The Addams Family Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and more

The Addams Family Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and more

In the early 1990s, a supernatural black comedy film based on The Addams Family cartoon by Charles Affams was released. The film was a commercial success making back seven times its production costs and spawned a successful IP. Even a game was released for NES and SNES in 1992 with a Sega Genesis port coming soon after. Over the 90s, the game was released for the popular home consoles, computers, and handhelds. The game is a platformer developed by Ocean Software. The game was reviewed as average and it was criticized for its lack of innovation.

The Premise Of The Addams Family

In the game, you control Gomez Addams, on a mission to rescue the other members of the Addams family from Abigail Craven who is trying to seize the Addams’ wealth. The game is non-linear and shares a lot of similarities with the likes of The Legend Of Zelda and Metroid. Never did I think I would ever type those words in my life. The game includes bosses, power-ups, extra lives, and other collectibles. It was originally planned to be a puzzler released only on computer consoles but changed once an SNES version started development.

The Main Characters Of The Addams Family

  • Gomez Addams – Patriarch, head of the family, and the player character in the game.
  • Morticia Addams –  Loving wife to Gomez.
  • Pugsley Addams –  Eldest son and frequent torture victim.
  • Wednesday Addams – Eldest daughter and student of the macabre.
  • Grandmama – Blithe spirit and alligator wrestler.
  • Abigail Craven – One of the main villains of The Addams Family game.
  • Tully Alford – The Addams family attorney.
  • The Judge – The final boss of the game.

Other Titles In The Series

There have been seven video games released based on The Addams Family television series and films.

  • Fester’s Quest (1989)
  • The Addams Family (1992)
  • The Addams Family: Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt (1993)
  • Addams Family Values (1995)
  • The New Addams Family (2001)
  • The Addams Family Mystery Mansion (2019)
  • The Addams Family: Mansion Mayhem (2021)

The Addams Family Cheat Codes

Infinite Lives

This code works for all consoles. Enter this code at the title screen. The letter “c” will appear in the upper left corner if done correctly. It may take several tries before the code works properly.

Infinite Lives – Press A, B, B, A, Left, Right, Left, Right

C64 Only

Unlimited Credits – Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC commands before running or restarting the program. Code – POKE 11603, 173

Unlimited Lives – POKE 12545,173

AMI Only

Type these codes out at any time during the game.

3 Hearts&1Y1M
5 HeartsB919R
End Of Game#Z6D?
Extra EnergyL11G1
First Power-up&1#1#
Granny (Kitchen)BLJK#
Pugsley (Game Room)B1S14
Rescue FesterB?KKV
Rescue GrannyB&198
Rescue Pugsley61H1C
Rescue WednesdayBLS1T
Second Power-up?1S1M
Third Power-upBLSRS

SNES only

100 Lives11111
100 Lives, 3 Hearts, Sword71117
100 Lives, 4 Hearts, SwordW111W
100 Lives, 5 Hearts, Sword21112
100 Lives, All Family Rescued, 5 Hearts, Golf BallB211T
100 Lives, All Family Rescued, 5 Hearts, No ItemBB11L
100 Lives, All Family Rescued, 5 Hearts, Sword2B11T
5 Hearts, Pugsley rescuedBZXYC
62 Lives, 5 Hearts, all Family Members saved, Final Level accessible.BLKGZ
70 LivesBLKX8
72 Lives, Granny rescuedBDSXY
80 Lives, 5 Hearts, Granny & Pugsley rescuedB&1&B
After FesterBL91B
After GrandmaB&J15
After PugslyV1913
After WednesdayBD#K4
Ending (walk through Music Room)BLS&P
Final door openBLS&P
Maxed Out Code2211B
Start of Game&#KKN
Start The Game with Giant Budgie Beaten&191?
Start with 3 hearts99966

Snap Things Fingers – During the opening sequence, press L + R to snap Thing’s fingers.

Get an Extra Item – Watch the demo then when Fester receives an item, press Start and you will get that item when you start the game.

Hidden Bonus Room – When you lose your last life, head over to the door that says continue. Don’t go through, just keep walking left and you’ll enter a bonus room with four extra lives.

GB Only

  • Extra Life – After dying, hold Down, A, B, and Select to get that life back.
  • Family Vault – Jump while holding left at the far-left wall of the toy chest. Your character should jump through a false panel in the wall. Ascend the cavity by pressing Up.
  • Warp to Last Level – Go down to the second basement and jump at the last barrel on the right. Then press up as your character’s feet are level with the barrel.

Sega Genesis Only

10 lives and 3 hearts&11K6
16 lives and 3 hearts&1RKD
4 heartsD1H1#
5 HeartsL1SK#
5 lives and 3 hearts&1J1N
Pugsley is saved619KD
Start with 5 hearts AND everyone savedBLZK9
View Ending#Z7D?
Wednesday is saved&ZJ1T

Four Extra Lives – At the Game Over screen, walk to the left of the screen. You should now be in a room with 4 extra lives.

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