Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Wii U

Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Wii U

Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition

Bonus costumes

Select a saved game file, then press Left two times, Down two times, Left two times, Right, Up two times, Down at the menu. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a bat flutter. Choose to continue your game, and the costume selection screen will appear.

Big head mode

Pull out the Cryptographic Sequencer, then hold ZL + ZR and rotate the rotate the Left Analog-stick clockwise and the Right Analog-stick counterclockwise to make Batman’s head and all enemy head’s larger. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

New Game Plus mode

Successfully complete the game on the Normal or Hard difficulty to unlock New Game Plus mode. This mode allows you to keep your previously earned gadgets and experience points. Additionally, there will not be any counter icons on thugs, thugs and Bosses will be more difficult, and thugs will have different configurations.


Rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise repeatedly to perform a taunt. Note: If you execute a taunt before performing a glide kick with Batman or Robin, the view will change to the enemy’s perspective.

Alternate ending

Note: The alternate ending requires the bonus “Catwoman” downloadable content. In Catwoman’s third mission, when you have the option to go left or right with the “loot”, go right to view the alternate ending. You will still be able to go backwards and not ruin anything in the main campaign.

Hidden messages

Use Batman’s Cryptographic Sequencer to go to the following coordinates to intercept secret radio broadcasts that read numbers, make a buzzing sound, and then repeat the numbers again. When the numbers are matched to the corresponding letters of the alphabet, they spell out a hidden message. Note: Some of the secret broadcasts may not be available until after completing the main campaign.

Hidden message 1

    Location: X: 700.00, Y: 500.00
    Message: 9-23-9-12-12-18-5-20-21-18-14-2-1-20-13-1-14
    Decoded message: “I WILL RETURN BATMAN”

Hidden message 2

    Location: X: 500.00, Y: 900.00
    Message: 5-15-9-7-21-18-18-14-3-5-24-15-12-7-22-3-10-5-15-9-22-3-8-25-26-15-16-25-10-15-17-25

Hidden message 3

    Location: X: 200.00, Y: 500.00
    Message: 3-20-26-18-26-16-24-1-11-4-24-9-3-8-5-2-12-18-6-16-7-11-3-10-17-5-13-4-21-8

Easy Augmented Reality Challenge

One of the last four Augmented Reality Challenges appears to be difficult because you are supposed to execute a U-turn during your dive bomb. This can be done more easily by using the grapple boost going past the first checkpoint, then turning around while gliding. You can then glide through all the checkpoints much easier.

Easy high scores with Batman in Combat Challenges

Alternate throwing the Batarang and evading or jumping over the heads of enemies until you get to do a special move (combo 5x or 8x). You can do this five times before it will not add to your multiplier. If it gets blocked, it should not break your combo. It seems throwing Batarangs in succession also works well, as you can throw at least two at a time, and it will not break a combo. Additionally, jump into the middle of enemies, and perform the Bat Swarm.

Harley Quinn pregnancy

Go to the manager’s office inside the Steel Mill. On the floor, next to the Harley Quinn costume, there is a positive pregnancy test.

Batman: Arkham City reference in Batman: Arkham Asylum

In the Warden’s Office in Batman: Arkham Asylum , go back to the room with the Warden’s portrait on the far wall. Turn left as soon as you enter the doorway, and approach the wooden wall. You can destroy it with Explosive Gel. It may take a few tries, but one of the panels on the wooden wall can be destroyed. Beyond the wooden wall is an unmarked room with a blueprint on the wall. It shows plans for the relocation or expansion of Arkham to Gotham City. This is a reference to the setting of Batman: Arkham City .

Killer Croc reference

After you defeat Ra’s al Ghul and are leaving the subway tunnels, instead of going the correct way, backtrack until you find a gate blocking your path. You should see a button on the far wall and a gap in the iron bars. Throw the Batarang through the gap to hit the button. There will be a cutscene with Killer Croc. Note: You cannot reach this area again after this point in the game.

Lost reference

During the second visit to the Steelmill, you will see The Joker on the large TV. He will start talking about TV shows, and say “How come it all ended in a church,” which is a reference to the TV show, Lost.

Scarecrow reference

Note: To access this secret room, you must have the upgraded Cryptographic Sequencer with the “TYGER” codes installed. Just north of the Industrial District in the Harbord, glide onto the Falcone boat west of the two cranes hanging over the water — where you do the first set of Augmented Reality challenges. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the door on the boat. Enter ” CityofTerror ” as a password to open the hatch on the boat. Inside are a bunch of containers with cockroaches on them and a dead inmate. There is also a shipping invoice for Dr. J. Crane (Scarecrow’s real name), hinting that Scarecrow did survive the Killer Croc encounter.

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