Death To Spies: Gold Edition


  • Cheat Codes

    Add the "-console" command line parameter to end of the "Target" field in the "Shortcut" properties that are used to launch the game. While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window, then type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Result Cheat Code
    God modesetv cl_superman 1
    Disable God modesetv cl_superman 0
    Infinite ammosetv c_noammo 1
    Disable unlimited ammosetv c_noammo 1
    Appear disguised to enemiescamouflage
    Ignored by enemiesdisable AI
    Silent movementsilence
    Spawn indicated itemL_CreateItem [item name]
    Level selectOpenLevels
    Load gamePL_RestorePos
    Save gamePL_SavePos

  • Item names

    Use one of the following values with the "L_CreateItem [item name]" code:

    MP40 weapon.Mp40
    K98 weapon.K98
    Luger weapon.Luger
    Gewehr weapon.Gewehr
    K98 Sniper Rifle weapon.K98Sniper
    DeLisle weapon.DeLisle
    Sten Silencer weapon.StenSilencer
    Mosin Sniper weapon.MosinSniper
    Mosin Silencer weapon.MosinSilencer
    Mosin Camo weapon.MosinCamo
    SVT weapon.Svt
    Mosin weapon.Mosin
    PPSH weapon.Ppsh
    TT weapon.TT
    Svt. Sniper weapon.SvtSniper
    PPS weapon.Pps
    Nagan Silencer weapon.NaganSilencer
    Nagan weapon.Nagan
    Sten weapon.Sten
    Enfield Sniper Rifle weapon.EnfieldSniper
    Enfield weapon.Enfield
    Colt weapon.Colt
    Thompson weapon.Thompson
    Garand weapon.Garand
    M1 Carbine weapon.M1Carbine
    M1903 weapon.M1903
    M1903 Sniper Rifle weapon.M1903Sniper
    Stick Grenade weapon.GermanStick
    RGD33 Grenade weapon.Rgd33
    F1 Grenade weapon.F1
    Smoke Grenade weapon.Smoke
    Dynamite weapon.Dynamite
    PMK40 weapon.Pmk40
    PMD6 weapon.Pmd6
    Knife weapon.Knife
    Fiber Wire weapon.FiberWire
    Chloroform weapon.Chloroform
    Binoculars Equipment.Binocular
    Foto Equipment.Foto
    Wirecutters Equipment.Wirecut
    Lockpicks Equipment.Lockpick
    Custom Equipment.Custom
    Medikit Equipment.Medikit
    Standard Gear Equipment.Wear:Player
    Nazi Officer Gear Equipment.Wear:GermanSoldier
    Nazi Officer Gear II Equipment.Wear:GermanOfficer
    Summer Gear Equipment.Wear:Summer
    Soviet Gear Equipment.Wear:Soviet
    Rasplata Gear Equipment.Wear:RasplataDed
    Scientist Gear Equipment.Wear:Scientist
    American Officer Gear Equipment.Wear:AmericanOfficer
    Jacket Equipment.Wear:Jacket
    Suit Equipment.Wear:Suitman
    German Yellow Outfit Equipment.Wear:GermanYellow
    Embassy Outfit Equipment.Wear:EmbassyMan
    Embassy Soldier Outfit Equipment.Wear:EmbassyManSoldier
    Soviet Soldier Gear Equipment.Wear:SovietSoldier
    Soviet Officer Gear Equipment.Wear:SovietOfficer
    Nazi Winter Gear Equipment.Wear:GermanWinterSoldier
    Nazi Winter Gear II Equipment.Wear:GermanWinterSoldier2
    Nazi Officer Winter Gear Equipment.Wear:GermanWinterOfficer
    Posilka Elder Gear Equipment.Wear:PosilkaElder
    Winter Gear Equipment.Wear:Winter
    Embassy Agent Gear Equipment.Wear:EmbassyAgent_1
    Embassy Agent Gear II Equipment.Wear:EmbassyAgent_2
    Hotel Guard Gear Equipment.Wear:HotelGuard
    German Grey Gear Equipment.Wear:GermanGrey
    German Doctor Gear Equipment.Wear:GermanDoctor
    Hotel Manager Gear Equipment.Wear:HotelManager
    Hotel Waiter Gear Equipment.Wear:HotelWaiter
    Hotel Patron Gear Equipment.Wear:HotelMan01
    British Cook Gear Equipment.Wear:BritishCook
    British Soldier Gear Equipment.Wear:BritishSoldier
    Nazi Cook Gear Equipment.Wear:GermanCook
    Papers Equipment.Throw:Papers
    Out of Order Sign Equipment.Throw:OutofOrder
    Knife Equipment.Throw:Knife
    Krujka Equipment.Throw:Krujka
    Vodka Bottle Equipment.Throw:VBottle
    Krujka II Equipment.Throw:Krujka2
    Grafin Equipment.Throw:Grafin
    Korchik Equipment.Throw:Korchik
    Loljka Equipment.Throw:Lojka1
    Loljka II Equipment.Throw:Lojka2
    Loljka III Equipment.Throw:Lojka3
    Bakal Equipment.Throw:Bakal
    Tarelka Equipment.Throw:Tarelka
    Tarelka II Equipment.Throw:Tarelka2
    Tarelka III Equipment.Throw:Tarelka3
    Tarelka IV Equipment.Throw:Tarelka4
    Lojka IV Equipment.Throw:Lojka4
    Vilka Equipment.Throw:Vilka
    Tarelka V Equipment.Throw:Tarelka5
    Tarelka VI Equipment.Throw:Tarelka6
    Tarelka VII Equipment.Throw:Tarelka7
    Stakan Equipment.Throw:Stakan
    Sovok Equipment.Throw:Sovok
    Molotov Cocktail Equipment.Throw:Molotok
    Gkluch Equipment.Throw:GKluch
    Otvertka Equipment.Throw:Otvertka

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