Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Secret passwords

    The following passwords can be found during various novel sections, and need to be entered during other novel sections:

      Bomb 0: LXA QNS GDQ
      Bomb 1: BQZ RGJ DXR
      Bomb 2: EQD DYR NTK
      Bomb 3: LXQ LHC NMR
      One-Headed Lion (Q room): ID: KURASHIKI, PW: JUMPYDOLL
      Two-Headed Lion (director's office): ID: GTF-DM-L-016, PW: MILKEVOLI

  • Secret phone messages

    Dial the following numbers on the phone in Room 04 of the crew quarters to hear various messages:

      Conversation with Jenny: 5309
      Erotic hotline: 6969
      Origin of "Pie": 3141
      Set of numbers that can be read upside down: 8008

  • Dragon Ball reference

    Look at the billiard ball poster, and Alice will say "These look like they're from that show where these kids collect seven balls that can grant a wish".

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