Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever And New Friends



Dog breeds

Get the indicated number of trainer points to unlock the corresponding dog breed. Note: The European and Japanese versions have different point requirements than the North American version.

    Basset Hound: 9,800
    Boxer: 5,800
    Bull Terrier: 3,600
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: 5,800
    Chihuahua: 600
    Dalmatian: 3,600
    French Bulldog: 9,800
    German Shepherd: 2,100
    Jack Russel Terrier: 600
    Labrador Retriever: 3,600
    Miniature Schnauzer: 2,100
    Pembroke Welsh Corgi: 7,400
    Pomeranian: 2,200
    Sheltie: 600
    Shih Tzu: 7,400
    Siberian Husky: 5,800
    Toy Poodle: 9,800
    Yorkshire Terrier: 7,400

Alternately, play the game for the indicated number of days to unlock the corresponding breed:

    Basset Hound: 31 days
    Boxer: 21 days
    Bull Terrier: 15 days
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: 21 days
    Chihuahua: 5 days
    Dalmatian: 15 days
    French Bulldog: 31 days
    German Shepherd: 11 days
    Jack Russel Terrier: 5 days
    Labrador Retriever: 15 days
    Miniature Schnauzer: 11 days
    Pembroke Welsh Corgi: 25 days
    Pomeranian: 11 days
    Sheltie: 5 days
    Shih Tzu: 25 days
    Siberian Husky: 21 days
    Toy Poodle: 31 days
    Yorkshire Terrier: 25 days

Holiday bonuses

Set the system date to the indicated day to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    St. Patrick's Day (March 17): Pet your puppy or kitten, and clover shapes will appear.


When you find cones on the road during a walk, slalom through them without touching any of them to get presents.

Licking dog

Call your puppy to you, then hold the stylus on your puppy's mouth.

Sneezing dog

Call your puppy to you, then blow into the mic.

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