GoldenEye 007


  • Cheat mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Cheats" menu. Get the indicated amount of XP by completing Time Trails to unlock the corresponding cheat option:

      Full Armor: Start with full body armor. Does not replenish (1 XP).
      Tactical Knife: Start with a Tactical Knife (2 XP).
      Infinite Ammo: All weapons have unlimited ammo reserves (3 XP).
      SB-Y90: Starts with a SB-Y90 gun equipped (4 XP).
      Universal Silencer: Gunshots and ricochets do not alert guards (4 XP).
      Proximity Charges: Start with Proximity Charges (4 XP).
      Silent Steps: Footsteps do not alert guards (4 XP).
      .50 DLX: Start with a .50 DLX gun (4 XP).
      Invisible to Cameras: Invisible to all cameras (4 XP).
      JM7 Rocket: Start with a JM7 Rocket (4 XP).
      Golden Gun: Start with the Golden Gun. Kills enemies with a single bullet. (5 XP).
      Vanisher: When you defeat an enemy, they will disintegrate (6 XP).

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