you can ride. It will break apart when it hits an enemy that has armor.


    The missiles will turn into blade-like objects that will have more of an effect on enemies. They are also homing.


    The shield will create a giant shield around you, but it will shut off after hitting something.


    The spark will create two walls on both sides of you that will kill anything on contact, except for Bosses.


    The sting will make you invincible for a short amount of time. You can walk through enemies, but not walls.


    The tornado will create a giant vertical tornado. It will not suck people in, but it will kill anyone who touches it.

E-Tank locations

    Armored Armadillo level

    When you reach the first cliff with the miner machine, set the machine off, climb the wall, and run to where the machine started.

    Flame Mammoth level

    Go until reaching the little opponents that throw the picks at you. Instead of going to the exit, go up the platforms until you reach the extra life. Dash left and jump to find an E-tank.

    Spark Mandrill level

    You will need to get the Boomerang Cutters first. Go to where you can climb a ladder up or down. Go down and destroy the defense units. Do not go up the next ladder. Instead, equip your Boomerangs and jump straight into the air and fire one. It will catch the E- tank and return it to you.

    Storm Eagle level

    Go to the part just before the hover platforms. When you see the opponent on the rising platform, kill it. Ride the platform to the building in the air, and shoot through the glass.

Extra lives in Armored Armadillo level

At the very beginning of Armored Armadillo’s level, there is a cart that goes down for a short distance before leveling out again. On the ceiling are a few places where the roof juts out a bit. On each of these is a bat. On around the fifth one is a small black ball that when you approach reveals itself to be another bat, though you do not see these anywhere else. They are actually visitors from some of the original Megaman games. You cannot shoot them while they are in ball form. Wait for them to start flying towards you. Also, these bats happen to give you an extra life quite often, so this is a good place to stock up.

Get all power-ups except the Hadouken Fireball. Then, go to the Armored Armadillo level and on the very first cart, do not get on it. Instead, start walking until there is a brown round ball on the roof. It is actually a bat. Shoot it with the second powered up X-Buster and an extra life will appear. Do this as many times as desired.

Instead of taking the wheeled cart, walk down instead. On the way down the slopeyou will see a huge bat. Kill the bat and it will usually drop a life. Repeat this as much as desired.

Energy Extender in Launch Octopus level

Go forward until you see a tornado-like thing that goes up. It is blue in color. Get on one and you will go up out of the ocean. If you do not see a ship with oil cans on it and little flying robots that appear, keep going forward. If you see more, go on them until you see a ship. It will be on the right side. On the front of it is something that resembles a blue circle. Shoot it with your fire until it starts smoking. Stay on it. It will sink. Wait until it touches the bottom. You will fight a metal snake. Defeat it and it will explode. When it is done exploding, keep going to the right and the Energy Extender should be there.

Armor upgrade in Sting Chameleon level

Before you enter the tunnel with the falling rocks, climb up the wall above it. There will be a green machine there. Fight it. Note: Its weak point is the head. When you defeat it, a capsule will appear from the ground. The armor upgrade will be inside. Note: This will also stop the falling rocks in the tunnel.

Energy Extender in Sting Chameleon level

Go to the place where the rocks fall from the roof. Do not go in. There will be a hole there. Slide down it. On the right side, there should be brown bricks. Jump from side to side until they all break. When you are done breaking bricks, stand there and dash forward before you are at the edge. If you make it across, the Energy Extender should be there on a platform.

Defeating Armored Armadillo

Shoot the Armored Armadillo with your electric spark gun when he is vulnerable. It will electrocute him, all his armor will fall off, and he will be much easier to kill.

Defeating Flame Mammoth

Get the Boomerang Cutter and go to Flame Mammoth’s level. When you reach him, use the Bommerang Cutter on him. After a few hits, his trunk will fall off, and he will not be able to shoot out oil or change the conveyor belt’s direction.

Defeating Launch Octopus

To get rid of Launch Octopus’s Piranha “homing missiles”, use the Boomerang Cutter a few times to cut off his arms.

Defeating Storm Eagle

Get the Dash Boots on Chill Penguin’s level. Then, go to Storm Eagle’s level and proceed until you battle him. When he is on foot, he might spit out mini-eagles at you or try to blow you off the plane. When he spits the mini-eagles out, dodge them with Dash, then destroy them. If he tries to blow you off the plane, dash towards him and fire at him. Keep firing until he flies back up. When he swoops down at you, keep dodging him. Repeat this process until he is defeated.

Use the following trick complete the Storm Eagle level in ten seconds or less. Start the level and jump on the moving platforms with the robots that grab you and explode. Jump to the levels with a robot that shoots a spiked ball and chain. You can complete the level instantly. Jump and shoot the ball as it is about to hit you. If done correctly, and you cannot get hit, the screen should fade and you should receive the Storm Tornado.

Boss weaknesses

    Chill Penguin: Fire
    Launch Octopus: Shield
    Armored Armadillo: Spark
    Storm Eagle: Sting
    Spark Mandrill: Ice
    Sting Chameleon: Boomerangs
    Boomer Kuwranger: Missiles
    Flame Mammoth: Storm
    Sigma’s Head: Shield (does two hits and does not need to be charged)

Recommended order to defeating the Bosses

    Chill Penguin (use Megabuster)
    Storm Eagle (use Megabuster)
    Spark Mandrill (Use S. Ice)
    Armored Armadillo (Use E. Spark and Megabuster)
    Flame Mammoth (Use Storm T.)
    Launch Octopus (Use R. Shield and Megabuster)
    Boomer Kuwranger (Use Homing T. with lots of energy tanks)
    Sting Chameleon (Use B. Cutter)

Alternately, use the following order:

    Chill Penguin
    Storm Eagle
    Flame Mammoth
    Launch Octopus
    Spark Mandrill
    Armored Armadillo
    Boomer Kuwanger
    Sting Chameleon

Alternately, use the following order:

    Storm Eagle
    Flame Mammoth
    Chill Penguin
    Spark Mandrill
    Armored Armadillo
    Launch Octopus
    Boomer Kuwranger
    Sting Chameleon

Alternately, use the following order:

    Chill Penguin
    Storm Eagle
    Flame Mammoth
    Spark Mandrill
    Armored Armadillo
    Launch Octopus
    Boomer Kuwranger
    Sting Chameleon

Alternately, use the following order, using the weapon of the previously defeated Boss to defeat the next Boss:

    Chill Penguin
    Spark Mandrill
    Armored Armadillo
    Launch Octopus
    Boomer Kuwranger
    Sting Chameleon
    Storm Eagle
    Flame Mammoth

Use the following order if you do not want to return to too many levels for the power-ups and capsules. Note: You will not be able to use most, if any of the Boss weaknesses by doing this.

    Chill Penguin
    Armored Armadillo
    Launch Octopus
    Storm Eagle
    Sting Chameleon
    Boomer Kuwanger
    Flame Mammoth
    Spark Mandrill

Megaman X2

Diagnostic mode

While Megaman X2 loads, hold X on controller two. Release the button when the diagnostic “Cx4 Test” menu appears.


Status No power-ups collected All heart and reserve tanks, upgrades
Wire Sponge complete 6543-6884-3741-4551 5227-8133-1656-5451
Morph Moth complete 7821-7232-3151-8446 5224-8133-1656-7451
Flame Stag complete 6545-6884-3744-4551 5224-8133-1658-5451
Magna Centipede complete 6575-6884-3741-4551 3167-6337-1356-5526
Overdrive Ostrich complete 1528-3854-3451-2581 3127-6357-1356-5526
Bubble Crab complete 6843-8282-3841-4426 4146-3387-1246-1546
Wheel Gator complete 7821-7232-3121-2446 5224-8133-1626-5451
Crystal Snail complete 1528-3834-3551-2581 3127-6337-1856-5526

Other passwords

Enter one of the following passwords to start at the corresponding game location:

    All Bosses defeated

    Enter 3467-8843-3528-7651 as a password.

    All Bosses defeated and all items

    Enter 5462-3327-6488-3246 as a password.

    All power-ups and 3 Zero parts collected; all opponents except X-Hunters, defeated

    Enter 3366-7123-6188-3681 as a password.

    All sub-tanks, hearts, and upgrades with only wire sponge left

    Enter 2272-7123-1478-3446 as a password.

    Third X-hunter level

    Enter 1462-3327-6482-3242 as a password.

    First X-hunter level after all Bosses defeated, all hearts, all energy tanks, all special capsules

    Enter 8377-8143-6822-7651 as a password.

    No levels completed, with all heart tanks, reserve tanks, and upgrades collected

    Enter 4242-7183-1546-1681 as a password.

    Start with all of Zero’s parts

    Enter 7741-7732-3451-2748 as a password. Note: You will lose the items when you reach the Robot Screen due to a security reset on all passwords.

Getting the armor upgrade

To enter Metamorph Moth’s level after defeating Wheel Alligator, use the Helmet Search. When its signal falls, shoot with the Spinning Wheel and you will find the Armor Capsule.

Finding hidden items

Look in the ceiling or cave tops to find hidden items and other objects. Note: This is mainly on levels where you cannot see the ceiling, such as Flame Stag or Bubble Crab.

