Super Trench Attack


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    I broke a battleship!: Destroy the battleship.
    I broke a really big missile!: Stop the professor.
    I broke a submarine!: Destroy the sea-monkey.
    I broke alot of tanks!: Take out the enemy tank division.
    I broke some tanks!: Destroy the enemy tanks.
    I felt like lighting some torches!: Light all the torches on Pebble Beach.
    I got stuck in a cellar!: Clear the cellar at the village.
    I had a disagreement with Mauser.: Destroy the Black Mole.
    I had a swim with the Admiral!: Defeat the Admiral.
    I met a giant monkey!: Collect the battleship blueprints.
    I need a bigger tent!: Collect all the tent furniture.
    I saved the world!: Complete the game.
    I sharpened my knife!: Knife atleast fifty enemies.
    I survived Boot Camp!: Survive the boot camp.
    I took a nice train ride!: Stop the train.
    I took care of the beaches litter problem!: Smash all the bottles at Pebble Beach.
    I took care of the crow problem!: Shoot all the crows at the farmlands.
    I went to Mauser's Magic show!: Find agent Biggs.
    I'm not afraid of the dark, really!: Clear out the hidden beach bunker.
    I'm not afraid of the dark!: Clear the two beach bunkers.
    My picnic at the beach!: Destroy the two radio antennas.
    The casino guy cheats!: Win 2500G overall at the casino.
    The Keiser is alot shorter in real-life!: Confront the Keiser.
    The professor was a madman!: Rescue the professor before the enemy get him.
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