Mario Party 7

Strategy Guide



  • Bowser's Enchanted Inferno board

    Successfully complete all boards in Solo mode and defeat Bowser to unlock Bowser's Enchanted Inferno board in Deluxe and Party modes.

  • Magmagical Journey mini-game

    Buy Bowser's Killer Cannon in the duty-free shop to unlock a Bowser mini-game called Magmagical Journey.

  • Credits

    Unlock the Power Star Statue. Enter the shop, select it from the souvenir stand, then say "Surprise" into the microphone.

  • Souvenir actions

    Say the word in the description that appears in green for souvenirs into the microphone.

  • Easy wins in Mad Props

    Select "Practice" and do this three or four times. Hold L + R and release the button in the direction of the turn. For example, on a left turn release L.

  • Bonuses

    The following bonuses can be bought in the shop for the indicated number of mileage points:

      Ancient Jar: 500 points
      Annoy Mode: 500 points
      Aquarium Secret: 500 points
      Birdo character: 1,000 points
      Blooper Fortune-Teller: 500 points
      Bowser's Boiled Eggs: 500 points
      Bowser's Crazy Torch: 500 points
      Bowser's Killer Cannon: 500 points
      Brutal difficulty: 1,000 points
      Character Voices: 1,000 points
      Cheep Cheep Fountain: 500 points
      Cruise Secret 1: 500 points
      Cruise Secret 2: 500 points
      Desert Chocolate: 500 points
      Desert Goomba: 500 points
      Dry Bones character: 1,000 points
      Fuzzy Sheep: 500 points
      Gong Clock: 500 points
      Grand Canal Cookies: 500 points
      Hop Hat Shy Guy: 500 points
      Ice Moves mini-game: 3,000 points
      King of the River mini-game: 2,000 points
      Koopa Sheperdess: 500 points
      Kung Fu Kooopa: 500 points
      Kung Fu Koopa T-Shirt: 500 points
      Map Sounds in Solo Cruise: 1,000 points
      Model Rocket: 500 points
      Model Windmill: 500 points
      Mysterious Flying Disc: 500 points
      Orb Shop Secret: 500 points
      Pyramid Piggy Bank: 500 points
      Singing Shy Guy: 500 points
      Souvenir Secret: 500 points
      Staff Records: 3,000 points
      Steel Goomba: 500 points
      Stick and Spin mini-game: 3,000 points
      Sticky Buns: 500 points
      Stunning Background: 2,000 points
      Team Secret: 500 points
      Top Hat Chocolate: 500 points
      Tour Sounds: 1,000 points
      Windy Cheese: 500 points

    The following bonuses cannot be bought at the shop until they are unlocked through the indicated task:

      Chop Chop Helicopter (1,000 points): Play Deluxe Cruise repeatedly
      Free Play Sub (1,000 points): Play all Cruise mini-games
      Magic Lamp: Successfully complete the normal course in King Of The River mode
      Miracle Treasure Chest: Successfully complete the easy course in King Of The River mode
      MSS Sea Star (1,000 points): Play every board in Party mode
      Power Star Statue: Successfully complete the hard course in King Of The River mode

    The following bonuses are simply informational, and reveal the following when bought:

      Aquarium Secret: "Something fun will happen if you say: "Goomba" while playing: "Be My Chum"
      Cruise Mileage Secret 1: "If you play minigames outside of the boards, you get 10 mileage points each time!"
      Cruise Mileage Secret 2: "If you beat the CPU in Solo Cruise, you get an extra 500 mileage points!"
      Orb Shop Secret: "You'll pay less at Orb shops when you're behind!"
      Souvenir Secret: "When viewing souvenirs, say the colored words into the Mic! Surprise!"
      Team Secret: "When on a Party Cruise team, you might get a star in coin earning events!"

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