Getting Zero’s parts

If you do not get all of Zero’s parts, you have to fight him until he breaks through Sigma’s powers. Here are a few tips:

    Zero does not stall at all before he shoots his triple shot, so make sure you find the capsule where you get the “ultra charge”. Climb a wall as soon as he starts shooting and charge your blaster. Zero should dash over to you and smash the ground, which will cause rocks to appear and hit you. Avoid this by quickly jumping off the wall and on to the floor. By now your weapon should be fully charged. Shoot one mega-blast to block Zero’s first blast, then wait until the second blast is about to hit you. Then, shoot the second blast to block the one that is about to hit you. Some of the blasts surrounding the second blast should block Zero’s cape swing. Finally, the rest of the blasts surrounding the second one should hit Zero. This will take one line of energy away from Zero.

    Another way to damage him is to use the Speed Burner. Note: This will not block shots, so wait until he is not on the offense nor defense. The Speed Burner will not damage him if he is blocking.

    To block shots easily and quickly, use the Spin Wheel. Note: This will not harm Zero — it will only block shots.

Race against Zero

Successfully complete the game without getting any armor upgrades. In the ending credits, you will see Zero dash past you when the screen shifts.

Filling your energy in Deep Sea Base

When you are in the Deep Sea Base, after the big fish opens up the gate (not the one he came out of), hang off the wall on the left until you enter a room with nothing in it. Go in the middle and charge up your Silk Shot (X Blaster upgrade required). When it is fully charged, a handful of energy capsules will appear. This is a good way to fill your energy and subtanks.

Overdrive Ostrich level

In Overdrive Ostrich’s level, instead of going to all that trouble on the bike to get the heart tank, sacrifice yourself (after completing the level and are at 0 lives). Then, charge up the flame weapon, jump normally, release the charge, then do a air slide.

In Overdrive Ostrich’s level, there is a small chamber or room before crossing the bridge that has nothing in it. Use Morph Moth’s weapon in that room. You will notice that nothing will happen. Charge it up fully to see energy icons or ring type energy items appear. Use them to refill your energy or sub-tanks.

Defeating Bubble Crab

Use the Spin Wheel.

Defeating the Big Machine with the old man

Use Magnet Mines to destroy the four guns on the Big Machine.

Defeating Crystal Snail

Use the Magnet Mine.

Defeating Flame Stag

Use the Bubble S.

Defeating Magna Centipede

Use the Silk Shot.

Defeating Morph Moth

Use the Flame Stag weapon. Additionally, use a fully charged gravity weapon on Morph Moth. The debris and his “powder” will get sucked into it, and will also damage him.

Instead of using the X-buster, the quickest way is to use Flame Stag’s weapon.

Defeating Overdrive Ostrich

Use the Crystal Hunter.

Defeating Serges

To defeat Serges in the X-Hunter levels, use the G. Crush to destroy the four cannons, then use the Sonic Slicer to damage Serges.

Defeating Sigma

When Sigma’s wire-frame head turns red he will disappear and reappear around you unless you move quickly. Let him surround you and quickly select your Strike Chain. Keep shooting the Chain at him. This weapon should be as powerful as a charged blast. Additionally, use the Sonic Slicer when fighting Sigma (with the claws).

Defeating the Sigma Virus

After defeating Sigma’s first form, you have to fight him in virus form. He has no energy bar, so you will just have to hit him with all you have got. To hurt him, you must hit him in the eyes with the Third or Final Charged Shot. Anything lower will not work. The Dragon Punch will work, but it is difficult to stay at 100% health in this fight. Sigma will change colors when he gets weaker. He will drop minor enemies onto the floor. Destroy them to get energy capsules. When Sigma turns orange, he will start teleporting around – do not be where he forms or he will trap you. Just keep dashing away from him. Keep shooting and victory will be yours.

Defeating Violen

Use the Bubble Beam.

Defeating Wheel Gator

Use the Strike Chain.

Defeating Wire Sponge

Use the Boomerang Cutter.

Defeating Zero

In case you have to fight Zero, use the following tricks. There are only four weapons that will harm Zero: Third Charged Shot, Final Charged Shot (Enhanced Cannon required), Speed Burner, and the Dragon Punch. Zero will block any other weapon. Note: The Dragon Punch will strip half of his health away. When Zero dashes at you, climb up the closest wall you are near — after he stops dashing, he will pound the ground, causing four rocks to shoot up. You can jump over them. Zero has two projectiles. One is a small green shot which he will fire if you are shooting at him. The second is his trademark Z-slash combo, where he will fire two Third Charge Shots and end with a Beam Saber Slash. The shots will not hurt much, but his Beam Saber will cause drastic damage. Be careful and you will defeat Zero with ease.

Recommended order to defeating the Bosses

    Wire Sponge
    Wheel Gator
    Bubble Crab
    Flame Stag
    Morph Moth
    Magma Centipede
    Crystal Snail
    Overdrive Ostrich

Alternately, use the following order:

    Morph Moth
    Magna Centipede
    Crystal Snail
    Overdrive Ostrich
    Wire Sponge
    Wheel Gator
    Bubble Crab
    Flame Stag

Megaman X3

Final level

At the level selection screen, highlight the “X” logo, then quickly press Down + Square + X. If you entered the code correctly, the cursor will move to the bottom of the screen.

X-Saber enhancement

Enter 3317-8353-6772-3824 as a password.

Zero’s green sword blaster

Enter 1454-3535-6162-7162 as a password. Just charge up and release it.

Level passwords

Level Password
Neon Tiger 3723-1283-1751-1456
Gravity Beetle 7743-5256-1441-5486
Blast Hornet 7745-5253-1441-5486
Blizzard Buffalo 5275-1266-1751-5458
Tunnel Rhino 5765-1263-1756-5488
Volt Catfish 5768-1267-4758-5488
Toxic Seahorse 2376-2163-6258-7841
Crush Crawfish 8216-4156-6742-3821
Dr. Doppler’s Lab, level 1 6414-4155-6872-3356
Dr. Doppler’s Lab, level 2 6414-4685-6872-3314
Dr. Doppler’s Lab, level 3 2357-5533-6462-7735

Dr. Doppler’s Lab passwords

The following passwords have all items and weapons available. Enemies destroyed or not determines who you will face during the Doppler levels:

Bit, Byte and Vile destroyed

1454-2165-6162-7186 No Chips 5414-6685-6872-3114 No Chips with Beam Sabre 7257-5333-6462-7841 with Energy Chip 1154-3135-6162-7185 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre 1154-2165-6162-7181 with Arm Chip 7257-7363-6462-7845 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre 5114-4155-6872-3116 with Leg Chip 1154-3165-6162-7165 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre 7257-5563-6462-7841 with Body Chip 3217-8553-6772-3824 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre

Bit, Byte destroyed, Vile not destroyed

4454-2165-6162-7386 No Chips 2257-5333-6462-7741 with Energy Chip 2257-5363-6462-7746 with Arm Chip 4154-2165-6162-7366 with Leg Chip 4154-2665-6162-7386 with Body Chip

Bit and Vile destroyed, Byte not destroyed

7377-5363-6462-7847 No Chips 1474-3635-6162-7162 No Chips with Beam Sabre 3267-1383-6772-3827 with Energy Chip 3267-8383-6772-3822 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre 7277-5363-6462-7848 with Arm Chip 5164-6155-6872-3152 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre 5164-4155-6872-3118 with Leg Chip 3267-8353-6772-3872 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre 7277-5563-6462-7847 with Body Chip 7277-7563-6462-7842 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre

Bit destroyed, Byte and Vile not destroyed

6464-4155-6872-3358 No Chips 8267-1383-6772-3727 with Energy Chip 4174-2165-6162-7387 with Arm Chip 2277-5363-6462-7737 with Leg Chip 2277-5563-6462-7747 with Body Chip

Byte and Vile destroyed, Bit not destroyed

7357-5163-6462-7847 No Chips 5414-6585-6872-3112 No Chips with Beam Sabre 1154-2335-6162-7188 with Energy Chip 5114-6385-6872-3153 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre 5114-4355-6872-3157 with Arm Chip 1154-3365-6162-7182 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre 1154-2365-6162-7168 with Leg Chip 5114-6355-6872-3113 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre 5114-4555-6872-3158 with Body Chip 5114-6555-6872-3153 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre

Byte destroyed, Bit and Vile not destroyed

4454-2365-6162-7388 No Chips 2257-5133-6462-7747 with Energy Chip 8217-1153-6772-3728 with Arm Chip 2257-5163-6462-7737 with Leg Chip 2257-5663-6462-7747 with Body Chip

Vile destroyed, Bit and Byte not destroyed

7377-5163-6462-7841 No Chips 5464-6585-6872-3114 No Chips with Beam Sabre 7277-5133-6462-7841 with Energy Chip 5164-6385-6872-3155 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre 5164-4355-6872-3151 with Arm Chip 1174-3365-6162-7184 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre 5164-4355-6872-3116 with Leg Chip 7277-7163-6462-7834 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre 3267-1653-6772-3821 with Body Chip 1174-3565-6162-7185 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre

Bit, Byte and Vile not destroyed

2377-5163-6462-7741 No Chips 6164-4385-6872-3356 with Energy Chip 6164-4355-6872-3351 with Arm Chip 2277-5163-6462-7731 with Leg Chip 6164-4555-6872-3356 with Body Chip

Arm Chip: This chip will increase your attacking abilities. The chip allows damage to your system to be transformed and charged as weapon energy. You will be able to use it to rapidly shoot charged shots.

