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  • News pickup locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all 61 news pickups:

    Chapter 1: Why We Fight

    Chapter 2: Freedom

    Chapter 3: Fire Sale

    Chapter 4: The Wall

    Chapter 5: Heartland

    Chapter 7: Golden Gate

  • Easy "David Rejected" achievement

  • Easy "Drone Expert" achievement

  • QR code in Chapter 5: Heartland

    In Chapter 5: Heartland, there is a QR code that appears during the mission. When captured with a phone with a QR reader, it will load the site at "http://aug.me/SymB9t", which features wallpapers and videos from THQ.

  • Deus Ex reference

    In Chapter 2: Freedom, the first line the black-marketer inside the labor camp will say is "You want to talk to El Ray? That's cool!". This is an exact statement made by a body guard for the Rook gang leader in the abandoned Brooklyn Bridge subway station in Deus Ex.

  • Red Dawn reference

    During the second or third mission where you first see the Korean camp for the Americans full of trailers and RVs, there is a sign that reads "Go Wolverines". This is a reference to the school's team in the movie Red Dawn. The story is written by John Milius, who co-wrote Apocalypse Now and wrote/directed Red Dawn, which depicts a resistant movement against a Soviet-led invasion of the United States.

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