Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf Cheats & Cheat Codes

Anrold Palmer Golf

Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf Cheats & Cheat Codes

Arnold Palmer Summary

Anrold Palmer Golf

Released in 1989 on the Sega Genesis, or Sega Mega Drive, Arnold Palmer Tournament was one of the first golf games released on the market. Also known as Naomichi Ozaki Super Masters in Japan. This game had only two modes, and to be fair, it is a product of its time. Those modes are tournament and practice. Tournament mode consisted of 12 rounds of Golf, with 18 holes in each. Pretty standard for golf games. 

Arnold Palmer Premise

Being an early golf game, there is no plot. Sorry about that!

Arnold Palmer Main Characters

Nor are there any characters.

Arnold Palmer Titles of Video Games in the Series

I believe this is the only game in the series.

  • Anrold Palmer Golf (1989)

Arnold Palmer Cheat Codes

More Experienced Caddy

At the password screen, enter all F’s in the top row and all 9’s in the bottom row.

Guaranteed Win

Enter “F1nLvJoNaAFA+SqzQ3 AoDG6Wi3wFIKENIG9+” as your password to play the final tournament with twice as much cash as the nearest opponent. Even if you don’t win the tournament, you’ll win the game!

Secret Game

Putt 100 times on a hole to see a screen from Fantasy Zone when the game is over. Now press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. You can now play a limited game of Fantasy Zone until you reset the game.

Super Shot

Enter your name as “Eve” and you’ll be able to hit the ball great distances.

Arnold Palmer Cheat Code FAQ

Where can I play this? There are many online emulators that support the game!

When did this come out? In 1989.

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