Body Chip: This chip will increase your defensive ability. Your defence shields will be enhanced and you will receive even less damage.

Energy Chip: This chip will allow you to recover energy. Stand still and your energy level will slowly increase.

Leg Chip: This chip will enable you to dash in the air twice in a row. With the chip your mobility in the air will be greatly enhanced.

Note: If you use a password that gives you the Beam Sabre, Zero will be gone otherwise you will still have Zero.

Super passwords

Enter 3367-8683-6772-3875 as a password for all eight hearts tanks, all four sub-tanks (full), all four chips upgrades (X-Golden Armor, inclued Zero Beam Saber), all four Robots, nine lives, all Bosses defeated, and the final fight for Sigma.

Enter 4746-5186-6258-7747 as a password for all the modifications except for the Saber, and no chips, Bit destroyed, Byte and Vile not destroyed, all the life ups except for the Gravity Beetle life up, and only Gravity Beetle, The Rhino, and the Electric Catfish destroyed. This will allow you to get the majority of the Bosses yourself, and still be able to get the Golden Armor or pick a chip and have all the modifications and maximum life.

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Enter 5414-6685-6872-3114 as a password for everything.

Enter 4521-4887-6256-1141 as a password for three sub-tanks, four heart tanks, the Robot Capsule for the underwater ride armor, and the Air Dash upgrade for your legs. Also, only Gravity beetle is destroyed and Zero is not dead.

Enter 3487-4135-6315-1156 as a password for all eight hearts tanks, all four Robot Armors, all four sub-tanks, all four body armor parts, no Chips, Bit, Byte and Vile defeated, and no special weapons. You can defeat all eight Mavericks with a complete advantage over them and will not have to worry about the three HeadHunters because they are already dead.

Enter 8626-4335-6318-7356 as a password for all but Gravity Beetle’s heart tank, all armor upgrades (not the Golden Amor), all sub-tanks, all ride-armors, only Tunnel Rhino and Volt Catfish have been defeated, leaving a decent challenge.

Other passwords

    Have arm chip

    Enter 1154-2165-6162-7181 as a password.

    Have heal chip

    Enter 3217-1383-6772-3821 as a password.

    Have leg chip

    Enter 3217-1353-6772-3871 as a password.

    Have armor

    Enter 7257-5563-6462-7841 as a password.

    At last level fully powered

    Enter 6164-4155-6872-3166 as a password.

    No upgrades, all weapons, four sub-tanks, seven heart tanks, Bit Byte and Vile destroyed, Beam Sabre, and last level

    Enter 1455-6863-6427-7185 as a password.

Easy power-ups

Use the Frost Shield on enemies. Not all enemies will give out power-ups, but most will give out big and small.

Easy extra lives

In the Doppler level, where you must defeat all the Bosses, shoot the Beam Saber on the standing object. Usually if you shoot on it, healing power-ups will appear. However, if you shoot on it with the Beam Saber an extra life will appear.

Zero’s Beam Saber

Defeat Vile with the S. Blades, and have Zero still alive. Play only as X in the first two levels in Dr. Doppler’s Lab. In the second level of Dr. Doppler’s Lab, after the water pit area but before the mini-Boss, switch to Zero. Charge up and defeat the “bug”. It will fall on Zero, he will be severely damaged, and will give you his Saber. The Saber will be saved with a password.

Golden Armor and chip enhancement

When at the first level of Dr. Doppler’s Lab, go through the level until reaching a pit with falling spiked balls. Cling to the left wall of the pit. Slide down until you fall into a room that contains a capsule. Walk inside to reach the Orange Bomber and get every single enhancement chip. Note: You must have full health and all the power-ups. You may have a chip if this does not work. The Golden Armor can not be saved with a password.

Chip Enhancer

The Chip Enhancer allows you to use all four chips at once. You must first have all the heart tanks, all four sub-tanks filled, all four Robot Suits and the Dash Boots, Mega Buster, Armor and Sensor/Helmet upgrades. Also, you cannot do it with Zero. Go through the first level of Doppler’s Lab until you reach a pit in the part where spiked balls are falling down from above. Then, jump into the pit and cling to the left wall. Slide down to find a hidden tunnel that leads to Dr. Light. He will give you a special Chip Enhancer. This chip will allow you to carry all four chips.

Change K in Toxic Seahorse level

Get to the part where you find the Change K, You must have the Air Dash and the Change F to do this. While you are in your Change F armor, jump down into the water and move slightly, but not too far. Make your Change F suit swim to the left, up as far as it can go, then jump out of it. Shimmy up the side of the wall. Next, let yourself slide into the water slightly (while you are still on the wall), then jump towards the end of the ledge holding the Change K. You will not make it, but just when you are on the water tap Jump. You will do a jump off the water. Then, slide straight up and you will get the Change K.

To get this upgrade, you must have your X Buster upgrade and Frost S. Once you are in the water, jump past the first hole and stand slightly to the right of it. Power up the Frost S. so you get the shield ability and the thing floats in the water. Jump on it and ride to the top to get Change K.

Leg upgrade chip in Toxic Seahorse level

To get the Leg upgrade chip, which lets you dash two times in the air, when you are about to slide down the wall that leads to the water, jump across and get the water vehicle (if you have the tank that allows you to do so). Drop down into the water and make your way to the wall, where you have to go down to fight the mini-Boss. Next, jump out of the vehicle, climb the wall, and you will exit from the water and meet Doctor Light in a capsule. Note: If you try to do this without the water vehicle, the fans on the wall will be on, and will prevent you from climbing the wall by pushing you back.

Alternate Boss

Destroy Bit with the Triad Thunder or the Frost Shield, and Byte with the Drill Fang. You will encounter a different Boss at the final Boss level.

Defeating Byte

Another way to defeat Byte is to intentionally run into him when he shoots his pod across the screen, right before he dashes. He will dash across the screen and leave Megaman with just a small amount of damage. Alternately, use Tornado Fang on him for more damage.

Defeating Bit

Use Triad Thunder to do more damage while fighting Bit.

Megaman X4

X’s Ultimate armor

At the player selection screen, highlight X. Press Circle(2), Left(6), then hold L1 + R2 and press Start. Note: Hold L1 + R2 until game play begins at a screen with all the Bosses. Successfully complete the first level, then go to the Spider level. Go to the part with a spike spinning on platform. Go down to space below and go all the way to the right. The UA capsule with the armor will be there.

Zero’s black armor

At the player selection screen, highlight Zero, then hold R1 and press Right(6). Release all buttons, then hold Circle and press Start.

Animation sequences

Start a game and leave the game unattended for approximately ten minutes. Megaman and Zero’s animation sequences will eventually being to play.

Megaman’s Ultimate Armor and Nova Strike

Enable the “X’s Ultimate armor” code. Play through the first two introduction level, then start the Jungle level. Go halfway down the second waterfall and go to the right. Enter the capsule and to get the Ultimate Armor along with Nova Strike and the aerial attack.

Infinite lives for Megaman X

Start a game on the Frost Walrus level in Area 1. Go to the section where the ice passages disappear. Turn to the left and get the extra life. Repeat this process to collect as many lives as desired.

Infinite lives for Zero

Start a game on the Cyberspace level. Successfully complete the first level with a “S” rank. Collect the extra life, and repeat as needed. Additionally, go to the Frost Beast level. Get the two lives (one on the top and one on the bottom left). You can either die or exit and get the two extra lives again.

Capsule locations

    Armor capsule

    Go to Magma Dragoon level and proceed until reaching the part of Volcano Area 2 where you have the armor. Get into it and dash jump towards the platform. Get on to the platform, then charge twin slasher to full power and destroy the blocks in front of you. Pass through and get the armor upgrade.

    Helmet capsule

    Go to the Cyber Peacock level and get a S rank on the third stretch with the yellow balls that drains your energy. This is difficult to accomplish, but possible.

    Leg capsule

    Go to the Web Spider level and proceed to the part with the waterfalls. When you drop down to the section below the part with the spike spinning on the platform, just go through the gap on the right side wall opposite to the hole.

    Arm capsule

    Go to Storm Owl Area 2 with all the laser cannons. Get to the section with the hole in the ceiling, with spikes on the floor and each side of the wall. Use the lightning web weapon to jump onto the platform. Above it are two capsules. One allows your fire four shots in a row and the other allows you to fire a plasma bolt. The best choice is the plasma bolt, as it keeps hitting the enemy after the first hit. Note: Use the following trick to get the Arm capsule easily. This requires the Body Armor. Go to the Owls’ second area, then go past the cannon area towards the Boss door. Do not enter the door. Instead, there should be an opening in the ceiling that is surrounded by spikes. Shoot a Lightning Web onto the surface of the spikes. Dash Jump to it. Then, kick off it. Then, use the Nova Strike to get to the capsule.

    Ultimate capsule

    Play as Dark X and go to the Web Spider level and proceed to where the leg capsule was located. Instead, you will receive the ultimate armor. This allows unlimited nova strike, unlimited none charged special weapons, hover in midair, and the ability to shoot plasma bolts.

Heart locations

    First Heart: There are some trees that you can burn in the second level of the Webspider level. Go to where the full-healing item is, just before you fight Webspider. It is right next to a tree. Use Rising Fire (touching the tree) or Zero’s thing. It will burn down.

