NBA Live '99

  • Flip the ball during a free throw

    Hold R while shooting a free throw to flip the ball before shooting it. -From:

  • Granny free throw

    Hold C-Left while shooting a free throw for a granny throw.

  • Bonus teams

    Enter the "Rosters" screen and select the "Create Custom Team" option. Then, enter one of the following locations and team names to activate the corresponding team that consists of members of the development staff.

    LocationTeam name

    Game Shark Codes

    Home Team Infinite Time Outs801D3458 0007
    Home Team No Time Outs801D3458 0000
    Home Team Score Modifier801D3451 00??
    Home Team Scores 150801D3451 0096
    Away Team Infinite Time Outs801D4024 0007
    Away Team No Time Outs801D4024 0000
    Away Team Score Modifier801D401D 00??
    Away Team Scores 150801D401D 0096

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