The Body Changer


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    CONVERT THE KEBRE: Kill a blue Kebre with the granade launcher.
    CRACK NECK ATTACK: Kill an enemy with the crack neck.
    DO A SUPPLEX: Do a supplex to a green Kebre.
    DON'T FALL: Defeat an enemy by making him falling into the Main Pool in Sector-02.
    DRILL THIS: Kill the Grott.
    FIND THE CONVERTER GL: Find the granade launcher.
    GIVE ME THE BLUE: New Ray Color: BLUE.
    GIVE ME THE GREEN: New Ray Color: GREEN.
    GLASS: Open door to Purifirer 02 from Sector-03.
    HARD TRIP HIM!: Trip an enemy with the gun.
    IT DOESN'T HURT: First dummy takes the card.
    IT'S RAINING ZOMBIES: Kill 50 zombies in Turbine Area of sector-05.
    JUMP INTO THE ABYSS: ??? (sector-05).
    JUMP OF FUN: Kill an enemy with a grenade.
    MIRROR: Solve mirror puzzle in Sector-02.
    PULL!: Stop an energy ball with a shoot.
    PURIFIER-01: Activate the purifier-S01.
    PURIFIER-02: Activate the purifier-S02.
    PURIFIER-03: Activate the purifier-S03.
    PURIFIER-04: Activate the purifier-S04.
    PURIFIER-05: Enable the purifier-S05 Green Mode.
    RESIST: Clear first puzzle with the Nexus and the Ighel.
    SHARP COMBO: Kill 3 enemies with just one V-Blade stab.
    SLASH THEM ALL: Kill 50 enemies with the V-BLADE.
    SPLAT: Kill 50 enemies with head shots.
    SQUEEZE IN THE DARK: Kill 10 worms on Filters Engine Area of Sector-03.
    TAKE THIS BUBBLE: Kill an enemy with the energy ball.
    THE GREEN IS YOUR FRIEND: Kill an enemy with the green water.
    TIME TO ACTIVATE: Activator used.
    TREMBLINGS: Pass the dark zone.
    TRIP HIM!: Trip an enemy with the machine gun.
    TURN IT AGAIN: First puzzle with lasers.
    TURN IT ON: Use Dart energy ball to open a door.
    V-BLADE SLASH: Kill an enemy with the V-BLADE.
    YOU MADE IT: Do a barrel roll.
    YOU UGLY MF: Kill the kebre.
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