    Second Heart: Go to the Peacock level. Get an “S” for the second (Zero) course, or the first (X). Note: You can destroy the yellow balls with X’s Soul Body, and zero’s Spinning Saber attack (split mushroom attacks).

    Third Heart: Go to the Owl level, where you can get onto the machine. Make sure the first laser beam does not destroy the platform; the third Heart is located there.

    Fourth Heart: Go to the Magma Dragoon level, second level. There are machines there that look like your suit. The first one is at the part where the fire balls start to come down. Go up to the highest grounds (directly above it). Dash-jump to the left to find a Heart there; or jump twice with Zero or float with X to the left.

    Fifth Heart: You will see it on the Mushroom level. You can get it, even though the drilling things drill the thing down. Go and slide down the small wall, and dash-jump (or jump twice), or web thing with X.

    Sixth Heart: Go to the Sting Ray level. You will see the Heart on the bottom part of two platforms. Do not jump.

    Seventh Heart: Go to the Slash Beast level. Go to the part when you get in the suit. Note: You can destroy the metal boxes and the cargo platforms with your machine. Destroy the second platform to find the heart

E Tank

To get one of the E Tanks, go to the Cyber level and get the S rank. To do this, jump on the platform that does not have an enemy. Additionally, go to Ray’s level area 2. Survive until you see two boxes, a space, and one box. In that space is the other E tank.

W Tank

Go to Snow Base area 2. Destroy all of the ice blocks until you reach a platform that leads you left or right. Go left and destroy the ice blocks. You will eventually find the W tank.

Large heart container

Go to Frost Walrus’ level and go to the end of the first part where you are sliding on the snow that crumbles. Climb up the wall and you should see a container that looks like a huge heart. If you are using X, use the Web Spiders ability when you are on the wall then use your boots to float over to the web. Then, jump onto the ledge were the heart is located. If you are using Zero it will be more difficult. Go to the same part of Frost Walrus’ level and climb the wall. When you are at the top, use the Double Jump ability to make it on to the platform with the heart.

Easy helmet upgrade

Go to the Cyber Peacock level. Get a rank “S” on the third section. This can be done easily by using the Soul Body (Split Mushroom’s weapon) periodically. You can kill the floating eye balls.

Flying boots, body armor, Nova Strike upgrades

If you are Dark Megaman, get the upgrade on the Web Spider’s level and you will get the flying boots, body armor and Nova Strike (a very powerful blast).

Easy lives and energy

Go to Frost Walrus/Kibatodos level. Then, dash jump towards the first wall on your left, then dash jump to the right one. Continue to the right. You will see two snowmen. Use either the Lightning Web (X) or the Double Jump (Zero) to jump higher and reach the upper-right edge. Defeat the weak enemies here and get a lot of energy capsules. If you have not taken damage, you should have one E-tank full at 50%. You should also get the life near the appearing and disappearing platforms. Return four times maximum to fill up your two E-tanks and get a good supply of lives. Note : For really tough fights (for example, Colonel and Sigma) and you have already used all your energy tanks, it might not be a good idea to pick up many lives. However, do it against the eight Mavericks once you meet them again, if you do not use tanks during the fight.

Play as X and go to Snow Base level and at the area before the ice slopes, jump on the side of the wall and use the Lightning Web. Dash in air to the web and then to higher ledge that you cannot see from the ledge you were on. There will be several health units and weapon units located there. Collect and leave, then repeat as needed.

Play as Zero and go to the beginning of Snow Base level. Double jump to a rock wall across from the wall behind you. Collect the lives and leave, then repeat as needed. Note: You can only get nine lives maximum.

Easy heart in Frost Walrus level

An easy way to get the heart is to shoot upwards with the Magma Dragoon Flame Upwards ability.

Secret weapon with the Jet Stingray attack for X

Play as X and when you use the Jet Stingray attack, press Down whenever you want to make it go down. When you press Down with the huge stingray attack (requires the plasma shot or the other arm upgrade), it goes across the screen while shooting smaller attacks vertically north and south. You can also shoot large boss attacks if you have a arm upgrade (plasma or the other one).

Fast shots on bike

To shoot fast shots on the bike in Jet Stingray’s level, quickly tap Square, Triangle repeatedly. If done correctly, you should do a double quick shot.

Zero’s power attack

After gaining the Fire attack for Zero, just attack as you normally would except tap his slash attack two times and on the third time use his Fire attack.

Zero Sabre tricks

    Raijingeki combo: Waiting for the Raijingeki to power up can be a hassle. Instead, you can press Attack, Special Attack to fire off the Rajingeki quickly. You can also press Attack(2), Special Attack.

    Infinite slash: Press Attack, Dash, Attack, Dash continuously in quick succession to make Zero attack non-stop. Alternately, you can press Forward(2), Attack continuously to do a continuos 1-2 Slash.

Zero’s combos

When you have Raijingeki, Ryuenjin, Hyouretsuzan and Shippuuga you can use this combo. First, slash once then use Raijingeki. After that use Shippuuga (Must Dash) then use Ryuenjin. Then, finish off with Hyouretsuzan. Note: This combo is only slightly effective on Boss but does lot more against an army of enemies. After you have the Raijingeki, slash once and as soon as the slash ends, use Raijingeki for a very powerful combo. Additionally, press Square(2), Raijingeki, Shippuugu, Ryuenjin, Hyouretsuzan. Note: This is not effective on Bosses.

Float in mid-air

Get the fire weapon from Dragoon. Jump and repeatedly press Square to float in mid-air. It helps you do not have the Rocket Boots. Additionally, double cyclone is effective in the air since it stops X short and gives him a little more time and distance. Charge up rising fire and jump in the air. When you reach your highest point in your jump, release the charge. You will boost up for a double jump.

Boss weaknesses

The following is a list of each Boss and their weakness to their own weapons:

    Dragoon: Owl’s weapon
    Owl: Cyberpeacock’s weapon
    Cyberpeacock: Mushroom’s weapon
    Spider: Beast’s weapon
    Ray: Walrus’ weapon
    Walrus: Dragoon’s weapon
    Mushroom: Spider’s weapon
    Sigma In Ghost Robe: Dragoon’s weapon
    Sigma Out Of Robe: Spider’s weapon

Recommended order to defeating the Bosses and their weaknesses

The following is a recommended order for the Bosses, and their weakness (with Megaman X, followed by Zero):

    Web Spider: Twin Slasher (Slash Beast); Z-Sabre/Kuuenzan (Split Mushroom)
    Split Mushroom: Lightning Web (Web Spider); Raijingeki (Web Spider)
    Cyber Peacock: Soul Body (Split Mushroom); Ryuenjin (Magma Dragoon)
    Storm Owl: Aiming Laser (Cyber Peacock); Rakuhouha (Cyber Peacock)
    Magma Dragoon: Double Cyclone (Storm Owl); Raijingeki (Web Spider)
    Frost Walrus: Rising Fire (Magma Dragoon): Ryuenjin (Magma Dragoon)
    Jet Stingray: Frost Tower (Frost Walrus); Hyouretsuzan (Frost Walrus)
    Slash Beast: Ground Hunter (Jet Stingray); Z-Sabre/Kuuenzan (Split Mushroom)

Defeating the Bosses with Zero

The following is a recommended order to defeat the Bosses when playing as Zero:

    Slash Beast
    Web Spider
    Frost Walrus
    Magma Dragoon
    Cyber Peacock
    Storm Owl
    Split Mushroom
    Jet Stringray

Defeating the Spider Boss

When you get to the Spider Boss, dash slide away to dodge his webs, then jump over it.

Defeating the General

Use the twin slashers (Slash Beast weapon) to defeat him.

Defeating the Colonel

Use the ice attack with Zero, not on top of him, but directly next to him. It does the most damage.

Defeating Cyber Peacock

To defeat him with Zero, use the Z-Saber Enhancement (Ryuenjin attack) you get from defeating Magma Dragoon.

Defeating Double

When you reach Double, use the Double Cyclone.

Defeating Iris

When the huge diamond object comes out of her, use the fire attack on her with Zero.

Defeating Magma Dragoon

When you get the armor suit at area 2, get in and continue normally. When you get to the part where you have to jump higher than the suit allows, do not get out. Instead, go in the lava and move forward as quickly as possible, breaking the box things in front of you. You will begin the battle with Magma Dragoon in the suit. Attack him until the suit explodes. By this time, his life should be low. Then, finish him off.

Defeating Magma Dragoon and Slash Beast

Play as Zero and use Raijingeki, which does 2-hits on Dragoon and 1-hit on Slash Beast.

Defeating Sigma

An easy way to defeat Sigma’s first form (phantom) is to use the fire attack. Note: There is a pattern to his attacks in this form. After you hit him two times with the fire, he will attack you with a attack unblockable or dodgeable on ground. After you hit him two times, jump on the wall to the top of it then repeat.

An easy way to defeat Sigma’s second form with X is the lightning web. With Zero, use the Giga Attack. The easiest way to kill him is to avoid him using the four miniature boomerang attacks on you. To do this, you must know his pattern.

An easy way to defeat the Sigma’s third form with X is to use the Soul Body on the large one (with the gun). Use the Jet Stingray attacks on the big head. To avoid the large head’s attack, go close to the wall opposite of him when he appears. He will either suck you in or blow you to spikes. If spikes appear, dash quickly and keep dashing. Then, change your weapon to the Jet Stingray and get him. If he sucks you in, destroy the red head and dash up to the top of the wall (opposite to him). When he blows the crumbled things out, he will not hit you. Note: When the large one says “The end”, jump on the “Power Ranger” heads to the left.

