The "Denpa" Men 3: Rise of Digitoll Review
System: 3DS
Dev: Genius Sonority, Inc.
Pub: Genius Sonority, Inc.
Release: May 8, 2014
Players: 1
Screen Resolution: N/A Mild Fantasy Violence

Of course, fishing isn't the only way to earn money. Bazaar Island allows players to sell extra items to other players by connecting to the internet to set up shop, and vice versa. Spending 1,000 coins at a Summoning Shop lets you import one Denpa man or woman from The "Denpa" Men: They Came By Wave or The "Denpa" Men: Beyond the Waves. They'll be at level 1, but one stat will be boosted for your investment. Even plants can be grown in gardens around the world from seeds acquired after battles, and these can be used for Denpa improvements. Someone can even spend money to rent other people's Denpa online, or rent out their own Denpa to make more coins. Even the Coliseum aids in acquisition, as it awards medals to victors, which can be used to buy items.


Though, even these special islands cost money. The "Denpa" Men 3 economy also involves jewels, which can be found in the world, gained by StreetPassing other players, or even purchased with real cash. Special jewel shops sell items, equipments and even Bazaar, Coliseum, Summoning and residential islands.

Yet, the capitalistic nature of The "Denpa" Men 3 actually helps improve the game. There's always something to work towards, and the ability to jump to important places on the map with a push of a button is quite a boon. Players will always have a goal. It could be to improve fishing skills to unlock new areas and gain more money, which can be spent on furniture for Denpas' homes. Perhaps it's about endless trips to the Coliseum, to earn medals for unusual items. Though, I suspect a lot of the replayability will come from a sense of pride. Like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, The "Denpa" Men 3 allows players to take screenshots by pressing the left and right buttons at the same time. I forsee the fan community sharing plenty of pictures of their strangest warriors and most elegant homes.


The "Denpa" Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll's title couldn't be more accurate. Of the three games available thus far, it is the best and does a wonderful job of encouraging players to keep going further into dungeons and interacting with the virtual world. Moreover, it also compels people to turn each Denpa into a little moneymaker in the hopes of not only improving the team, but to build up their homes, world and Coliseum reputation. With every installment, The "Denpa" Men has demanded more attention, and with The "Denpa Men 3 the time has come for every 3DS owner to investigate this series.

Jenni Lada
Contributing Writer
Date: May 13, 2014

The Digitoll world is bright, colorful, and filled with personality.
Denpa is effortless to control and makes it easy to jump between places and activities.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
The Denpa still have the most annoying voices.
Play Value
The story's weak, but there's lots to do.
Overall Rating - Must Buy
Not an average. See Rating legend below for a final score breakdown.
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Game Features:

  • Denpa Men are all around you. Find and catch them to form a party and take them on an exciting adventure!
  • Some Denpa Men can capture monsters, turning them into allies who can be summoned to your side.
  • Your Denpa Men friends now have their own little homes, which can be customized and decorated to suit your style.
  • Trade items with players worldwide, and lend or borrow Denpa Men.
  • You can import your hero and bring all your friends from the previous two The “Denpa” Men titles.

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