The Incredibles


  • Dash runs faster

    When running with Dash, tap Y and he will reach 167 mph.

  • Defeating the second Omniroid

    When fighting the second Omniroid, enable the "Showtime" and "Kronos" codes; it will only take three shots to finish the battle.

  • Cheat codes

    Pause the game, select the "Secrets" option, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Some codes are only available in specific levels.

    Level selectSpringBreak
    Complete levels with BombvoyageLabombe
    Refill 25% healthUUDDLRLRBAS
    Infinite Elastigirl powersFlexible
    Temporary infinite Incredi-pointsShowtime
    Destroy all nearby enemies and items SmartBomb
    Superspeed Incredi-power while runningDanielTheFlash
    Fast Running and Ramming Incredi-powerMcTravis
    Temporary infinite Incredi-power while playing as DashDashLikes
    Temporary infinite Incredi-power while playing as Violet TonyLoaf
    Dash not hurt when running into objectsGilgendash
    Henchmen always launch death shrapnelDandruff
    Health remains constantPinkSlip
    Findtrails and SuperpunchKronos
    Shoot beams temporarilyGazerBeam
    Fire TrailAthletesFoot
    Easier gameBoaPlace
    Faster gameSassMode
    Battle modeRotAIDalg
    Reverse movement with Nomansian Island turretInvertTurret
    Horizontal camera control switchedInvertCameraX
    Vertical camera control switchedInvertCameraY
    Big head modeEinsteinium
    Small head modeDeEvolve
    Slow motion playerBWTheMovie
    Some objects flash different colorsDiscoRules
    Brightness/bright colorsEMode
    Toggle HUDbHUD
    Introduction sequenceHi
    Credits sequenceYourNameInLights
    Deactivate all active codesTheDudeAbides

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