An easy way to defeat Sigma’s third form with Zero is to kill the large one with the gun, then destroy the red head below him. Next, use the fire attack on him outside of his range. To kill the head, do the same as X’s strategy to avoid his attacks, but use the multiple combo technique (as described in the “Defeating Slash Beast” hint) to kill him.

Defeating Slash Beast

First, defeat the Stingray and use his weapon in the battle. Shoot him once, then jump over him, turn, and fire again. Repeat this until he goes down. In order to kill Slash Beast with Zero, use this multiple combo technique. Rapidly press Forward while rapidly pressing Saber at the same time. You will only do the first two hits of Zero’s full attack, but the Slash Beast is effected even if he is flashing with the first two hits of Zero’s attack. That will lower his health quickly.

Defeating Web Spider

Play as Zero and use Ryuenjin after if you have Kuuenbu jump and slash him for an extra hit. Additionally, to make the Web Spider fall down, use the Twin Slasher weapon on his web that is supporting him. Make sure that both of them hits it. He will fall down and be wide open for an attack.

Chill Penguin appearance

Go to Frost Walrus’ level and proceed to the mid-Boss. You will see Chill Penguin frozen in an ice cube. Also, If you look closely in the background, you will see that the wall was broken. This is the exact level in Megaman X for Chill Penguin.

Spark Mandrill appearance

Start Frost Walrus’s level and look closely in the background. A big frozen Ice block frozen like Spark Mandrill.

Buffalo appearance

Get to the halfway Boss in the Frost Walruses level to see the Buffalo from Megaman X3 in the background.

Sigma appearance

In Storm Owl’s level, you can see Sigma’s face appear in the middle of the city in the background.

Enigma appearance

Go to web spiders’ area. In the background you can see the Enigma from Megaman X5 .

Street Fighter Alpha 2 reference

In the first part of the introduction level, The City, look in the background were the Capcom logo can be seen flashing. This is the same stage as Charlie fights in Street Fighter Alpha 2 .

Megaman X5

X’s Super Nova armor

At the character selection screen, highlight X, then press Up(2), Down(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, press Circle. Note: You will start with Super Nova Armor from Megaman X4. Alternately, highlight X at the character selection screen, then press [Up(5), Down(2)] five times. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Press X to continue.

X’s Fourth (Force) armor

At the character selection screen, highlight X, then press Up(2), Down(9), Up(2), Down(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. You will have the Fourth Armor, which is a mix of the Ultimate Armor and the Falcon Armor. Alternately, highlight X at the character selection screen, then press Up(2), Down(2), Up(2), Down(2), Up(2), Down(2), Up(2), Down(2), Up(2), Down. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Press X to continue.

Megaman’s Ultimate armor

At the character selection screen, highlight Megaman, then press Up(2), Down(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. You will start the game with the Ultimate armor and always have it for use through the rest of the game.

Zero’s Black armor

At the character selection screen, highlight Zero, then press Down(2), Up(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, press Circle. Note: Zero’s Black armor will reduce damage slightly as compared to his Red armor.

Zero’s Supreme Slash

Press Dash + Slash or Forward, Forward + Slash. Note: This is the best to finish some of the Bosses.

Zeros’s Slash combo

Press Square(2), Back, Square for a 4-hit combo which works on any Boss.

Zero’s Flip-Slash combo

Note: You must have most of the special moves you get from Bosses. First, use Zero’s Lightning Upper-Cut (Up, Square), then press Circle while in the air to become invincible and dash through the air. Then, use his Flame Sword (Down, Down, Square) and if you are not on the ground yet, use your Square in the air to make Zero Flip-Slash. This combo is highly effective on Bosses.

Zero’s unlimited Slash

Press Left or Right (depending on which way you are facing) + Square.

Zero’s Sabre Slash on Bosses

Usually you can do up to 3 or 4 hit combo on any Boss. However, the Final Slash will paralyze the Boss for awhile, which prevents you from slashing it during this time. To avoid this, hit the Boss with a 2 or 3 hit combo and do not use the Final Slash. It would be better if you used Zero’s Supreme Slash.

Alternate second half

If you let the colony collide with the Earth (let all the time run out), an intermission where Zero is infected with the Sigma virus and becomes a powerful Maverick will appear. For the rest of the game you cannot choose Zero and the dialogue changes for a few of the intermissions. Also, Zero fights more aggressively and uses different attacks when you fight him in the third Maverick level. To get this faster, launch the shuttle before you have collected all the parts for it. This will also display an intermission where Zero goes Maverick and gives you the ending where X’s memory of Zero is wiped clean. What you do with the Enigma does not matter.

Shortcut to Sigma’s final level, area 1

Start a new game then enable the armor code for either X or Zero. Play in the first level and defeat Sigma’s big head. At the level/Bosses selection screen, press L1 or R1 to enter the mode. Press L1 or R1 for armor selection. The ultimate armor will be in the armor selection. Press L1(2) or R1(2) for mode selection. To get to the Sigma’s final level, you must do the L1 or R1 pressing steps twice — press L1 or R1 twice, then select the “launch ship” mode. Once you enter this mode for the first time, the space ship will be launch. After the short intermission, the game will begin again at the level selection screen. Do the L1 or R1 pressing steps again and enter the launch ship mode. The space ship will launch for the second time. You can now play in the Sigma’s first final level. Note: Make sure to select the middle box and press Start.

Easy Zero levels

The following is an easy way to get through the first of the three Zero levels. At the first level where all the green lasers that can kill you instantly are, use Dark Hold. It stops the lasers and gives you time to get through everything.

Zero and Bosses

Do not use Zero in a level with a Boss. Zero always retires (dies) in the level.

Ultimate armor for X or Zero

Go past all of the spike traps in the third Sigma level. You will reach what appears to be a pit. Slide down the right side of it until you fall into a room that contains a capsule. Step into the capsule to obtain the armor. When playing as X, you will have to intentionally die and restart the level to use it. Zero will automatically equip it.

Get to the third Sigma level as normal X or Zero. When you get to a hole after some spikes, slide down the right side of the wall until you go through it. Dr. Light will have a capsule with Zero’s black armor or the ultimate armor. After you get it, fall through the hole until the game ends. Go to level selection and use the opposite character.

Get all the armors for X and Zero

Start the game with X and make sure you have the Fourth Armor. After destroying the colony (make sure Zero does not become Maverick), go to the third Maverick level with either X or Zero. After getting the armor, die constantly and go to level selection screen when the game ends. Then, go to the level again, but with the other hunter. For example, if you went with Zero first, then go with X next or vice versa. Look at the left side of the level selection screen to find the Fourth Armor, Black Zero, Ultimate Armor, Gaea Armor (if you have it), and Falcon Armor (if you have it).

Use the following trick to eventually collect all armors possible (with sacrificing Z-Buster and regular Red Armor). Start as Megaman without enabling the “Ultimate Armor” code. You should already have the fourth armor. Then, collect the Gaea armor and Falcon armor as usualYou should now have the Fourth, Gaea, and Falcon armors. Work your way to the third Zero virus levels. It should have a red background. There is a location in the level with spikes on the top and bottom. There is a moving platform, and to the right of that is a narrow path with spikes on top and bottom to the right of that (on the regular path). Pass that section. Immediately after that should be a pit with a platform on the left wall of it that remains still. Slide down the right wall and you should eventually reach a part where there is a concealed room in the wall that you can see. The wall is hollow and you can slip through it. Inside will be a capsule. If you have unarmored X, then you should be able to get the Ultimate armor. You should now have the Fourth, Gaea, Falcon, and Ultimate armor. If you have Zero in that pit, you will get the Black armor. You will now have all possible armors: Fourth, Gaea, Falcon, Ultimate, and Black, also including regular X. It is recommended that you use Zero for the level. However, before picking him, go in the level with unarmored X and get his armor. Then, die and get Zero and his armor. It will appear on him immediately so you do not have to quit to get it, then go to fight X. Also, the Black armor is different from Megaman X4’s Black armor. It has an enhanced dashing ability with a purple boost. Also, an enhanced color of the armor actually powers up the body. It also powers up the Z-Saber to an almost invincible power that can destroy viruses without Virus Buster.

Falcon armor

    Arms: In Izzy Glow’s area, after the spiral stairs, destroy the Plazma Cannon and get the arms once past.

    Body: In Duff McWhalen’s area where the water drains, use G-Shaver and open the blocked Capsule.

    Head: In Squid Adlers’s area, collect all the E. Spheres on the bike ride.

    Legs: In Grizzly Slash’s area, after the train section in the caves there is a opening — use C-Sword.

Alternately, use the following directions:

    Armor: Duff McWhalen;s area. It is easy to locate in the part where the water has drained. You will see a cracked wall and a small device behind it. Charge up McWhale’s power (assuming you have it) and try to destroy the little device.

    Boots: Grizzly Slash’s area. After you get off the train, keep moving and you will see a hole in the roof. The boots are up there.

    Helmet: Squid Adler’s area. Collect all the blue things at the jet bike part of the level to destroy the wall concealing the Helmet.

    X-buster: Izzy Glow’s area. During the part with the strange things in the walls that shoot at you, there is a hole in the ceiling. Climb up and shoot at the wall thing at the top with the C-Shot. The armor is on the other side.

Gaea armor

    Arms: Instead of going up the end vines, keep moving right and use double jump.

    Body: Just Before the third lift, use the Falcon armor to find the well hidden Capsule.

    Head: Before Dark Dizzy’s chamber is a pit. Go in and use the F-Laser to blow it up from inside.

    Legs: During the second rope climbing section there is a opening. Fly up with the Falcon armor and get the legs.

When you have the Gaea armor, it will not let you manually charge up. However, if you go into the options and select “Auto charge” and turn it on, it will charge up and you can use charge attack.

Ultimate armor

In Maverick Area 3, immediately before the end, is a platform over a pit. Fall, stay to the right, and go through the fake wall.

Armor comparisons

    Falcon armor: Obtained by collecting the four capsules. Advantages: You can fly for a short time by jumping twice. While flying, you are invincible. Giga attack covers whole screen. Weapon energy is increased. Disadvantages: Cannot charge special weapons. Mega shot is very small. Defense is cut in half.

    Force armor (Fourth armor): Obtained at the start of the game. Note: If you chose Zero, you will not get it. Advantages: Charged shots are more powerful. You can charge special weapons. You can hover in the air for a short time by jumping twice. Disadvantages: Not identical to Megaman X4’s version.

    Gaea armor: Obtained by collecting the four capsules. Note: You cannot get this armor without getting the Falcon armor first, since you need it to reach the capsules. Advantages: Increased defense. Charged shot is very instant and powerful. Giga attack destroys all enemies in front of you. Spikes do not hurt you. You can stick to walls. You can walk on spikes. Disadvantages: Shots do not travel across the screen. No middle charge shot. Very slow. Cannot use special weapons. Fall faster. Regular shots are weak.

    Ultimate armor: Obtained by getting the capsule in the third Zero level. Identical to Force armor, except you can use the Nova Strike by pressing R2.

Magma Dragoon Hadouken Fireball

At the end of the training mission, you will fight Magma Dragoon. While fighting him he will use the Hadouken ability, along with the voice from Megaman X, when you get that ability.

Enhance Zero’s power

To make Zero stronger, get the capsule in the third Zero level (where X’s Ultimate Armor is located.) Zero will become black. He can destroy viruses, take less damage, and inflict more damage. Note: This is not an armor. Zero will remain like this.

Best weapon

Use the Gala attack with the Ultimate Armor to have the best weapon that defeats most Bosses, including Sigma (both rounds). Keep using that attack, which is unlimited. Be careful with Sigma, as he keeps moving around.

Dash Jump

Use the following trick to reach a high ledge or jump to the next wall. Hold Dash and perform a jump to automatically do a Dash Jump. This is very helpful, as it also works on walls.

Rank PA

With Zero, first fight Dynamo after defeating Izzy Glow and some other Boss. Fight Dynamo with Zero using Izzy’s weapon until he dies. After that, you will move up to GA. The second time, fight Dynamo with four or more heart upgrades, and both E-Tanks and the W-tank full. If you fought in excellent time with about 19 or less damage, you should get the PA rank. The rules for keeping a PA rank are very difficult. If you die twice, or exceed six minutes of game play in the level you will lose it. As X, this can be very difficult at first. You must have all that Zero had and the Ultimate armor. X’s rank must be at GA before the event. This time, you will use Nova Strike (Giga Attack L2).

Save a life

Once Zero becomes a Maverick, you unlock a new level. Enter the level and climb the wall to your left. Collect the helmet (extra life) located there. When you lose a life, you can get it again and you will have the same lives that you started with.


    Start with Megaman and successfully complete the game with him. You will get an ending where Megaman has no memory of Zero.

    Start with Zero and successfully complete the game with him. You will get the ending where both Megaman and Zero die.

    Start with Zero and successfully complete the game with Megaman. You will get the ending where Megaman has Zero in his memory and holds Zero’s saber.

Raise your speed

Note: To do this trick you have to be at the third Maverick level. Drop down and go to the part where you face the green robot. Stay there and a group of white dots will appear. Face each of them. Keep doing this and your speed pushing buttons will increase. The best character to use is Zero.

Destroying the colony

To destroy the colony, get the it as close as possible with at least 3 parts — i.e. the lower the hours, the better the chance of destroying the colony with the Enigma. With Black Zero, destroy the mavericks in this order: Izzy Glow, Squid Alder, Duff McWallen, and Grisly Slash.

Virus advantages

When playing as X, if you get hit by the Sigma Viruses, you will lose health. However, when playing Zero, he will gain full health if this happens.

Megaman X2 battle

Keep Zero from going maverick and go to the third Sigma level with Megaman X. Successfully complete the level and you will fight Zero. Zero has almost the same exact pattern as he did when you fight him in Megaman X2 .

Defeating Dark Dizzy

Shoot the F-Laser with X standing at the center of the screen. Guide it under him, then have it turn around and go the other way. If timed correctly, Dark Dizzy will move into the tail of the laser, but your laser will not be used up. You can do this either under him or beside him. Yolu will have to guess whether he will move up/down or to the side.

Defeating Izzy Glow

Izzy Glow’s weakness is the Tri-Thunder, but the C-Sword does more damage. It just does not paralyze him, so you can hit him again sooner. If you keep hitting him constantly, the battle will be over in less than 30 seconds.

Defeating Sigma

To defeat Sigma in the first round, start by jumping to the top left hand corner of the room. Keep jumping until Sigma starts dashing. Note: He cannot hit you when you are at the very top. When he gets close, quickly press Left + Square then keep jumping to the top of the wall. If done correctly, he should take damage. Repeat this until he starts creating shockwaves. Dodge them by jumping or ducking. Do the same as above, but be careful as he might hit you with his viruses. Note: This was done with a controller an auto-fire feature.

Defeating second Zero Virus level Boss

The Boss of the second of the Zero Virus levels (the big face from Megaman X) has three weaknesses. The red and green eyes are weak to C-Shot, the blue eye is weak to Ground Fire, and the nose is weak to Goo Shaver.

Recommended order to defeating the Bosses

    Grizzly Slash
    Duff Mcwhalen
    Squid Adler
    Izzy Glow
    Dark Dizzy
    The Skiver
    Axle The Red

Boss weaknesses

    Grizzly Slash: Spike Ball/Twin Dream
    Duff McWhalen: C-Shot/C-Sword
    Squid Adler: G-Shower/F-Splasher
    Izzy Glow: Tri-Thunder/E-Blade
    Dark Dizzy: F-Lazer/C-Flasher
    The Skiver: Dark Hold
    Mattrex: Wing Spiral/W-Shredder
    Axle The Red: Ground Fire/Quake Blazer
    Rock Monster: Tri-Thunder
    Robo Mask: X-Buster/Z-Saber
    Zero or X: F-Lazer/C-Flasher
    Sigma 1: Tri-Thunder/Electric Uppercut
    Sigma 2: X-Buster/Z-Saber

Doctor Wily’s logo

At the end of the game before you fight the big black goo Boss, a giant “W” will appear in the background.

Megaman X4 appearance

Start a training level with X or Zero. Get to the end of the level to find Magma Dragoon, a maverick from Megaman X4 . Also, make it to Maverick Base level 3. Play this level as Zero to fight X, who will use moves from Megaman X4 such as Soul Body, Frost Tower, and Double Cyclone.

Megaman X6

X’s Ultimate Armor

At the main menu, press Left(3), Right before starting a new game. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. You will begin the game with X’s Ultimate Armor, which is very much identical to the same armor from Megaman X5 .

Nightmare Zero

At the main menu, press L1(3), R2. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Start a new game. When you rescue Zero after defeating him in battle, you will play as the Nightmare version of Zero. Nightmare Zero has all of Zero’s normal moves, but he is much more powerful.


Find Zero with the teleporters and fight him. He will join you after he is defeated.

Easy attack with Zero

While playing as Zero, press Attack and Dash repeatedly.

Zero’s best attacks

First, you have his normal three slash combo. This is best used with the first two slashes repeatedly and is done by tapping X(2), wait until he begins to put his weapon away about a second later, then tap X(2) again. Keep doing this as many times as needed. Instead of using his spinning jump slash which engulfs his whole body, use his normal jump slash without the double jump. Ensuizan, however, is one of his best attacks. It is basically the jumping spin slash wherever you want it. After gaining the Fire attack for Zero, just attack as you normally would except tap his slash attack two times and on the third time use his Fire attack.

Slash combo with X

This trick can be done with any of X’s armors except the Shadow Armor. Go to the controller configuration screen and turn on the “Auto-Fire” feature. Play the game normally. Whenever you want to make slashing combos, make sure you are not directly next to a wall and have a comfortable position for Dash (R1 recommended). Hold Slash as soon as the saber touches the ground, but before it starts to get small, press Dash. This will cancel the slash and start a new one. You can use this technique to perform slash combos similar to Zero’s from Megaman X4 and Megaman X5 .

Stronger Z-Saber slash

When using the Blade armor for X, instead of pressing Triangle, press Up + Square.

Nightmare effects

Each effect is neutralized in almost in all cases by the same weapon it comes from. In the case of the raining magma, blow it up with ShouenZan or Magma Blade. For iced floors, use Hyoroga/Ice Burst. For gnats, use Yammark Option. For iron blocks, use Metal Anchor/Rakukojin. For soul spirits, use Laser Shield. Finally, red crates can be blown up with SentsuiZan/Ground Dash; black and blue ones can be moved with the same weapon. The rain and the spotlights cannot be neutralized.

    Amazon Area, Laser Institute: Metallic gnats (very pesky)
    Amazon Area, Magma Area: Metallic gnats
    Inami Temple, Amazon Area: Normal rain (slows you down)
    Inami Temple, Central Museum: Normal rain
    Magma Area, North Pole Area: Magma rain. Also, some walls break an allow access to secret area.
    Magma Area, Weapon Center: Magma rain.
    Weapon Center, Amazon Area: Spotlights (dispiriting and very difficult to maneuver with)
    Weapon Center, Inami Temple: Spotlights
    Laser Institute, North Pole Area: Soul spirits (attacking soul clones of Zero/X, respectively)
    Laser Institute, Inami Temple: Soul spirits
    North Pole Area, Recycle Lab: Iced floors
    Recycle Lab, Magma Area: Iron blocks
    Recycle Lab, Weapon Center: Iron blocks
    Recycle Lab, Central Museum: Iron blocks
    Central Museum, Recycle Lab: Red, blue and black crates
    Central Museum, Laser Institute: Red, blue and black crates

Blade Armor parts and locations

    Armor: Laser Institute. At one point in the level, you will see a laser activated door in the floor. Direct the laser to it and open it. Inside will be a large system of lasers to correct. Once finished. you will open another door in the floor. Drop down and go left (you can go through the wall). Jump across the ledge beyond the wall to find the capsule.

    Boots: Amazon area. After falling into the first cave you will notice a path behind a Praying Mantis Maverick at the bottom of the drop.

    Helmet: Central Museum. In one of the random totem pole areas.

    X-buster: Weapons Center. After defeating the gigantic Maverick, a portal will appear. Once inside the portal, go left instead of right.

Blade Armor special abilities

The Blade Armor can perform a powered Mach Dash by pressing X(2). The longer you hold X and/or the D-pad, the farther he will dash in that direction. It special attack is firing two waves of two Z-Sabers in the direction he is facing.

Falcon Armor special abilities

Its special attack is a fully charged X-Buster blast that falls all over the screen.

Shadow Armor parts and locations

    Arms: You find this in Blaze Heatnix’s level. After the second mini-Boss Donut Mechaniloid, you will get to a vertical area with an upper and lower door. You will notice the ceiling is quite high above the upper door.

    Body: In Rainy Turtloid’s level, when you get to the inside of the tree trunk, there are five narrow passages with spikes on the ceiling and floor. Three are on the left side and two are on the right side. The upper right passage leads to the Shadow Armor body program. You will need the Blade Armor and use the Mach Dash to get through the narrow passageway. Make sure to release Right or you will walk into the second set of spikes. Repeat this to go through the second set of spikes.

    Head: If you have not come from Metal Shark Player’s level, you will need the Blade Armor’s Mach Dash ability to get to the armor capsule. You must climb either the left or right side of the vertical chamber. Once you see the left or right ledges, dash jump off the wallm then Mach Dash upwards and land on the ledge. Continue to climb up, and you will see the capsule.

    Leg: You find this in Blizzard Wolfang’s level. Shortly, after passing the area with vertical avalanches and pillars of ice you have to stand on, you will reach a downward slope to a ladder. Above the ladder is a ledge. Zero can double jump to that ledge. X with the Blade Armor can Mach Dash straight up and land on the ledge.

There is another way to get the body part of the Shadow Armor in Rainy Turtloid’s level. Before going to Rainy Turtloid’s level, go to the “Parts” section of the level selection menu and equip the Hyperdash and D-Barrier parts on X. Go to Rainy Turtloid’s level with the Falcon Armor. Enter the tree trunk and find the upper-right passage. Instead of trying to dash in the air to get through the set of spikes, go back to the ledge. Then, wait until one of the many bats with bombs follow you. Make sure you get hit by it directly in front of the spikes. After you are hit you will have about four or five seconds before you stop flashing (are invincible), dash rapidly forward. You will first see a Reploid that needs to be rescued. Either rescue her and die, or keep going and find the armor capsule. It is recommended that you wait to rescue her until you get the Shadow Armor, as it makes you invulnerable to spikes.

Use the following trick if you are playing the game completely with Zero and do not want to use X to get the Shadow Armor Part in Rainy Turtloid’s level. When you go up to the uppermost passage on the right, you will read Alia’s message. She tells you that only X can get through. This is not true. Instead of dashing in the air, go to back to the ledge until one of the many bats comes after you. When it does, have it damage you directly in front of the spike passage. Immediately when you start flashing (and are invulnerable), dash to get through the first set of spikes, and on the second set of spikes Air Dash. The Air Dash part is the most difficult in the process. Practice before trying the actual thing is recommended. If you make it through, to get out you must kill yourself or quit if you already cleared the level.

Shadow Armor special abilities

The Shadow Armor has Hydroga as its special jump. It also allows you to touch, walk on, and climb on spikes without getting hurt. Its giga attack is Z-Saber becoming released and circling around him. Shadow Armor can perform Hydroga, by pressing Up + X.

Easy Shadow Head capsule

Play as Zero, then equip Jumper and go to Blaze Heatnix’s area. Defeat the first two “donut” Mechaniloids (use Rekkoha) and go through the door. Above youa re three platforms. Jump to the highest one. You will see a door. Wall jump to the top of the wall opposite the door. You should see a Nightmare, Injured Reploid, and a Heart Tank. Keep at the top of the wall until the Nightmare comes toward you and kill it. Then, slide down the wall a bit and double jump to the platform. Climb upwards until you reach the capsule.

X’s armor special abilities

Zero can perform a double jump by pressing X at the top of the first jump. The special attack is a Raynoka Blast fall from the top left to the top right of the screen.

X’s Ultimate Armor special abilites

Its special is the Invincible Dash. Press X, then X again. You will be invincible while performing any part of it, and it does not use GigaAttack energy.

Easy Nightmare Soul gain

After defeating all eight Mavericks, go to a level that you can get to the teleporter fairly quickly and easily (such as Infinity Mijinion). Get to the Boss (not the main one, the one where you fight Zero or High Max). You should find Dynamo there. Get next to him and use the Meteor Rain attack (Ensuizan for Zero) twice. Dynamo should drop a Nightmare Orb worth 200 Souls. You can make him do this three times before he goes away for a total of 600 Souls. You can do this as many times as you needed.

Blast Hornett

When fighting Metal Shark Player, he resurrects Reploids from previous Megaman X games to help him. He will rarely call up Blast Hornett from Megaman X3 . Blast Hornett fires a large wave of mechanoid hornets at your character when he is summoned. After a few waves he will disappear.

Keep the charge in the Magma Blade

Equip the Falcon Armor then enter any level. Select the weapon and charge it. Then, release Square. Hold Square just before the birds appear and you will keep the charge. Note: This only works when X is in the Falcon Armor.

Getting the Shadow Armor’s Body

When trying to get into the part with all the spikes, jump then wait until you are in between the top and bottom rows of spikes to use the Mach Dash. You should use X to do the Mach Dash after jumping and release all buttons at the time so you do not hit the second row of spikes. After making past the first row, rescue the Reploid and repeat the procedure for the next row of spikes. Do the same thing to get out.

Transporter to High Max/Dynamo in the Inami Temple

In the tree, there are passages with spikes. There are three on the right, and two on the left. Go to bottom one on the left and do the Mach Dash (Invisible Dash for X’s Ultimate Armor) and you will fly into it.

Getting Shadow Armor part in the Inami Temple

While getting the part to the Shadow Armor in Inami Temple, while at the spikes use Ultimate X Jump and Dash as quick as possible.

Virus advantages

While playing as X, if you get hit by the Sigma Viruses you obviously will lose health. However, when playing Zero, he will gain full health if this happens. This is very useful when running very low on health when playing Zero.

Super high jump

While you are using the Shadow Armor or have the Ice Attack with Zero, hold Up and press Jump while you are dashing. You will do the normal high jump, but you will be dashing as in a Dash Jump.

Alternate purple doors entrances

If you approach purple doors differently, your character might enter differently and do poses. For example, if you continuously shoot peewee shots while approaching a purple door (still shooting when you enter), you will walk in with your gun raised and aimed forward. If you slide down a wall into a purple door, your character will turn around and slide (on nothing) into the next room. Dashing will also result in an alternative entrance.

Stop roof from lowering in Metal Shark’s level

You can stop the lowering roof by getting the big robot and walking through the level. At one point you will see a large garbage pile. It is the tallest one. Jump up there and get out of the robot. The roof will only go down until it hits the robot, and you can easily make it to the lower area.

In the area where the ceiling comes down, you get the robot suit. Go all the way to the top of the junk and jump out with X + Up. The ceiling will try to crush you, it but will not be able to. Instead, it will stop and go up immediately after it is touched. This guarantees that you will not get crushed by it on the top level.

Blue portals

At some areas, you will see a blue warp portal. Go inside to unlock many things in game. The first time is where you meet Nightmare Zero; it unlocks Zero as a player. The second time is where you meet High Max again; it auto unlocks the Gate level. The third and many times afterwards is where you meet Dyamo from Megaman X5 , as you would always meet him if you still go in the blue portal.

Magna Centipede appearance

When fighting Metal Shark Player, he will sometimes call Magna Centipide from Megaman X2 .

Sting Chameleon appearance

When fighting Metal Shark Player as Zero, he will use a move and Sting Chameleon from Megaman X1 will appear and attack.

Storm Eagle appearance

Play as X, and charge up the Metal Anchor all the way. When released, a metallic version of Storm Eagle from Megaman X1 will rain down on your enemies.

Megaman X and Megaman X2 reference

In the last battle with Sigma, the music is a combination from the final Sigma battles in Megaman X and Megaman X2 .

Defeating Blaze Heatnix

Immediately as the battle starts, magma flows up from the bottom of the screen. Find a ledge. After you hit Blaze Heatnix a few times, the lava recedes and comes down from the top of the screen. You now have the little space below the ledges; so use Meteor Rain to kill Blaze Heatnix quickly.

Defeating Gate

Play as Zero, then equip D. Barrier, Jumper, and Full Recover. Then, fill your Subtanks. Then, when you get to Gate, stand on a platform until Gate moves toward you. Next, Dash Jump to another platform. When he shoots spheres, try to destroy them. They will break into six pieces and hurt Gate. As soon as you get his health low, he will slash the platforms near you. Dash Jump away every time he gets near you. Note: When he throws spheres on you, use Ensuizan to destroy them.

Play as X (Falcon, Blade, or Ultimate), then equip D. Barrier, Jumper, and Full Recover and fill your Subtanks. When you get to Gate, stand on a platform, then Dash Jump to another when Gate moves toward you. When he throws his spheres, use Magma Blade to destroy them. Do not charge the Magma Blade. They will break into six spheres that hurt Gate.

Use the Magma Sword on Gate when he throws his spheres. Hit the spheres so that they explode and turn into smaller spheres. They will hit him back.

Note: To reach Gate, defeat all eight bosses, or enable the “X’s Ultimate Armor” code and defeat him the first time you fight him after the Crazy Maverick. Whenever you defeat High Max, Gates level will automatically be open. The best way to pass the spikes at the start of Gate’s level is to use the Zero or the Shadow Armor. When in the second area in which magma apperas from the bottom of the screen, run under the opening in the ceiling and use Hydroga with Zero or the Shadow Armor. When you are by the wall, grab it and climb. The Gate Sub Boss #1 is weak against Metal Anchor and Giga Attacks. If you can get X up to him, use the “Storm Eagle” trick for heavy damage.

Defeating the Giant Maverick

For the first battery. equip AutoCharge, then dodge until you are fully charged. When fully charged, shoot the little red gem. On the way to the second battery, a tracking system targets you. If it locks on, wait until it shoots, then jump. For the second battery, use the same tactics as done against the first, except there are lasers that shoot at you from the side walls, and the targeting system is still activated.

Defeating High Max

After getting Zero, go through the teleporters and find High Max with Zero. Make sure to have both Sub-tanks full before facing him. Use the Sharks weapon with Zero. Take your time facing him — it takes awhile to figure out his attacks and how to get close to him.

After getting Zero, choose the Falcon Armor at the character selection screen. Go to the teleporters to High Max. Before he fires the three waves of energy balls, hit him with a fully charged Buster Shot. This will make him vulnerable. Afterwards, hit him with any special weapon (they take off the same amount of damage on him). After you hit him, he will either chase you with a shield on or fire a huge ball. To dodge the shield chase, just duck. To dodge the ball, jump on the wall and over it or him. Repeat these steps until High Max is defeated. You do not need to find all of Dr. Light’s armor parts to defeat him. After you win, an intermission sequence will begin and you will have access to a new level, the Secret Laboratory.

The following trick requires the Ultimate Armor and Zero in your party. Charge up Ultimate Armor X’s Buster and fire it at High Max while he is blinking. Then, immediately use the Giga Crush on him. Three or four hits are required to kill him. When you win, you can skip all the Bosses and go directly to Gate’s level.

Use the following trick to defeat High Max with Zero and no sub tanks. This strategy requires that you obtain more than half the heart tanks for Zero. It also helps if you have a sub-tank. When the fight begins, dash to the other side of High Max, making sure he fires four fireballs by the time you are at the corner, and four more while you climb up the wall. Then, dash to your left and use Magma Blade to paralyze him. Next, jump and attack him. He will get injured and fly up. When he descends, he will do one of two things. If he appears to be charging a ball with his fist, double jump over him and then use Magma Blade while he is in the bottom corner of the field. Use the Z-Buster, as it takes more damage. If he surrounds himself with something, he will be invincible. This takes a lot of damage, so stay away from corners as you will receive no damage if you duck. Repeat the process until his life is low. He will surround himself with some fireballs and bombard you non-stop with them. Just jump and keep performing Ensuizan (Down + Triangle) This will result in some damage and eventually he will die, as he only does this attack when low on health. Note: Do not try to fight High Max in Blizzard Wolfgang’s level as it will be more difficult and you cannot to jump on the walls because of the ice.

To defeat High Max with the Shadow Armor, get close to him and hit him with a charged attack. This makes defeating High Max in the final level fairly easy, and any other time you face him.

To defeat High Max with Zero (whether Nightmare or not), you must first obtain the weapon from Blaze Heatnix. Get close to High Max then use Shoezan (Up + Attack). This will stun him. Then, just attack, either with his Jumping Spinning Slash, his Jumping Slash, or his combo. It should not take too long to defeat him, and if you dodge High Max’s attacks well, you should not need anymore than just Zero with the Shoezan.

Defeating Infinity Mijinion

First, destroy the doors that power Illumina. Then when the crystal appears, keep running to the right. You will reach Infinity Mijinion’s Boss doors. Then, just use Zero’s Z Blaster until Mijinion has been defeated.

Infinity Mijinion’s weakness is the X-Buster that Zero has. Do not try to use specials. Instead, turn on Rapid Fire. When the battle starts, just start blasting (pressing Square recommended). When you blast him against the wall, jump over the opponent in front of you, as he is a fake, and blast the one by the wall.

Defeating Rainy Turtloid

Equip the Blade Armor and Ultimate Buster part. Fire the Ice Weapon and Mach-Dash up. You will fire icicles and one will hit Turtloid in the head, freezing him and causing heavy damage. The fully-charged ice weapon is Turtloid’s only weakness; the Ultimate Buster, which fires all fully-charged shots, makes this a lot easier. if you do not have it, use Quick-Charge instead.

Defeating Zero

The Z Saber that you are given as a secondary weapon is his weakness. Zero’s special attacks will be neutralized and he fades out and reappears on the other side of the screen.

Boss weaknesses

    Commander Yammark: Ray Arrow
    Ground Scaravich: Yammark
    Blaze Hentnix: Ground Dash
    Blizzard Wolfang: Magma Blade
    Rainy Turtoid: Ice Burst
    Metal Shark Player: Meteor Raiin
    Shield Shelden: Metal Anchor
    Infinity Mijinion: Guard Shell
    Dynamo: Meteor Rain
    High Max: Magma Blade
    Gate Boss 1: Metal Anchor
    High Max: Magma Blade
    Gate: Invinsible Dash or Shadow Armor Giga Attack
    Sigma 1: Metal Anchor
    Sigma 2: Ground Dash

To easily defeat any Boss or mini-Boss, enable the “X’s Ultimate Armor” code. Get to the Boss and use Giga Attack two or three times. Also, use this strategy to defeat High Max. Hit him with a charge shot while he is flashing, then immediately use Giga Attack on him. Do this three or four times to kill him.

Rockman: Battle And Chase

Control loading screens

At the “P-Cone” loading screen, press the D-pad to control the cones. Press X at the “Auto and Eddie” loading screen to make the car race agross the screen.

Base track

Win Grand Prix mode two times with the same character to unlock the Base track in Versus and Time Attack mode.

Fortress track

Win Grand Prix mode three times with the same character to unlock the Fortress track in Versus and Time Attack mode.

Space track

Win Grand Prix mode four times with the same character to unlock the Space track in Versus and Time Attack mode.

Dr. Wily

Win Grand Prix mode with any character to unlock Dr. Wily in Versus and Time Attack mode.

Duo and the Hard Grandeur

Defeat Dr. Wily three times. Then, defeat the Black Troop challengers: Black Joe, the Black Roaders, the Black Devil, and the entire Black Troop. Note: You must get the secret part after defeating each Black Troop challenger before racing the next one. Duo will be unlocked after all four secret parts are obtained.

Karaoke song

Win a Grand Prix circuit without losing any of the races to unlock a karaoke song for your racer. Note: Not all characters have a song.

Alternate ending sequence

Collect all the Dr. Wily car parts to view a new ending with alternate music and character art.

Blade Tires

Defeat the Black Joe, then look behind the jump on Quick Man’s track. Note: You must get the question mark panel and win the race to unlock the part.

[lasso rel="amzn-razer-blackshark-v2-and-usb-sound-card-multi-platform-headset-for-esports-pc-mac-playstation-4-switch-xbox-1-smartphone-50mm-drivers" id="177836"]

Hammer Body

Defeat the Black Troop, then look where the track slopes down to the left near the start of Guts Man’s track. The part is hidden back against the wall, behind the slope.

Retro Engine

Defeat the Black Devil, then look in a small niche near the end of Ice Man’s track. The niche is past a pit, on the left.

Sky High Wing

Defeat the Black Roaders, then look behind the bottom tunnel divider on Napalm Man’s track.

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